9 reasons portable storage units are useful

Storage preparationOctober 12, 2021

The storage industry has expanded in the last few decades, providing a variety of storage options. Modern customers have different demands depending on their move. In addition, not all items belong to each type of storage. For instance, if you don’t have many items that require special care, you may opt for portable storage solutions. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many moving companies and storage providers had to adapt to sudden changes in circumstances. Moreover, the worldwide pandemic has prompt the moving industry to come up with new strategies. That also means more convenient storage solutions have become a number one choice for many who decided to move. We at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV prepared in this guide strong reasons portable storage units are useful in this day and age.  Also, you can check on our website storage units in DC metro area.

multicolor portable containers
Portable units have risen in popularity. There are many reasons portable storage units are useful.

The convenience of residential onsite storage containers has significantly increased the demand. They became the main purposeful storage space within the past year. Whether you decide to move local or long-distance during the ongoing pandemic, be sure it’s possible to do it. The modern moving industry has proved its adaptability numerous times so far. The safety of possessions during the move is a top priority of many storage companies. Consequently, portable storage units have taken the spotlight. You can notice their usage all over the world. They are multi-purpose and provide the maximum level of security. For example, you can store your stuff safely during construction works.  Plus, you can use them as moveable on-site storage.

People realized portable storage units are useful in many ways

The versatility of usage is the main train of portable storage containers. Whether you need additional storage space, workspace, or somewhere to exchange the goods is completely up to you. Portable storage solutions have remained as unique and innovative units for many years. However, the current pandemic situation has shown the full capacity of portables. That further contributed to the rise in demand for mobile storage units. Healthcare, businesses, hospitality, education, and many other industries saw their benefits. In addition, individual users often choose these containers as a safe transition solution during the move. As a result, many reliable storage companies thrive in their business.

a guy thinking of reasons portable storage units are useful
There are possibilities for customization alongside many other reasons portable storage units are useful.

Most common reasons people choose portables are:

  • Convenience
  • Construction quality
  • Innovative approach
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Extra storage space
  • Affordable prices 
  • Safe transactions
  • Safety
  • Less risk of damage

#1 Convenience is the main reason why portable storage containers are useful

A mobile self-storage unit is flexible and convenient for a variety of purposes. You don’t have to bother going directly to the storage site. Instead, you can order a storage delivery right to your desired destination. Also, you can directly pack and store your belongings and proceed with other moving tasks. If you’re moving a house or business space, portables are your best choice.  Besides, truck rental fees will be a thing of the past. You will not only save more time but will make more room in your moving budget. In addition, you can decide how much storage space do you need. There won’t be worries whether you packed too many items.

In addition, Covid-19 measures have inspired people to get creative in many ways. Contactless payments, exchange of goods are just some of the ways these storages have become the most optimal option.

#2 Steel construction guarantees the safety of everything inside portable storage containers

Portable storage units are easy to adjust according to your needs. Many features make it possible to modify containers for multi-purpose use. They are fully customizable and possible to move and place almost anywhere you want. Besides their flexibility, they are also completely secure. Numerous secure locks, surveillance system, and alarm system ensure the complete safety of all your belongings, and your own as well. Since it’s a steel construction, it’s almost impossible to break into a portable storage container. Furthermore, relocatable units can withstand moisture and drastic temperature changes. Portable units and containers usually have safe vents for airflow. An interior anti-condensation coating lessens your worries about the safety of your items. Keep in mind that steel is easy to sanitize and durable against strong disinfectants.

To sum up – moveable storage units are weatherproof, easy to clean and sanitize, as well as to customize. There’s no a better solution for multi-purpose use that is also easy to maintain.

#3 Portable storage containers are innovative

As a new way to adapt to current circumstances, portable containers have been widely used. They can fit many kinds of equipment. t’s easy to clean and sanitize. That’s why it’s possible to turn the portable container into on-site medical facilities, treatment rooms, temperature checkpoints, or drive-thru testing stations. Most importantly, these units are easy to set up. Moreover, the necessity for different living arrangements prompts many to move to portable containers. This space is also widely used for quarantine periods.

#4 It’s possible to turn portable storage containers into the additional workspace

Many companies have recognized the need for alternative methods in order to keep their businesses going. Extra portable storage space is useful for storage and easy exchange among the workers and clients. Moreover, there’s an enhanced demand for portable yet safe offices and meeting spaces. Next, schools have also chosen portable containers as the most optimal storage solution. A surplus in supplies requires extra space to safely store and secure everything. Moreover, these containers are a great solution during the exam periods. It’s possible to conduct basic safety measures – distance and sanitization. At the same time, the students can do their important exams without the risk of contamination. Additionally, numerous college students need a safe space to keep their possessions for a COVID gap year.

medical staff in the lab
It’s possible to turn a portable unit into a functional space. Medical workers have made good use of them.

#5 Portable storage units are useful in case of supply surplus

Medical facilities can also properly deal with a surplus in supplies thanks to portable containers. Since the hospitals are filled with patients, it’s safe to store all supplies and equipment in a safe space. Also, doctors and other medical staff can maintain proper distance and exchange of supplies. Furthermore, child patients won’t have easy access to dangerous chemicals. Next, restaurants and coffee shops are in need of more room to store unused furniture and equipment. Moreover, these businesses have to ensure a safe distance for their customers. That’s why portable units can be also used as dining spaces, to prevent the spread of infection inside the restaurant.

a guy in a storage space
You can easily monitor your inventory when you have some extra space.

On the other hand, you can temporarily store many items in portable units. Furniture, clothes, and other durable items are safe here throughout the move. In addition, portable containers smaller in size come in handy during season cleaning. You can store a great number of items. That way, you can easily keep a track of them. Also, mobile units are perfect if you decide to organize a sale before the move. At the same time, you can do it safely, without worry.

#6 Portable storage containers are cost-effective

This is an affordable way to store and transport the goods for an extended period. Many businesses and individual clients opt for portable containers due to an increased need for safe storage solutions. Not only do you get extra space, but also you end up with some money left. It’s a much better solution than building expensive additional warehouse space or fixed storage unit rental. Moreover, portable containers are scalable. That means you can buy or lease a few units at first. After that, you can get more of them. Another bonus is that these storage solutions are perfect for a tight moving budget. You will pay only for storage, and not for transportation.

#7 Contactless transactions are additional reasons portable storage units are useful for many people

As we see, the world has largely moved online. Work and education from home have become a part of everyday life. Businesses insist on electronic payments and little-to-no contact is mandatory. Also, easy electronic transactions have become necessary. That’s why another benefit of portable containers is that you can book them online, and get them delivered to your door. Also, the customers often choose to store their possessions in a self-storage facility.

a woman buying portable unit due to reasons portable storage units are useful
You can safely buy portable units online. Just sit and wait until it’s delivered to your doorstep.

Portable storage units are easy to clean and sanitize in-between the customers. Safety is guaranteed and all COVID-19 protocols are easy to fulfill. The exchange of goods is another benefit of portables. You can leave secured goods and then wait for a customer/your friends to pick them up. Wait no more and pick your best pod storage Northern VA customers highly recommend.  

#8 Top-level security

Rest assured that every moveable storage container is surveilled 24/7. In addition, steel construction and a strong lock system protect all your belongings from theft. Moreover, portable units are stored in a secured facility. The facility staff constantly monitors what’s happening around units. Also, the only person with all-day access to your portable container is you! The maximum safety of your belongings is guaranteed with portable storage solution rental. Some of the most reputable storage Washington DC providers offer to have the best safety level on the market.

#9 It’s easy to prevent damage inside the portable units

Strong, top-quality steel ensures your belongings will remain in a good condition.  It guarantees protection from moisture and other outdoor factors. Extreme weather conditions, rainstorms, humidity, and the like won’t affect even some of your more sensitive items. The majority of mobile storage containers wait in the warehouse. A 24-hour monitoring and pest treatments keep your items safe and sound. Moreover, the general conditions are ideal and protect your belongings for up to two weeks.

Watch out for fraudulent storage providers

Many fraudulent storage schemes have popped up recently. Unfortunately, not everyone will have your best interest as a priority. You will want to avoid money-grabbing schemes that don’t promise the safety of your belongings. Moreover, you don’t want to end up with a low-quality portable unit. Therefore, do detailed research before you purchase mobile storage solution. Choose only reliable moving and storage companies that have a proven work history. Check customer reviews and focus on those that speak of the quality. Also, see if anyone has used those portables for other purposes than moving. The more examples you have the better. Next, call the moving company or storage provider. Ask them everything you would like to know regarding the storage.

Many credible moving and storage Washington DC companies offer affordable moveable storage units. In addition, they have many years of successful experience. Their team know how to take care of your stuff. Therefore, you will be at peace and know your storage choice is the right one.

Some items don’t belong to portable storage solutions

There are still some measures of precaution you have to take. You don’t want to get portable storage that has too little or too much space. Plus, some items don’t belong to portable storage solutions. For sure, there are plenty of valid reasons portable storage units are useful. However, keep in mind it’s too risky to put sensitive and easily breakable items here. For example, sensitive electronics, artwork, or even food rather belong to indoor storage. In that case, check climate controlled storage Northern Virginia companies provide.

Portable units are much more useful for items that cannot break easily. Also, try not to store liquid solutions and food into portables. You never know if the leak can happen during transportation. Additionally, ask your movers for advice. They can help you organize all your items for storage. Don’t hesitate from asking questions. It’s important to take care of every single detail.

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