5 facts you should know about Alexandria before moving 

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Are you moving to Alexandria soon? Maybe you’re even considering other places around Washington that can be yours forever home. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help you make the best decision for both your family and your business. To make the right decision about anything in your life, you first have to get informed. This is why we have gathered the most important facts you should know about Alexandria, and that you shouldn’t miss. To find out more about Alexandria, and why you should consider moving there, keep on reading!

One of the main facts you should know about Alexandria: Alexandria is on the rise

The city is slowly growing, with its population being around 140 000 in 2010, and 160 000 being in 2020. Move to Alexandria if you want to be close to Washington, but not quite in the center of all happenings. If people want to start their families but are on the job hunt – it’s an ideal place. Living in the suburbs sometimes also calls for having a storage unit – and luckily, especially after the move, you have storage Alexandria VA at your disposal. You can get a house or apartment that will accommodate young couples and couples with kids. There is a river that goes through the city – Potomac River, and it’s located 11 km south of Washington. If you’re looking to get a job U.S. Military, the federal government, or the department of defense – this is the ideal place for you. 

facts you should know about Alexandria
One of the main facts you should know about Alexandria is that its job market is diverse and flourishing.

Alexandria thrives in business, finance, and management

As the DC itself, Alexandria is an urban city and has seen significant growth when it comes to the job market in the past few years. There are various corporations, businesses and organizations that do work in business, finance, management – but also a few tech giants. One of the most important facts that you should know about Alexandria is which jobs are available to you. If you’re looking for a job in these fields, you’re very likely to succeed: 

  • Office and administrative support
  • Sales
  • Law 
  • Defense 
  • Federal agencies
  • Trading 

They are numerous charities and non-profit organizations in Alexandria, which means that you can also find a lot of volunteering opportunities. The main places where the businesses are conducted are, naturally, placed around the city center and metro stations. 

It’s a city of culture and content is another one of the  facts you should know about Alexandria

Alexandria offers numerous spots for sightseeing, and it’s home to a big number of landmarks. When you’re done with moving and storage Washington DC, consider getting on a tour bus just to get a feel of how many landmarks in the city there are! When you move, you will have numerous places and buildings to discover. It’s the same with events! Alexandria is well-known for its Scottish Christmas walk, which is an event when a lot of people gather and slowly make their way to the city center of Old town. The event is actually a fundraiser, but it’s a source of happiness and fun for the locals. 

alexandria place
Alexandria is also home to craft beer breweries and good coffee places!

Sports activities are well cultivated

Alexandria is a great place to start your morning routine, even if it’s just a walk in the park. It has more than 70 parks and 30 recreation centers. At those places, you can do a wide variety of sports, including swimming, tennis, and golf. Visiting those places can help you integrate into the community when you have just moved. Make sure to talk to people after they’ve finished exercising, and not during. That can be perceived wrongly. Go to the parks – they’re the ideal places for joggers and people who just enjoy spending their time in the green surroundings. Throughout the year, you can see people taking a stroll, biking, studying, and enjoying family time there. 

Alexandria is rich in history

When you first come here, it’s impossible that your day will pass without hearing about George Washington. You can visit the Torpedo Factory – Torpedo Factory displays the art, but was once a munition and torpedo manufacturing facility. Alexandria’s history also has a connection to the Wright brothers. Orville flew over Alexandria back and forth, and thus managed to land a first military airplane contract. With the U.S. Army, of course. Not only is there a lot of interesting facts when it comes to Alexandria, but the Old Town has a very nice, warm, historic look – it’s covered in bricks and cobblestones. After a walk through the Old Town, you can enjoy your day at numerous restaurants. 

park in Alexandria
It’s a perfect place to live if you’re looking for an active lifestyle!

Alexandria is full of surprises and fun facts!

Some fun facts about Alexandria: 

  • It’s home to Amazon’s headquarters
  • Alexandria is founded in 1749
  • When it comes to rain, Alexandria is a city where you can definitely expect it
  • Alexandria is home to almost 10 000 veterans 
  • It’s a home to George Washington Masonic Memorial which took 10 years to come to life
  • Alexandria has four sister cities: Dundee in Scotland, Caen in France, Helsingborg in Sweden, and Gyumri in Armenia. 
  • Alexandria has a total of 112 parks and 13 elementary schools 
  • The city got its name from when John Alexander bought the land from Hudson for 6000 pounds of tobacco. 
  • It was named “Ice cream cone capital” by Forbes, in 2019. 

Are you ready to move after hearing facts you should know about Alexandria?

If you’re excited to start your life at the Ice cream cone capital, wait until you’ve actually moved. Those aren’t all facts you should know about Alexandria, but they’re a good start to get acquainted with the job market, lifestyle, opportunities, and leisure time. When you’re ready to take the next big step, Zippy Shell is at your disposal. Give us a call and ask us all of your questions – see for yourself why we should be the ones to handle your move. What are you waiting for – book a move of your dreams today! 

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