A detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition

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The time has come to relocate your home and start anew. As you may already know, a moving project is complicated and costly. And it is time-consuming as well. Once must organize like a pro, pack accordingly, and find local movers Northern Virginia to assist you. All moving-related tasks must be covered safely and on time if you want to avoid unpleasant situations and moving mishaps. So, we have decided to assemble a detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition just for you! Let us together cover each step and ensure you are relocated safely and successfully. Let’s dive right in!

Start with the thorough moving plan

You will follow our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition in order to prepare for the upcoming relocation. But there is no guide in this world that can teach you exactly how to organize your relocation. Simply because each move is unique and you must make some decisions yourself. For example, some people want to renovate before moving and are in need of residential onsite storage containers. Others want to move to a different continent. And some have a last-minute relocation on their hands. There are hundreds of combinations out there. But we will give our best to cover all basic requirements and moving steps.

two people reading a detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition
Sit down and create a moving plan. It will be much easier for you and your movers.

So, the first step you must take is a thorough home inspection. You should check out the environment and make sure there are no obstacles that can endanger yourself or your movers. Then, you must inspect all furniture and belongings and list them all down on the inventory list. This way you will know how hard the packing process will be and how many packing materials to purchase. Lastly, you should assemble a moving checklist as well. On this list, you will include all moving-related responsibilities, errands, and chores. Do not forget to add legalities, budget, and everything else you think is relevant. Once you assemble this list and have the basic info on it, you will use it as a personalized moving guide. Of course, once you contact your movers, they will re-shape it a bit and make it perfectly safe.

Detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition can’t go without one of the best moving companies in the area

Some people prefer on packing and moving alone. This means they will prepare the budget, rent a moving truck, pack, load the truck, and drive the distance. But you are surely not one of them because less than 10% of relocations worldwide are executed this way. Just because moving is complicated and dangerous. If you want to cover all steps by yourself, you must have physical strength, know how to lift heavy objects properly, and have a license to drive a truck. And the fully loaded truck that is. So, people opt for moving companies. It is a much safer option and to be honest, the only option out there. Why jeopardize the entire process and damage your belongings when you can have professionals do it instead of you?

Therefore, start searching online and compare movers. Check out prices, services, reviews, and social media groups. You will find movers within an hour and once you do, give them a call to communicate further. They will help you assemble a safe and affordable moving plan. More importantly, they will figure out how to relocate everything in one batch if possible and if you must purchase additional services or not. As we said before, each relocation is unique and yours might require special attention. Maybe you are moving into a smaller home and you must leave a portion of your items in one of the storage units in DC metro area. Or you have hard-to-handle items that can ruin your day. Whatever the case might be, movers will find a solution. Find good company and enjoy this ride.

Inspect your movers before hiring them

Ok, before you hire any moving company, you must confirm they are legit. Especially if you are moving a business and you are about to hire commercial movers in Northern VA. As in any business, you can easily stumble upon scammers and frauds. While relocating home, this is surely not something you want to happen. So, you must double-check and inspect your moving company inside out. Begin with referrals and a word of mouth. Surely your friends, relatives, or coworkers can recommend a good moving company that they used in the past. But if you are aiming for a specific company, read everything about them first. Go on social media networks and join one of the moving-related groups. You’ll absorb previous customers’ experience in bulks and easily confirm the legitimacy of your moving team.

mover lifting a couch
Make sure your movers are legit and capable to perform all moving-related tasks.

Although, if you need something more solid, you should check the Better Business Bureau or FMCSA. Read all about your mover’s history and confirm they are accredited by one of those websites. It will be enough to give them a chance. And once you do, give them a call to confirm they possess all permits, licenses, safety protocols, experience, tools, and moving services required. Confirm everything and set your mind at ease.

Utilize free onsite estimates

The next step that we will explain in our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition is revolving around a moving quote. As you already know, moving companies can’t provide the moving price before they evaluate everything. Movers either do it online, via chat, phone call, or on-site. We highly advise you to choose the last option. Having someone in person to inspect all your belongings and environment is priceless. Although, this service is free and all reputable companies should have it. All you must do is ask and the moving representative will schedule a date for a visit.

mover inspecting moving cargo
Once your movers provide onsite estimates, you will have a clearer picture. Prepare your moving budget accordingly.

It is a simple process where the mover inspects the entire home to remove or mend all obstacles. They will inspect your attic, garage, and basement, and focus on floors, hallways, doors, and staircases. Then, they will realize where the safest place is to load the moving truck and establish a loading dock. Finally, they will inspect your items and furniture. Once they are done with the onsite evaluation, you will receive a moving quote. From there on you can work on your budget and moving services. And this is a moment to decide if you need storage Frederick MD or complete packing services. Or any special services for that matter.

Purchase the right set of moving services and continue following our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition

Obtaining the right set of moving services Northern VA is extremely important. Some services will make your life much easier while others will make your relocation much safer. And you must make a healthy combination of both. Or at least purchase the mandatory ones if your budget does not allow you to. So, before you sign a moving contract, consider adding one of the following services:

  • Storage solutions.
  • Full packing service.
  • Commercial moving.
  • Military moving.
  • Senior moving.
  • Local and long-distance moving.
  • Special moving services.

The last option is there for people who have unique items or requests. For example, if you have a piano, you must hire a moving team with the knowledge and tools to do it right. The same goes for artwork, guns, hazardous materials, etc. Team up with your movers and find the best solutions for the safest relocation out there.

A storage facility might be the ultimate answer for you

We have already mentioned storage services a couple of times. But do you know how lucrative this service is? People rent storage units Rockville MD all the time. And not for moving only. Some clients rent storage to keep rarely used items while others use them for an entirely different purpose. Believe it or not, some people live inside units. Others create a gym, workshop, a second garage, and much more. You can do whatever you want as long as you follow rules and regulations set by the provider. But most of the time, people rent storage units to keep excess items there. It is the best solution if you are moving into a smaller home. Or you can decide to keep your seasonal items, old clothing, books, and family heirlooms, stored away safely.

So, if you are interested in renting one of the storage Silver Spring MD units, you should talk to your movers. They have amazing offers and they will help you choose the location, size, and all perks your unit should have. We can recommend a climate-controlled storage unit as an ultimate solution. And one more thing, this service is affordable to anyone. You do not have to be rich to own one. And it can be a long-term solution or a short one. The only downside is that units closer to the city center are a bit more expensive than those on the city outskirts.

Pack like a pro and do it on time

We came all the way to the most boring and time-consuming process of all. Yes, you are right. It is the famous packing process. It makes each relocation hard, complicated, and tiresome. But we all must do it at some point. To be honest, there is no relocation without packing and we included one in our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition. So, let us pack like pros do and make sure your items are safe and ready to be moved. Start by obtaining enough cardboard boxes, packing paper, packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap. You can use Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic containers, corner pads, and much more. The choice is vast and it all comes down to the nature of the items you are moving and the budget you can spare.

a person moving boxes
Why pack by yourself when someone else can do it for you? The packing service is affordable and you should consider utilizing one.

Once you obtain all packing materials from your movers, hardware store, or shop online, you should pack gradually. Keep the pace you are comfortable with to avoid damage. Start with the kitchen as it is the most complicated place in your home. Or any home for that matter. Then move slowly to the garage, bathroom, and then all the rooms inside your home. Wrap furniture in bubble wrap to avoid damage and place a cushion on the bottom of each box. Fill boxes with items and use packing paper as a cover and crumpled paper as a buffer between items. It will keep your items safe for sure. Lastly, remember to label each box with the content inside. It will make moving easier for everyone involved.

Our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition includes decluttering as well

While packing, you will surely find quite a few items you do not need anymore. Or items you are hoarding unnecessarily. Those can be broken electronics, old toys, outworn clothing, broken furniture, and more. We usually keep those in the basement, attic, or garage with the idea that someday we will repair and refurbish those items. But that never happens. Therefore, it is time to declutter and downsize. It is a simple process where you’ll gather all those items and once you are ready, donate, recycle, give away, or sell in the garage sale. If you have more valuable pieces, you can even post them online.

abandoned office space
It is time to get rid of all those items you were hoarding for so long.

Whatever you decide to do with it, just make sure to downsize as much as possible. If you, do it right, it will make your move easier for sure. Not to mention that it will be much cheaper because you won’t have so many items to pack and pay for laborers to carry around. Lastly, your relocation will be quicker and more efficient. As you may know, movers charge by the hour and having fewer items to relocate won’t spend much time. The whole process is beneficial on many levels. Although, if you can’t part with any of those items, bring them with you. And if you have no space, again, rent one of the storage units Gaithersburg MD and later figure out what to do next.

Wrap it up and hit the road!

You are now ready to cover all moving steps and hit the road. But there is one more thing you should remember. You mustn’t neglect your health while moving. Relocating home is exhausting and people can easily get sick while moving. The common symptoms are homesickness, moving depression, and moving anxiety. Moving home is not only physically hard but it is extremely emotional as well. This means you must take short breaks and recharge your batteries. Sleep more, eat better, and exercise if possible. Find an hour or two to relax and watch a movie or read a book. Do whatever is necessary to unwind because if you stay on the moving topic all the time, you will surely burn out.

We hope that our detailed Maryland moving and storage guide: 2022 edition helped you enough to organize your relocation like a pro. At least now you know how the moving industry works and you will act accordingly. We are sure you will have many new ideas along the way and that the final result will be positive. Good luck and stay safe!

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