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If you are thinking about moving to a different city, but are not yet sure where you want to live, consider moving to Falls Church. It’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Having access to a complete guide on moving to Falls Church will make moving here with Northern Virginia movers even more exciting. Falls Church is unlike any other city in the state, and you have to experience it firsthand to get a genuine impression. Keep reading to learn all the interesting facts and how to move here with ease!

Moving guide for Falls Church

When moving to a city you’re unfamiliar with, a comprehensive guide can be quite helpful. It will help you get to know the city better. The most important things to know before the move are:

  • reasons to move to Falls Church
  • things to do in Falls Church
  • relocation planning
  • tips for settling after the move

Why move to Falls Church?

Falls Church, VA, is one of the smallest cities in Virginia, with a total footprint of just 2.2 square miles. It lives up to its nickname, “The Little City.” While it may be small in size, this suburb offers enormous appeal for those who want to experience peaceful, small-town living. Many things make this place perfect for living. Below, we will list all of them.

Welcome to Virginia sign
A complete guide on moving to Falls Church is all you need to fall in love with this place!

Excellent location and great schools

Falls Church is conveniently located just miles from Washington, D.C. It is an attractive suburb with approximately 14,000 residents. Moreover, Falls Church is rated an A-plus on livability factors such as public schools, health and fitness, outdoor activities, commute, and nightlife. In a ranking of the best Virginia suburbs, Falls Church was ranked 30th out of 162.

Furthermore, Falls Church is easily accessible by major thoroughfares like Interstate 66 and Route 50. The East and West Falls Church Metro Stations are serviced by the Transit Authority Metrobus and Metrorail systems, as there are several bus routes.

Another reason Falls Church is an excellent place to live is the public school system. That is consistently ranked the best in Virginia. U.S. News and World Report have rated Falls Church High School as number 1 of 30 high schools in the Fairfax County Public School System. 

a child smiling while running
Your kids will have an excellent education in Falls Church.

The cost of living

Of course, such a desirable location comes with a price tag. Although on par with the cost of living in nearby Washington, D.C., the cost of living in Falls Church is 51.6% higher than the national average. The most substantial living expenses involve transportation and housing. The cost of living is more expensive than in other Northern Virginia suburbs. But there are still many affordable Falls Church apartments available. Furthermore, if you are moving long-distance, you should find proper long distance movers in Northern VA to assist you. That way, you may save time and energy and save some money.

The history

Whether it’s the 1732 founding of Falls Church, Virginia’s oldest church, or the 1845 Cherry Hill Farmhouse, which is open to the public for tours, educational events, and even weddings, Falls Church has a rich history. Historic homes in your area will tell you all you need to know about Falls Church’s rich past, whether or not the boundary markers marking the old District of Columbia’s location circa 1801 do. Many veterans have decided to settle here too. You may need to use military storage in Northern Virginia if you want to do so as well.

The diversity

Those who enjoy diverse cuisine and the opportunity to celebrate every holiday will find this city ideal. In the Washington City Paper’s 2015 Best of DC issue, Eden Center was named the best shopping center in the city. This area has Vietnamese jewelry businesses, restaurants, bakeries, and more. The Chinese New Year Festival in Falls Church is a popular annual event for everyone in the neighborhood.

What are the best places to live in Falls Church?

Every complete guide on moving to Falls Church will have plenty of real estate suggestions. You will have numerous attractive options, including single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartment communities conveniently located near the city’s two Metro stations. One of the best rental values in the area is Cavalier Club. Moreover, take a short walk from the East Falls Church Metro, and find many shopping malls and restaurants. Furthermore, Cavalier Club is the ultimate luxury with flexible lease terms and fully furnished options available. They even have an on-site dental office and hair salon. Cavalier Club also boasts some amenities you cannot often find in the D.C. area. Including a tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, and a heated indoor pool.

Man and woman tossing a box after they found a complete guide on moving to Falls Church
Choosing a good neighborhood is crucial.

Vienna Park is just a short metro ride from Falls Church on the Orange Line. And it offers the people a community pool, playground, and business center. Moreover, it brings a convenient location near Tysons Corner. Historic and charming Annandale, VA, lies just five miles south of Falls Church and is the home of The Parliaments apartment community. The Parliaments include hardwood flooring, walk-in closets, community perks like guest suites for guests, and a fitness center.

What is there to do in Falls Church?

In addition to 14 local parks where residents and visitors can walk, run, bike, hike, and play, the city has various cultural and historical attractions. And they reflect the city’s diversity.

Find all about fun things to do in Falls Church:

  • Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday, year-round, at City Hall.
  • Cherry Hill Farmhouse. It is a historic house museum dating back to 1845 that hosts yearly community events. Including an Easter Egg Hunt and Ice Cream Social, Halloween Literary Evening, and a Very Victorian Christmas.
  • The State Theater was opened in 1936 and operated as a popular movie house until the late 1980s. The State Theater underwent a multimillion-dollar restoration in the late 1990s. Now it is a venue for live music and private events.
  • The city center for art housing has a 95-seat theater and an art gallery.
  • Eden Center is located at the city’s eastern tip. The Eden Center is the largest Vietnamese shopping center on the East Coast, with more than 120 stores inside.

Explore its amazing art scene

Even if you live in the suburbs, you will still have easy access to the city center. The State Theatre, a venue for live music and theatrical productions, is easily accessible via Metrorail from the District. An old cinema theater was transformed into a historic, small venue to discover new bands or host a private event in 1990. At ArtSpace Falls Church, you may learn how to paint or take a class and have your work showcased. BalletNova Center for Dance and Stifel & Capra are both popular locations for art classes.

Little Buddha statue

Have fun at festivities and events

You will love moving to Falls Church for many reasons, and one of them is defiantly festivals. Fall Festival and Taste of Falls Church, the city’s Memorial Day Festival & Parade, and Civil War Day are just some of the activities that build a sense of community in Falls Church. Local musicians perform during a New Year’s Eve festival in this city, which is also home to numerous spring and summer farmer’s markets. So, remember to bring your decorations. If you need a space for them, the storage units Falls Church VA offers are perfect.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Falls Church has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor workout options for those who want to get or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jefferson District Park, with its lovely golf course, well-lit basketball and tennis facilities, and picnic area, is a local favorite among the several parks in the area. Falls Church is a city that promotes a healthy lifestyle. There are a number of well-regarded yoga studios within a short distance. Healthy eating isn’t difficult here, either. Cooking workshops at Open Kitchen may help you get the most out of your lovely new West Broad kitchen.

How to plan your relocation to Falls Church?

Calmness and relaxation are the best recipes for success when organizing a move. Therefore, it is important to give yourself enough time to step by step planning. Early preparation for organizing a move should begin 3-4 months in advance. You should find residential movers in Northern VA relatively early on. For stress-free moving, hiring movers is, of course, optimal, but this is also a budget question. In any case, expect that you will save your nerves if you have the help of professionals on the day of the move.

Planning your Falls Church relocation and packing

An important part of the moving process is also acquiring moving boxes, this should be taken care of in advance step by step. Of course, this raises the question of how many of these boxes you actually need for your move. You can buy moving boxes in a local DIY store or order them on Amazon.

Organizing a move is especially fun when it comes to packing the moving boxes. It is important that you do not pack the boxes too heavily (to minimize the risk of injury) and that you label each box. It is sufficient to write a rough summary of the contents and the target area of the box, e.g. living room or dining room on it. Packing kitchen items can be a special challenge. Therefore, when packing these items, you should be extra careful to avoid any damage.

Make a checklist and hire movers

Assemble a moving checklist with all the moving-related tasks, errands, chores, and expenses. This way, you can prepare better, and you won’t forget anything along the way. Take a tour of your home and inspect your belongings, furniture, and the environment. You want to ensure that there are no obstacles that might hinder your progress and damage your cargo. Your moving checklist should cover legalities and utilities as well. Some things you must do beforehand, so we will list down everything you should cover before arriving at your new place:

  • Cellphone, cable, and internet provider
  • Heater, AC, or gas
  • Electricity and water
  • PO box, mail, and bills

Also, you will realize the number of packing supplies required for the job. Once you do it and you have your numbers crunched, you can begin calculating moving costs.

mover standing in front of a van can give you a complete guide on moving to Falls Church
Hiring movers is one of the most important parts of a complete guide on moving to Falls Church.

But before you prepare your moving budget, you should contact your moving company. Guided by the info you provided, your movers will help you finalize your moving logistics and provide the precise moving cost. Also, they will shed some light on the additional moving services in Northern VA that might make your move cheaper and more time-efficient. So, call your movers on time and let them help you reach the best conclusion and the best results. If you have a reliable moving company with you, you won’t have any unpleasant situations, and your first week in your new home will be with a smile on your face for sure.

Moving day

The big day of the move is here, and the whole step-by-step organization is now put to the test. Besides the good old handicraft and lugging the countless boxes, make sure you put everything you do not need at this point into storage units Bethesda offers. You should pay close attention to finding suitable storage when you want to organize your move. On the day of moving, if you are well-organized, everything should go pretty smoothly.

How to settle in Falls Church after the move?

It wouldn’t be a complete guide on moving to Falls Church if it didn’t include tips on how to settle after the move. In addition to learning the most important things about the city before the move and knowing what to expect, there are some steps you can take after the move. The two most important steps are to:

  • get to know the neighborhood
  • visit your neighbors

Get to know the neighborhood

As we previously stated, you must get to know the neighborhood beforehand to prepare for everyday activities and routines accordingly. Therefore, take a day off when possible and visit your new environment.

aerial view of a suburb
Getting to know the neighborhoods is an important part of a complete guide on moving to Falls Church.

Find all the notable places and points of interest so you won’t have to do it later in the middle of unpacking. Take your kids with you and make an adventure out of it. Together, you should find all the parks, sports centers, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, and a bank. Add to the list whatever you think is relevant, and ensure you know the location in case you need it the very first week.

Visit your new neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is the best way to settle after moving to Falls Church. As soon as you have a moment to spare, make sure to do it. And you should do it for many reasons. You might need some help around your home or with the legalities tied to the building you are living in. Maybe you need some pointers for the neighborhood or simply a new friend and a fellow neighbor. At least find some time to introduce yourself to the neighbors next door. It is a polite thing to do, and they will appreciate the effort.

Move with ease thanks to a complete guide on moving to Falls Church

Moving to a new city is a fun, life-changing experience. If you decide to move to Falls Church, you won’t regret it. This adorable suburb has plenty to offer and is appealing to seniors, families with children, and job-seekers alike. It’s also heaven for history fans! A complete guide on moving to Falls Church has all the information you’ll need to get to know the city, plan your relocation and settle in with ease after the move. Now all you need is to hire reliable local movers in Northern Virgini and start packing your bags!

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