4 key steps during office move preparation

Are you ready for your office move preparation? Relocating offices is often a stressful time in every owner’s career. Regardless, oftentimes transitioning into a different kind of space is necessary for your business to keep flourishing. Zippy Shell Moving & Storage DMV will go through the 4 key steps of office move preparation with you. This way, we want to ensure that you have enough time for fine-tuning, while not missing out on any important step. Are you ready to dive deeper into the steps to your office move prep? If yes, then keep on reading!

Early preparation is the key when it comes to office move preparation

Just like with any other relocation, office move preparation should start as early as possible. This means that you should:

office move preparation
Office move preparation starts by choosing reliable, trustworthy moving services!
  • Find the space that you will transition to. Secure the contract.
  • Create do-to lists from scratch, and include everything – from decluttering, to transporting documents and removing the signs from the current offices and building. This is the time where you’ll need to start thinking about hiring some of the long distance moving companies Northern VA offers, or simply get professional planning help.
  • Write down an inventory list. This is something that you’ll need more people for, of course, and it’s best done with the professionals by your side.

Find the reliable movers

As you can see, reliable movers are an integral part of your commercial relocation experience. That’s why you should set aside time and do a thorough research until you find the commercial movers in Northern VA that fit your situation and needs perfectly. Movers can make or break your whole relocation process. In the case of commercial relocation, choosing perfect movers seems like an even more crucial step than when you’re dealing with the local, residential relocation. Why is that? Because the offices usually have much more valuable assets such as numerous electronics, and you can’t simply invite friends and family to help you if things go south.

Book the moving date and communicate it to employees

When you’ve found the movers, it’s time to book the moving date. If you’ve found the movers early enough, you’ll have the flexibility to choose your moving date according to when it personally fits you. If you booked movers late, then you’ll very likely have to adjust to the available dates. Schedule the storage units if you need a little time to transition into new offices. After you’ve set the date, it’s time to notify the employees of the changes that are incoming, as well as how it’s going to affect them. You can also include them in the packing process by telling all of them that they should pack their own table. That way, they’ll unpack quicker and immediately have everything they need to keep working after the relocation.

company notifying employees
Notify employees of the relocation as soon as you have all the details figured out.

Planning the utility transfer is also part of the office move preparation

All that’s left for you to do, in order to conclude your office move preparation, is to transfer utilities. Remove the company signs from the building, common rooms, and the offices. If you need to make last-minute changes to the utility transfer plan, it’s time to do it before the actual relocation. That way, you can make sure that your employees have everything they need on their first day in the office. You still haven’t found the right corporate movers? Consider some of the local movers Northern Virginia has to offer!

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