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Moving day tipsJune 16, 2021

People are moving all the time in search of better job opportunities or lower costs of living. Other reasons behind the decision to move often include studies, marriage, retirement, or a simple urge for a fresh start. One of the cities that ticks all the right boxes is Arlington VA. If you are thinking of moving here on a permanent basis, know that storage units Arlington VA present an excellent short-term solution. But why would you want to move to Arlington in the first place? Since relocation is a complex procedure, you should double-check whether the city you are moving to meets your preferences. For that reason, we have prepared a short guide about Arlington for you. More precisely, let’s see what are the main reasons people move to Arlington. Stay tuned for more.

One of the reasons people move to Arlington is close proximity to DC

One of Arlington’s main selling points is that it is within close reach of the capital. This is also true for other nearby towns such as Alexandria. If you are moving to Alexandria, be sure to check out storage Alexandria VA. But let’s get back to Arlington. The city is very popular with people who work in state administration, and have a job in Washington DC. This is because Arlington presents an ideal middle ground between the bustling urban life of the Capital and the laid-back suburban atmosphere. Furthermore, the latest data shows that 98% of Arlington’s residents live near a park or some other green area. As for the weather, the most striking season is the spring when cherry trees start to blossom. It‘s an annual event when over 1.5 million visitors flock to the city to experience this truly astonishing sight.

Picture of Washington D.C. One of the main reasons people move to Arlington is its proximity to Washington
Arlington is within 5 miles from Washington D.C. Many people who work for the Government live in Arlington

Economic prospects are some of the reasons people move to Arlington

One of the reasons why Arlington has seen rapid growth over the past few decades is its economy. Let’s take a look at some of the most important parameters:

  • The unemployment rate in Arlington is 3.7% which is lower than the national average of 4.9%. Most people work for the US Government or the Armed Forces. Other large employers include CACI International, AES Corporation, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.
  • The costs of living in Arlington are 69% higher than the national average including the price of food, housing, and transport. On the other hand, Richmond, Suffolk, and Leesburg are all more affordable than Arlington.
  • The median household income in the area is $117.184 which is considerably higher than the national average which stands at $63.688.
  • The median home value stands at $695.504. The real estate market in Arlington is quite diverse with a wide array of property types. Condominium properties along the Potomac River are especially popular and have that „major city“ feel.

    Picture of house interior
    Some of the reasons people move to Arlington are endless job opportunities and a very high standard

The transit system is impeccable

Although Arlington is technically not the same municipality as Washington, both cities share the same transit system. Washington’s public transport system is actually one of the best-ranked systems in the country, unlike the traffic which is considered horrific. Arlington and Washington are also connected with DC Metrorail which makes everyday commute even easier. The connection was established back in the 1960s and it serves the community to this day. For this reason, Arlington has a unique “urban village” vibe that is especially popular with families with children. Furthermore, the city is also friendly for other forms of transport, namely cycling. The city’s administration heavily invested in cycling infrastructure, so thousands of residents use bicycles as their main form of transport. Arlington also has good connections with other towns such as Richmond or Rockville. If you are moving to Rockville, check out storage units Rockville MD.

Picture of a metro train
Arlington and Washington D.C. are notorious for traffic jams. On the other hand, the public transport system is one of the best in the country

Arlington offers a rich and diverse arts and culture scene

Arlington citizens have easy access to everything DC has to offer including museums, theaters, libraries, and parks. The two cities are so close that they share a common history and culture. Many monuments and landmarks people associate with Washington are actually located in Arlington.  Some of the famous landmarks to see in Arlington include U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, Pentagon, and Air Force Memorial. You can also enjoy many great contemporary exhibitions, educational programs, and other interesting events. The city is also considered a top education center and is home to famous universities such as Marymount and Georgetown universities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 75% of adults living in Arlington have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Ready to move?

By now you already know if Arlington is the right place for you. The only thing left to do is to get moving services VA and start preparing for the move. However, it is also important to choose the right neighborhood for you and your family. The best way to it is to conduct in-depth online research. If you have friends or relatives who live there, you can ask them for advice. The choice of the neighborhood will ultimately come down to your personal preferences, but there are some general factors that you should take into account:

  • Costs of living
  • Job opportunities
  • Median home values and real estate trends
  • Crime rates
  • Quality of schools
  • Presence of green areas
  • Quality of public transport

The city of Arlington covers some 26 square miles. Needles to say, there are many great neighborhoods to choose from. Generally speaking, some of the best-ranked Arlington neighborhoods are Cherrydale, Virginia Square, Crystal City, Court House, Aurora Highlands.


All things considered, there are many strong reasons people move to Arlington. Considering its diverse culture, rich history, and close proximity to Washington it comes as no surprise that Arlington constantly ranks amongst the 100 best places to live in the USA. We hope our research will help you to make the best decision possible.

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