5 biggest storage mistakes you want to avoid making

Storage preparationApril 20, 2020

It does not matter what is the reason for renting a storage unit. What is important is that you do it properly. Even if you are going to store some of the items you are not going to need for some time, it does not mean that you should just put one thing on top of the other. You will just make a mess and you will be unable to find what you need later. We are going to present you with 5 biggest storage mistakes and how to avoid them. So, take these pieces of advice into consideration and feel free to put them into practice. As a result, everything will be neat and you will avoid stressing yourself.

Not thinking about how you are going to stack your items

Just think about this scenario. You are entering your storage unit, there is a mess because you did not have a plan on how to stack your belongings and you need to pick up an item that is found in the back. How are you going to get it? The only way in which you could do this is by emptying the unit, getting the item and putting everything back. This is certainly the situation you would like to avoid.

A way in which you can avoid one of the biggest storage mistakes is careful planning

So, in order to do this, you should make a detailed plan and organize your storage unit like a pro. For example, if there are some large items you are sure you are not going to need soon, put them in the back. The items that are fragile and the ones you think you may need soon you should store last. Also, do not forget to leave a path in the middle of the unit. In this way, you will have access to all of the items in every moment.

One of the biggest storage mistakes is storing something forbidden

Before you start packing your items for storage, ask around what items you are not allowed to store. Feel free to contact the person you have rented a storage unit from. They are going to give you a list and it is better to do everything as you are told. There certainly is a reason why they are forbidden. For example, some of the items you should not store are the following:

  • hazardous materials such as fireworks, chemicals, propane, gasoline, etc.
  • do not store plants– they cannot survive in the dark and with no water. If they rot, this can cause damage to other items in your unit,
  • never store food in your storage unit- the reason is the same as for the plants, even if you have access to climate-controlled storage Northern Virginia,
  • leaving pets here is also not allowed, not even for a single night.

Not getting adequate security

It may seem to you that your items are safe just because they are in a locked unit. However, this is far from being true and satisfactory. Something that you must check before you rent a storage unit is whether there is enough security. For example, your storage unit needs to have cameras and a controlled access gate.

Security camera
You should not rent a storage unit if there is no adequate security

This means that a storage facility should only allow access to those who pay for storage units. When this is not the case, it is quite easy for a thief to have access to your belongings. Not even the best padlocks will make them change their mind. So, once you are sure that your unit is monitored 24/7 you can feel free to sign a lease.

Thinking that storage insurance is not necessary

Yet another on the list of the biggest storage mistakes is not getting storage insurance. Even if you know that your storage unit is under surveillance, it is not a bad idea to protect your belongings in one more way. For example, there can be a fire or some other disaster. In cases like this, you will be the one who will have to pay for the new items. On the other hand, if you get insurance, the facility owners will be liable for your property. So, make a smart choice and you will avoid stressing yourself.

Not packing your belongings properly

When storing your belongings, you should properly prepare them for storage. This means that, first of all, you should get proper packing supplies. You can either get cardboard boxes or plastic containers, whatever suits you best. In addition to this, you should also get enough bubble packs, packing paper, markers, and tape. These can be essential for keeping your belongings in perfect condition.

Packing supplies
Get enough packing supplies and you will get to pack all of the items properly

This is especially the case with fragile items. With them, you should be even more careful than with other items. Also, once you pack a box with items like these, make sure you label it and write ‘fragile’ on all four sides. In this way, you will know what is inside and you will be careful when rearranging your unit or looking for something.

The best way in which you can avoid making some of the biggest storage mistakes is by being familiar with them. We have listed five of them that are of crucial importance and we hope that you will take them into consideration. By bearing them in mind, you will surely avoid them and all of your items will be in perfect condition. Not a single item will be damaged and you will manage to preserve your peace of mind. Do everything by the book and there will be nothing for you to worry about.

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