A complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA

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Are you moving to Alexandria soon? Moving to a new city is intimidating and exciting at the same time. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help you make a move seamless for your family and your business. To make the right decision about anything in your life, you must first get informed. This is why we have gathered the most important facts and prepared a complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA. Learn all about reasons to move to the city, things to do, and how to settle with ease after the move.

All you should know about moving to Alexandria VA

Moving to another city is a fun and life-changing decision, and Alexandria is one of the best places in Virginia. You need to take a few steps for the relocation to run seamlessly. A comprehensive guide is the best thing to help you have a carefree moving experience. We’re sharing:

  • reasons to move to Alexandria
  • time-saving tips for the move
  • tips for settling in Alexandria after the move
  • things to do in Alexandria

Why move to Alexandria?

Moving to Alexandria is a decision you won’t regret. Whether you’re looking for a place with good schools for your children, a city with a prosperous job market, a city close to Washington DC with lower crime rates, or a history-rich city – you’ll find everything and more in Alexandria.

Some of the main reasons to move to Alexandria are:

  • low crime rates
  • thriving job market
  • the proximity of Washington DC
  • rich history
  • plenty of options for outdoor activities
woman happy because she found a complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA
A complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA will make you want to move there, too!

The cost of living in Alexandria is high, but the crime rates are low

It’s good to have some money saved in order to have time to adjust to Alexandria after relocation. Moreover, plan your budget for using pod storage Northern VA offers too. When it comes to utility, food, and healthcare, the costs are similar to the rest of the country. However, overall costs of living are among the highest in the U.S. As a matter of fact, they’re about 50% above the national average. That’s mostly because of the housing and transportation costs. For instance, the median home cost is about $500,000.

On the other hand, Alexandria is a safe city, which is important for many people when choosing where to move. The appeal of this city is, among other reasons, the vicinity of Washington DC. However, the crime rates in Washington DC are 87% higher than the US average, which is worrisome. But, the crime rates in Alexandria are significantly lower. In fact, they are 19% lower than the national average, which is an enormous difference compared to DC.

The job market is thriving

As the DC itself, the city of Alexandria has seen significant growth when it comes to the job market in the past few years. There are various corporations, businesses, and organizations that do work in business, finance, and management – but also a few tech giants.

woman looking for a job in Alexandria
One of the facts you should know about Alexandria is that it has an excellent job market.

One of the most important facts you should know about Alexandria is which jobs are available to you. If you’re looking for a job in these fields, you’re very likely to succeed:

  • Office and administrative support
  • Sales
  • Law
  • Defense
  • Federal agencies
  • Trading

The proximity of Washington DC is one of the benefits of living in Alexandria

Move to Alexandria if you want to be close to Washington but not quite in the center of all happenings. For people who want to start their families but are on the job hunt – it’s an ideal place. And even though the cost of living in Alexandria is almost as high as in Washington DC, it’s still a far more family-friendly and kid-friendly city. Parents love it here because they can commute to work in DC and come back home to a peaceful and safe neighborhood in Alexandria. 

The city has a rich history

When you first come here, it’s impossible that your day will pass without hearing about George Washington. You can visit the Torpedo Factory – the Torpedo Factory displays the art but was once a munition and torpedo manufacturing facility. Alexandria’s history also has a connection to the Wright brothers. Orville flew over Alexandria back and forth, thus landing the first military airplane contract. With the U.S. Army, of course. Not only are there many interesting facts about Alexandria, but the Old Town has a very nice, warm, historical look – it’s covered in bricks and cobblestones. After a walk through the Old Town, you can enjoy your day at numerous restaurants.

Alexandria offers plenty of options for outdoor activities

Alexandria is a great place to start your morning routine, even if it’s just a walk in the park. It has more than 70 parks and 30 recreation centers. You can do a wide variety of sports at those places, including swimming, tennis, and golf.  Go to the parks – they’re the ideal places for joggers and people who just enjoy spending their time in the green surroundings. Throughout the year, you can see people taking a stroll, biking, studying, and enjoying family time there.

a park with flowers
Enjoy all the breathtaking parks in Alexandria.

Interesting facts you should know about Alexandria

Here are some more fun facts about Alexandria:

  • It’s home to Amazon’s headquarters
  • Alexandria was founded in 1749
  • When it comes to rain, Alexandria is a city where you can definitely expect it
  • Alexandria is home to almost 10 000 veterans 
  • It’s home to George Washington Masonic Memorial, which took 10 years to come to life
  • Alexandria has four sister cities: Dundee in Scotland, Caen in France, Helsingborg in Sweden, and Gyumri in Armenia.
  • Alexandria has a total of 112 parks and 13 elementary schools
  • The city got its name when John Alexander bought the land from Hudson for 6000 pounds of tobacco.
  • It was named “Ice cream cone capital” by Forbes in 2019.

How to save time when moving to Alexandria?

Moving can be a lengthy process. You can save so much time. All you need is some planning and a complete guide to moving to Alexandria VA. Here’s what you can do:

  • make a moving plan
  • start with the moving preparations on time
  • hire reliable movers in Northern Virginia

Come up with a moving plan

The first and most important thing you need to do is come up with a moving plan. How your move will go down will depend entirely on how well you prepare for it. If you do not try cutting corners and taking all tasks into account, you will have a great chance of completing a residential move with ease and in a timely manner. The moving plan you should come up with should contain all the tasks you must complete before the moving day.

a man making a moving plan as a part of a complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA
Making a moving plan is one of the best time-saving tips in every complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA.

Start with moving preparations on time

The next thing you can do is start preparing for the relocation on time. You should not wait for your moving preparations. Instead, you should go ahead and start preparing your interstate moving plan as soon as you can. This includes the implementation of your moving plan without hesitation. Even though you may be moving in six months, you should do whatever you can as soon as you can. For example, declutter your home and sell or donate items you’ll no longer need after moving to Alexandria. This will leave you with more time to ensure that you are entirely ready for relocation when the moment comes.

Invest in reliable moving help to save time when moving to Alexandria

One of the things that you should make sure to do would be to hire professional movers to help you relocate. Professionals deal with relocations on a daily basis. Therefore, they really have the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to complete all moving procedures.

How to settle with ease after moving to Alexandria?

Settling in a new city is not always easy. But there are some steps you can take to make it smoother and faster. For starters, unpack and decorate your new home. Consider renting a storage unit if you need additional space in your new Alexandria home. There are a lot of good storage units you can choose from. Make sure you pick the best one for your items. Also, get to know the city. You will have fun and learn everything you need to get around easily.

Unpack and decorate the new home

Above all, you are to unpack as swiftly as possible. It’s absolutely crucial to start over your life. You’re in a hurry to settle after making Alexandria your new home. It’ll be easiest to start room by room. If you don’t have enough space, put some items in residential onsite storage containers. Thus, your home will be free of too many boxes. You’ll unpack much more easily. Moreover, make sure to decorate the house. After all, even small details, pictures, and photos can make you feel pleasant at the new home.

house plants on a table next to the couch
Decorating your home is one of the best ways to settle with ease after the move.

Home decorations make our homes more welcoming and easy to live in. Especially when you are a senior citizen trying to settle in. Our respected elders can find it hard to move sometimes. This is why you can always count on senior moving VA companies to help you move.

Get familiar with the city

Give yourself a chance by becoming a true resident of the city. Your possessions will be safe at storage Alexandria VA. Thus, more time to explore. Search the internet. Ask your neighbors what interests you. Act like a tourist for a while. This is the only way to find out everything about the city. At the same time, you’ll get acquainted with places that suit you most. Furthermore, give a chance to new people. For a start, meet your neighbors.

Use the benefits of storage

Due to the large number of things people usually move, storage facilities are a great option. Hence, you can gradually adapt to the house, neighborhood, and city. Meanwhile, your things will be safe in student storage in Northern Virginia. Of course, you can retrieve them whenever you need them. Or else, you may decide you no longer need them. Whatever happens, facilitate your adaptation to Alexandria.

What is there to do in Alexandria VA?

A complete guide on moving to Alexandria has to include the best activities in the city. If you’re unfamiliar with the city and unsure of what things to do in Alexandria after the move, you’ll be thrilled! The city of Alexandria is packed-full of entertaining content, restaurants where the most delicious food is served, wineries and breweries, and scenic landscapes if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Check out the best restaurants in the city

Alexandria is one of those places where you can enjoy all kinds of food. Want to have a nice brunch? Visit Magnolia’s on King. They offer you the best cuisines in town.

a meal in a restaurant
It wouldn’t be a complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA, without recommendations for the best restaurants.

You will certainly feel thirsty after a good dinner. Why not quench your thirst with some good drinks? Alexandria is famous for its great breweries and nightlife places. One of the best places to taste the good beer is the Port City Brewing Company. It is one of the oldest craft breweries in this area. If you enjoy craft beer, then this is the place just for you.

Go sightseeing

Alexandria offers numerous spots for sightseeing, and it’s home to a large number of landmarks. When you’re done with relocating with one of the moving and storage Washington DC companies, consider getting on a tour bus just to get a feel of how many landmarks in the city there are! When you move, you will have numerous places and buildings to discover. It’s the same with events! Alexandria is well-known for its Scottish Christmas walk, which is an event when a lot of people gather and slowly make their way to the city center of Old town.

Here’s a short list of places you shouldn’t skip:

  • Old Town – It’s a historic center of Alexandria. Hence, enjoy a variety of restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, and theatres.
  • Old Town Farmers Market – Have a walk with your family every Saturday in Market Square.
  • Mount Vernon Estate – Around 500 acres of gardens and ground invite you to visit this beautiful place. This will become your favorite place if you’re looking for a museum, shopping, and great food. By the way, if you didn’t know, this is the home of George Washington.
  • Torpedo Factory Art Center – In case you didn’t know, here’s the nation’s largest collection of working artist studios.
  • Mount Vernon Trail – Quite popular biking and jogging path.
  • Chinquapin park – Among a variety of beautiful parks, this is one of the largest. It offers facilities for swimming, tennis, racquetball and many other things.
  • Cameron Regional Park – If you’re in for a wave pool, a water slide, and a miniature golf course, this is the place for you.

Enjoy the breathtaking nature

You can enjoy quite a lot of green spaces in the city of Alexandria. And if you enjoy riding your bike, then good news! The whole city is covered with bike lanes you can drive on. If you fancy a walk, you can go on some of the many trails that allow you to see Virginia’s natural beauty. And you won’t have to leave the city at all. One of the most popular places nature lovers visit is Huntley Meadows. They are located near Fairfax County. It is a wildlife preserve with great significance.

A complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA is all you need for a smooth relocation

If you’re excited to start your life at the Ice cream cone capital, you’ll be thrilled with the city’s content. There’s something for everyone here. Families with kids, seniors, job-seekers, and entrepreneurs alike are flocking to the area. After all, Alexandria is a city of opportunities, lively spirit, and diverse neighborhoods. A complete guide on moving to Alexandria VA is a good way to get acquainted with the job market, lifestyle, and leisure time. Knowing what to expect after the move and how to organize the relocation in a time-effective manner are the keys to a smooth and memorable moving experience.

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