4 traits of reliable moving and storage companies

Hiring moversSeptember 19, 2022

Hiring a reliable moving company is one of your most important tasks during a move. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to do. There are thousands of moving companies on the market, and many are not in a reliable category. Luckily there are ways to separate trustworthy companies from unreliable ones. And in this article, we will help you to do just that. We at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have plenty of hands-on experience and can provide valuable insight into this topic. We don’t want you to choose a bad moving company and regret it later! Therefore, we give you the 4 most important traits of reliable moving and storage companies!

What are the traits of reliable moving and storage companies?

Moving is a complicated business. There are so many different things that a company needs to do during your move. That is one of the reasons why ordinary people can find it difficult to determine are interstate movers Northern Virginia reliable or not. Also, because it is a profitable business, there are many different moving companies on the market. Which makes your choice even more difficult. Luckily, some things can reveal which companies are trustworthy. And which companies you should avoid. Here are the 4 most important traits of good moving and storage companies:

  • Proper licenses and insurance are some of the most important traits of reliable moving and storage companies
  • Professional moving companies will offer a variety of moving services
  • Reliable movers will have a skillful moving crew and proper, well-maintained moving equipment
  • Trustworthy moving companies do not offer non-binding moving estimates
A man looking at different papers
Moving is complex. That is why it is hard to find reliable movers.

License and insurance are one of the most important traits of reliable moving and storage companies

One of the first things you need to watch out for when hiring a moving company is their licenses. If you are hiring local movers Northern Virginia, they will be under the jurisdiction of state laws and regulations. If, on the other hand, you are hiring interstate movers, they will need to have a USDOT number. The United States Department of Transportation issues it. And it serves as a national license for commercial vehicle operators who work interstate. You can use this number to check your movers’ reliability on FMCSA’s website. Also, a good moving company will offer moving insurance. That can be especially important when moving long distances.

Now, should you buy moving insurance? That’s a question you have to ask yourself before the move. What are you packing and moving exactly? Are there any items that are particularly prone to damage and sensitive? Do you have very expensive items? Maybe something you are emotionally attached to? Examples of such items are:

  • Paintings
  • Collectible items, like dolls
  • Stamp collection
  • A family heirloom
  • Art pieces
  • Important documents
  • Other items of high monetary, sentimental or practical value

You should know that moving insurance is only partial. Moving companies do offer insurance, but it’s partial simply because moving is a process where these items are more likely to get damaged versus just staying locked somewhere. Be sure to check all of this with your moving company before you commit to buying insurance. You definitely won’t regret it, as it provides an extra layer of safety for your wallet and your mind!

Professional moving companies will offer a variety of moving services

As you already know, moving is a complicated thing. That is why the best movers are offering a variety of moving services. For example, maybe you do not have enough time or will to pack your stuff. If that is the case, you can hire packing services Northern VA, and let them do the job. Maybe you do not know how to disassemble your furniture. The best movers will offer to help you with that too. If you are moving to a smaller home, established movers will offer the place to store your items. Of course, these are just some examples. And you can find movers that are specialized in commercial, military, or even senior relocation. One thing is for sure- reliable movers will help you with all your needs.

A storage facility
A good company offers many different services: storage services, packing services, furniture moving…

The skillful moving crew, proper facilities, and suitable moving equipment – characteristics of trustworthy moving and storage companies

When you find that movers are offering many different moving services, they need to have a moving crew, proper facilities, and suitable moving equipment to justify their promises. Perhaps your movers are offering valuable art and jewelry moving services. Their moving crew needs to have the proper training to know how to handle those valuable objects. Maybe you need storage Northern Virginia to store your belongings. A sign of a reliable moving company- secure and spotless storage units. If they are offering heavy equipment moving, they need to have cranes, forklifts, proper trucks and trailers, and so on. When you are moving long-distance, your movers need to have a truck fleet that can respond to that task. However, having the proper equipment is just a part of the requirements. That equipment has to be in good condition and well maintained. And they need to have people that know how to operate it.

Reliable moving and storage companies are not working with non-binding moving estimates

Finally, reliable moving and storage companies care about their customers. And will not try to scam them. When hiring a moving company, you will get their estimate. However, the type of estimate is something that is separating reliable movers from those you should avoid. There are three types of moving estimates: a non-binding moving estimate, binding estimate, and binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate. 

Non-binding moving estimate

When a moving company offers you a non-binding moving estimate, it doesn’t mean a thing. The sum that you will receive is a guesstimate. And will probably change by the time that you reach your destination. Offering non-binding is not one of the traits of reliable moving and storage companies. Avoid movers that operate like this. Never settle for this estimate, as hidden costs will almost certainly come up. By the time the move is done, your bill will be much higher, and you will be obliged to pay. Do not get yourself into this type of situation! Be smart about it, and when a moving company offers you this, reject it and ask for a binding one. If they say no, simply move on to a more reliable moving company.

A woman signing a contract
Good movers will never try to scam you. Just be careful when choosing the right ones.

Binding moving estimates

That is probably the most common moving estimate that you will come across. The quote you received in the beginning, will be the amount that you will pay in the end. No matter how conditions change during your move. This is the absolute best way of doing things! Nothing beats transparency and honesty. That is key in running any business. Customers need reliable service providers who will not double-cross them in any way! If you run into long distance movers with this estimate, definitely explore them as an option.

Binding not to exceed moving estimate

Binding not to exceed is the moving estimate you will not see very often. However, it can certainly be one of the traits of reliable moving and storage companies. If you find a moving company offering such a quote, you can be sure that you are on the right track. However, binding moving estimates are the better choice. This is the next best thing, so it’s not a bad choice. Simply, keep an open mind and explore all avenues.

So, what does working with a reliable moving company look like?

You’ve probably seen a moving crew at least a few times in your life, even if you never moved anywhere. When you look at them, all you see are people working, and it all seems okay. But what happens when you take a closer look? What are the things that distinguish excellent movers from bad ones? How can you tell the difference? Are there certain things that you should look for? These are the questions many people ask, and we’ll help you and offer our knowledge. There are certainly some things that reliable residential movers Northern VA do better than others, so let’s find out what those traits are.

Items wrapped in packing paper
A trait of a reliable moving and storage company is that they offer quality packing services.

Packing services

This is one of the most important things to be aware of. A good moving and storage company knows that packing items is a crucial step in the process. If packing gets done badly, you can expect other things to go in the same direction. The reason for that is very simple. Improper packaging can get damaged during transport. Items inside can get broken, and once they arrive at the storage unit, the boxes with those items will be useless. But more importantly, you would have lost your precious possessions! That’s certainly not something you want to happen. You require help from your movers in the form of packing services, as they should be experts who know how to pack different types of things. So to sum this part up, knowing how to properly pack is an essential trait.

Reliable movers pay attention to details

Reliable movers pay attention to every detail. They don’t just randomly pack things in any type of box and then throw them in the truck without order. The reality is different than that. Attention to detail is an essential trait of reliable moving companies – they assess what types of items you are moving, then plan the packing accordingly. Once that is done, they develop a plan of what they will haul in the truck first, and what’s going to go in the end. It doesn’t end here, because the next step is to repeat the same thought process once you arrive at your new home. When you are in the hands of experienced movers, their attention to detail is something that makes the whole process much smoother.

Organized moving trucks- traits of reliable moving and storage companies
Look for traits of reliable moving and storage companies before hiring a specific moving company.

Safety is one of the most important traits of reliable moving and storage companies

We can’t stress this enough. Safety is a critical trait of any moving company worth. Safety should be the number one priority of every mover, regardless if there are children involved in the relocation or not. There are a lot of different types of homes and items that need moving. Many things can go south if not handled with care. You should never settle for a moving company that doesn’t guarantee your safety and security during the whole thing. It also applies to their climate controlled storage units. You don’t want a company with bad security around its storage units, as you would constantly think that something might happen. For example, someone might break in and steal what’s inside. Never settle for anything less than the best storage you can find.

No unexpected hidden costs during the move itself

This is one of the most important traits of reliable moving and storage companies. Some companies that charge smaller fees for their services will negatively surprise you during the moving process. It’s a classic baiting scheme to make you select them because of their unusually low prices. Once they do that and the moving begins, your final bill will be different from what you’ve expected all that time. Hidden costs will suddenly start to pop up, and when you confront them, the result will stay the same – you would have to pay. Avoid those types of companies at all costs! A transparent moving company is what you need. No complications and no unnecessary stress, everything is upfront.

Good online reviews

A good way to know which company is right for you is to check their online reviews. Customer experience is key, so that’s a great starting point. There is no reason to look at any moving company that has bad reviews. People who have previously used their services will leave a detailed report of what went wrong and why, because they don’t want other people to fall into the same traps. If you have friends, family, and neighbors who previously used moving services Northern VA, ask them how they would describe them and if would they recommend them. Relying on some reviews is great, but it’s even better if a recommendation comes from someone you already trust and know personally.

A woman sitting next to boxes
Choose a reliable moving company to ensure your relocation is a positive experience!

They have answers to all your questions

When moving day comes, a lot of questions can come up. A trait of a reliable moving and storage company is that they can adapt quickly and answer any questions you may have. Moving and relocating is a live process where many things can change in an instant. The weather could change, there could be some problems on the road, or with the vehicle, etc. Moving companies with plenty of hands-on experience can overcome these situations and maneuver around them. Be sure to hire this type of movers, as that is something you need when you get going. Never be satisfied with less than what you need! Compromises are not a good thing in some cases, and this is one of them, Protect your budget and your peace of mind by hiring only the best portable storage Northern Virginia offers.

They allow you to spend your time elsewhere, focusing on other important things

When moving day comes, there will be plenty of things to do. And we mean not just the actual packing and moving. You want to be sure you leave nothing behind and that your old home is empty and in a good state. There are even more obligations when you are relocating with children or elderly family members. Good, reliable senior movers are aware a lot of things should be done, and they allow you to spend your time on those other important things. They will take care of packing and hauling boxes in the truck or van, and will only ask you questions when they feel a need for your input. We mean things like are there any specific items that should go first or last, what is especially fragile, etc. Rest assured that your items will be handled with great care either way!

Efficiency is a must-have trait of reliable moving and storage companies

Efficiency is key in a successful relocation and is also one of the traits of reliable moving and storage companies. Reliable movers know the importance of that! They respect your time and your money, so they will be 100% devoted to making sure that everything is done the right way. You don’t want someone who doesn’t care or has a sense of urgency and respect. After all, it’s a transaction-based service, so anyone who deals with customers knows how important this is. If they want to grow their business, they treat every customer like they are their only customer! That’s how businesses grow, by word-of-mouth and recommendations based on customer experience. Efficiency is one of those things everyone asks for and needs, so if they are good at their craft, they will have a great sense of urgency and priority!

Two movers from a reliable moving and storage company holding a couch
Reliable moving companies handle all your items with care.

They are transparent- traits of reliable moving and storage companies

Transparency is also something you should require from any company you work with. When it comes to moving, a good moving company is upfront and transparent from the start. They know that word is bond if they want to leave a good impression. They will be upfront, hide nothing from you and make sure to fulfill all of their obligations that they’ve set towards you. After all, that’s the only way to be good at any business! At the same time, you should also be upfront with your interstate movers Northern Virginia. State your wishes and how certain things should be, and they will execute that plan professionally. No point in compromising over something so important. If the movers of your choice exhibit this type of behavior and way of running their business, leave a positive customer review!


To sum it all up, there are 4 main traits of reliable moving and storage companies! They have proper licenses, all the necessary tools, plenty of hands-on experience, and offer binding estimates! Their online reviews and customer experience is positive, and plenty of people recommend them. That’s the type of moving company you should be looking for! Never settle for anything else, or you will be angry and unsatisfied in the end. On top of all that, bad moving companies can damage your packages and stuff you bring along! Why risk it? There is no reason or excuse to do that. Always choose what is the best available for you and your family while you are relocating. It will make all the difference in how pleasant or unpleasant your move will be!

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