7 facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there

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Moving to a new place can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the area before making the move to ensure a smooth transition. Bethesda, Maryland is a popular suburb of Washington DC, known for its affluent population, top-notch schools, and excellent shopping and dining options. We’re sharing 7 facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there with the help of moving companies NOVA offers. From the local housing market to the cost of living to the cultural and recreational opportunities, find out everything about this suburban community, and make an informed decision about your next move.

What are the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there?

Whether you’re moving to Bethesda from another state or from Washington, DC, the best decision you can make is to learn more about the city. Bethesda is a place that has a lot to offer. However, just like any other city, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some facts you should learn before putting all your items in a pod storage Northern VA companies offer and moving to Bethesda:

  • the cost of living is high
  • the crime rates are low
  • the education is top-notch
  • the job market is excellent
  • the entertainment options are colorful
  • the recreation options are amazing

1. The cost of living in Bethesda is high

The cost of living in Bethesda, Maryland, is generally considered to be high compared to other areas in the United States. According to data from the Council for Community and Economic Research, Bethesda has a cost of living index of 191, which is 91% higher than the national average. Housing is the largest contributor to the high cost of living in Bethesda, with the median home price in the city hovering around $1.2 million. Due to expensive housing, many residents opt for smaller homes and rent storage units Bethesda offers in which they can safely store their stuff.

woman holding money
The high cost of living is one of the few cons of moving to Bethesda.

Other factors that contribute to the high cost of living in Bethesda include high property taxes, high healthcare costs, and a high overall cost of goods and services. Despite these high costs, Bethesda remains a popular place to live due to its excellent schools, strong economy, and high quality of life.

2. The crime rates in Bethesda are low

Bethesda is generally considered to be a safe city. According to data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, the overall crime rate in Bethesda is 61% lower than the national average. However, as with any city, there are always some areas that are safer than others. In general, the areas closest to the downtown area and near the major roads tend to have higher crime rates, while the residential neighborhoods further away from the center of town are considered to be safer.

It is always a good idea to research the safety of a city before moving there and to take precautions to protect yourself and your property. This may include getting to know your neighbors, becoming involved in your community, and taking steps to secure your home and personal belongings. Putting any valuable items, you might have into climate controlled storage Northern Virginia residents trust is also a good idea. Your possessions will be secure, and you will be able to relax and worry less.

3. The employment opportunities are excellent

The job market and economy in Bethesda are strong and growing. Bethesda is located in Montgomery County, which is part of the Washington DC metropolitan area. The Washington DC region is known for its strong economy, which is driven by a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and government.

woman searching for the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there on her laptop
Bethesda has excellent employment opportunities.

In Bethesda itself, the healthcare industry is a major contributor to the local economy, with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center located in the city. The city is also home to a growing technology sector, with many tech companies and startups located in the area. Additionally, the presence of many prestigious colleges and universities in the region, including Georgetown University, George Washington University, and American University, has helped to create a thriving education and research sector in the area.

The unemployment rate in Bethesda is 46% lower than the national average, and the local economy is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Whether you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, healthcare, education, or any other field, Bethesda is a great place to start your search.

4. The education is top-notch

The public schools in Bethesda are part of the Montgomery County Public Schools system, which is one of the best public school systems in the country. Students in Bethesda attend schools that are well-regarded for their rigorous academic programs, experienced teachers, and diverse student populations. There are also many private schools in the area, including parochial schools, independent schools, and Montessori schools, offering alternative educational options for families.

boy at school learning about the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there
Bethesda has excellent educational options.

Top schools in the area

Public schools:

  • Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
  • Walt Whitman High School
  • Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
  • Westland Middle School

Private schools:

  • The Fields School
  • Holton-Arms School
  • The Waldorf School of Baltimore
  • The Norwood School
  • St. Jane de Chantal School
  • The Bullis School

Bethesda is also home to several higher education institutions, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and several universities, such as Montgomery College and Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus, offering students a wide range of opportunities for continuing their education.

5. The entertainment options are great

Bethesda is not just a thriving city. It’s also a vibrant community with a variety of entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. If you’re considering booking moving services Northern VA offers and moving here, you’ll certainly not be bored. There are numerous popular activities and attractions in the area, such as:

  • Shopping. If you enjoy shopping, you won’t regret moving to Bethesda. Bethesda Row, Westfield Montgomery Mall, and Wildwood Shopping Center are some of the top shopping destinations in the area.
  • Dining. Bethesda offers a diverse range of dining options, including gourmet restaurants, casual cafes, and family-friendly eateries. Some popular restaurants include Jaleo Bethesda, Black’s Bar & Kitchen, and Gringos & Mariachis.
  • Arts and Culture. Bethesda is home to several theaters, art galleries, and cultural institutions, including the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, the Round House Theatre, and the Imagination Stage.
  • Nightlife. Bethesda has a lively nightlife scene, with a range of bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. Some popular spots include Union Jack’s Bethesda, Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbecue, and the Rock Bottom Brewery.

Overall, Bethesda offers a wide range of entertainment options, from cultural experiences to exciting nightlife, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

6. The recreation options are plentiful

Bethesda is surrounded by parks, hiking trails, and natural areas, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. It’s home to several parks, including Bethesda Park, Cabin John Regional Park, and Little Falls Park. These parks offer picnic areas, hiking trails, playgrounds, and sports fields, providing opportunities for families and individuals to enjoy the outdoors. Bethesda is also located along the Capital Crescent Trail, a popular hiking and biking trail that runs from Georgetown in Washington, DC to Silver Spring, Maryland. The trail offers scenic views of the Potomac River and passes through several parks and natural areas.

The availability of outdoor recreation options is one of the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there.

Overall, Bethesda is a sports-loving community, with several golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools available for residents. The Bethesda-Chevy Chase YMCA is a popular spot for fitness and sports activities. If you’re a fan of swimming, Bethesda has several swimming pools you will be able to enjoy after moving with the long distance moving companies Northern VA, including the Bethesda Pool and the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center. These pools provide opportunities for lap swimming, recreational swimming, and swim lessons for all ages. And finally, Bethesda is home to several golf courses, including the Bethesda Country Club, Congressional Country Club, and Rock Creek Park Golf Course. These courses offer challenging greens, beautiful landscapes, and opportunities for golfers of all levels.

7. The population is diverse

Bethesda is ideal if you love living in medium-sized cities. With a population of 68,056, it’s the perfect mix of small-town charm and big-city amenities. Bethesda has a relatively diverse population, with a mix of different racial and ethnic groups, including African Americans, Asians, and Europeans. However, like many suburbs of Washington DC, it is predominantly white, with 74.9% Caucasian residents.

students throwing graduation hats
Bethesda has a high percentage of highly-educated residents.

Education is highly valued in Bethesda, and the area is home to many highly-educated residents. Moreover, Bethesda has a high concentration of residents with advanced degrees. It is considered one of the most educated communities in the United States, with 87.9% of residents with a Bachelor’s degree or higher education level. There are many excellent public and private schools in the area, as well as a number of colleges and universities nearby, giving the residents a chance to pursue higher education without having to move far away from home.

The best neighborhoods in Bethesda

Bethesda, Maryland, is known for its affluent neighborhoods, excellent schools, and vibrant downtown area. Some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Bethesda include:

  1. Chevy Chase – A prestigious neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets, large homes, and high-end shopping and dining options. Chevy Chase is located in the heart of Bethesda and is close to the Capital Beltway and Washington, D.C.
  2. Bethesda Row – A bustling, pedestrian-friendly area with a mix of high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Bethesda Row is located in the heart of downtown Bethesda and is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.
  3. Wildwood – A picturesque neighborhood known for its rolling hills, large homes, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside. Wildwood is located in the northern part of Bethesda and is a popular choice for families looking for a quiet, suburban lifestyle.
  4. Edgemoor – An upscale neighborhood known for its spacious homes, mature trees, and convenient location near downtown Bethesda and the Capital Beltway. Edgemoor is a popular choice for families and professionals who want to be close to the action while still enjoying a quiet, suburban lifestyle.

These are just a few of the many popular neighborhoods in the city of Bethesda. Each one offers something unique and attracts a different type of resident, so it’s important to consider your lifestyle and priorities when choosing a neighborhood.

Organize the move on time when you relocate to Bethesda

Planning the relocation properly is the key to a smooth moving experience. Because of that, it’s important to start organizing the move as early as possible. Once you have a to-do list with all the moving tasks, you can go on to find the ideal residential movers in Northern VA. Hiring movers up to 8 weeks before the move will allow you to choose from several moving companies. That way, you can get the moving services that best fit your relocation needs and budget.

woman writing down facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there
It’s important to research all the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there.

It’s also important that you don’t move items you don’t need, since that’ll just drive up the moving costs and make your new home cluttered immediately. However, if you still have too many belongings you’re not willing to give up, you can always rent onsite storage containers in Bethesda after the move.

Moving to Bethesda is a decision you won’t regret

Moving to Bethesda can be a wonderful experience for individuals and families alike. With its thriving job market, high-quality schools, diverse cultural offerings, and vibrant community, the city has something for everyone. The key is to research all the facts about Bethesda you should learn before moving there, and you won’t have any trouble settling in. Whether you’re a young professional looking to start a new career, a family looking to settle down in a safe and friendly neighborhood, or an adventurer seeking new experiences, you’ll love it here. With its close proximity to Washington DC and a thriving metropolitan area, Bethesda is a great place to call home.



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