Arlington vs. Sterling: which place to move to as a parent?

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Are you and your family moving soon, but your mind is constantly debating the Arlington vs Sterling pros and cons? Northern Virginia Movers will heplavky chlapec 128nove amazon massaggiatore anticellulite amazon welche kaffeemaschine für 1 person converse lugged beige checkerboard vans ochre logitech c270 microphone not working adidas yeezy 700 v3 nike calças de treino meilleur lampe uv brandon aiyuk shirt mallas para hombre nike puma suede classic velvet sneakers in cordovan leather calfskin velvet tongue and toe cap logitech c270 microphone not working welche kaffeemaschine für 1 person Purchase Florida state seminars jerseys, football, and various accessories for Florida state seminars lp you make an educated decision! As a parent, there are certain features that we want the place of residence to have. That way, we can provide a comfortable life for children. Find out more about Arlington and Sterling, as well as their features, and make the best decision for your family.

What to look for in a new town as a parent?

When you’re relocating as a parent, there are a few things that you’ll be thinking about:

  • How will I relocate there? Do I need help from one of the interstate movers Northern Virginia offers, or will I relocate by myself?
  • What features should the new place have? If you have kids that are moving with you, there should definitely be opportunities for their education. Moreover, the place has to offer safety, and if you plan on staying there for good, then it’s important to look at the job prospects.
  • Should I look at other places and not think about Arlington vs Sterling debate?
kids hand holding an adult
If your kids are relocating with you, think about their future: education and job opportunities!

What are the most common features in a city that parents find appealing?

When looking for a city to raise a family in, parents often consider several factors, such as:

  • Safety: Parents want to ensure that their chosen city is safe for their children to grow up in. This includes low crime rates, well-maintained streets and parks, and a strong police presence.
  • Education: Parents want to ensure that their children have access to high-quality education. This includes good schools, both public and private, and programs for gifted and special needs students.
  • Health Care: Access to quality health care is important for families. This includes hospitals, clinics, and doctors with a good reputation for pediatric care.
  • Affordability: Many families are looking for affordable cities with a lower cost of living. This includes low housing costs, low taxes, and a low unemployment rate.
  • Amenities: Families often look for cities that offer a variety of amenities, such as playgrounds, parks, libraries, museums, and sports programs for children.
  • Culture and Diversity: Many families are looking for a city with a diverse population and cultural offerings, such as festivals, theater, and music programs.
  • Transportation: Good transportation system, with options like public transportation, bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly streets, make it easy for families to get around the city.
  • Job Opportunities: Many families are looking for cities with a strong job market. This includes a range of job opportunities and job security.
  • Proximity to nature: many families are looking for a city that offers proximity to nature and outdoor activities. This includes hiking trails, lakes, and parks.

All these factors are important to consider for parents when looking for a city to raise a family in. The importance of each factor may vary depending on the individual family’s needs and preferences. Luckily, both Sterling and Arlington excel in most of these aspects.

Pros and cons of moving to Arlington as a parent

If you’re considering moving to Arlington with children, you picked an excellent city. In fact, Arlington is one of the best cities in Northern Virginia for families. With a population of 236,842, it’s ideal for families who love living in big cities. Although the benefits of moving to Arlington are plenty, and parents love it for numerous reasons, just like any other city, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding whether you want to move to Arlington or Sterling, it’s important to learn the biggest pros and cons of living in both places.

Pros of living in Arlington with kids

Arlington has been ranked as one of Northern Virginia’s best cities for families. Although it hasn’t been that way always, the city has become extremely safe and appealing to parents of small kids.

family sitting on the couch deciding on moving to Arlington vs Sterling
In the Arlington vs Sterling debate, Arlington has a lot of advantages.

Even if you have teenagers, you will love the higher education options in Arlington. Some of the main advantages of living in Arlington are:

  • low crime rates
  • excellent education
  • top-notch employment options

The crime rates in Arlington are low

Arlington hasn’t always been very safe. In fact, the crime rates have been much higher in the past. However, in recent years the government has implemented very efficient and drastic measures to reduce crime in the city, which lead to Arlington now being one of the safest places in the state. If you decide to hire some of the local movers Northern Virginia has and move to Arlington, you won’t have to worry about your or your kids’ safety. The crime rates in Arlington are 62% lower than the national average and 46% lower than the state average. What’s even better is that year-over-year crime is decreasing even more.

 The educational options in Arlington are supreme

One of the things that attract most parents to the city of Arlington is that it’s well-known for its fine educational options. Both Arlington and Sterling offer opportunities for high school and college education.

Arlington is home to several prestigious colleges and universities, including George Mason University, Marymount University, and Northern Virginia Community College. And even though more people are attending Sterling college, the tuition at Arlington college is significantly lower. Living costs at Arlington for an on-campus living are significantly lower, and the graduation rate is higher. If your kid(s) decide to live on campus, you can always rent them one of the many storage units in Arlington VA. This way, they will be able to keep their extra stuff there.

The city of Arlington is also home to some of the top-rated public and private schools in the state and the region. Arlington Public Schools (APS) is the public school system in the county, and it has a strong reputation for academic excellence and diversity. APS is consistently ranked among the top school districts in the state and the nation and has a graduation rate of around 90%. Arlington also has a variety of private schools, such as the nationally-ranked H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program, which is a public school program that offers an alternative curriculum and a strong emphasis on the arts.

parents with a child deciding whether to move to Arlington vs Sterling
The schools in Arlington are some of the best in the country.

APS also offers programs for gifted and special needs students, such as the Advanced Academic Program and the Special Education Program. And one of the best parts of Arlington education is that it attracts and retains highly qualified teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees, and it has a low teacher turnover rate.

The employment options in Arlington are fantastic

The job market in Arlington, Virginia, is generally considered to be strong and diverse. The city has a low unemployment rate and a high median household income, which are both indicators of a healthy job market. Arlington’s economy is diversified, with strong sectors such as government, professional services, technology, healthcare, and education. The median individual income In Arlington is 117% higher than the national average, which is attractive to all job-seekers and even more so to parents.

Arlington’s proximity to Washington, D.C., means that many residents work in the federal government or in related industries such as consulting, law, and lobbying. The city of Arlington has seen significant growth in its job market recently, with many new businesses and job opportunities moving into the area. According to recent data, the unemployment rate in Arlington is around 2.4%, which is over 50% lower than the US average.

Cons of living in Arlington with kids

Just like any other city, Arlington also has its disadvantages. It’s important to remember that these downsides may not be a concern for everyone and that the pros and cons of living in Arlington will vary depending on an individual’s circumstances, needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to research and visit the city before making a decision. That being said, if you’re debating whether to move to Sterling or Arlington with your family, you should know the biggest cons of living in Arlington are :

  • high cost of living
  • expensive housing

The cost of living is high

Arlington is definitely not cheap to live in. Because it’s one of the best cities in the state, it’s highly sought-after, which results in a high cost of living and expensive housing. The cost of living in Arlington is 69% higher than the national average. However, the high income and well-paying jobs make the high cost of living in this city tolerable. People here don’t complain about the standard and quality of life overall.

The costs of housing are high

One of the main reasons for the high cost of living in Arlington is the high cost of housing. The median home price in Arlington is significantly higher than the national average, and rental prices are also relatively high. To be more precise, the median home value in Arlington is 237% higher than the US average, while the average rent is 96% higher than the country average. Arlington also has relatively high taxes, which can add to the cost of living. The property taxes in Arlington are among the highest in the state, which can be a significant burden for homeowners.

Pros and cons of moving to Sterling as a parent

Deciding whether to move to Sterling or Arlington as a parent is tough. Both cities have many pros and very few cons. However, while they excel in many similar aspects, such as education and employment, some key differences exist. Movers Sterling VA offers know just how family-friendly this city is. But you need to make the best decision for your and your kids’ individual lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

Pros of moving to Sterling as a parent

Sterling is one of the most popular cities in Northern Virginia. With a population of 31,321, the city is a favorite among families with kids for numerous reasons. It’s significantly less populous than Arlington, which is a major advantage for some when deciding on Arlington vs Sterling. Parents who love a small-town vibe with big-city amenities will prefer living in Sterling.

trees with green leaves
There are also more options for outdoor activities in Sterling.

The main benefits of living in Sterling are:

  • good education
  • low crime rates
  • affordable housing
  • proximity to Washington DC

The education in Sterling is top-notch

Education in Sterling, Virginia, is generally considered to be of high quality. The city is part of the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) district, which is consistently ranked among the top school districts in the state and the nation. LCPS is known for its high-performing schools. Many schools receive high marks on standardized tests and are recognized as Blue Ribbon Schools.

Just like the Arlington Public School district, LCPS offers programs for gifted and special needs students, such as the Advanced Academic Program and the Special Education Program. LCPS schools also offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. The activities include sports, music, and clubs, which can help students develop their interests and talents.

The crime rates in Sterling are low

If you decide to live in Sterling, you’ll feel very safe as there isn’t much crime. In fact, Sterling is one of the safest cities in Virginia. The crime rates in this city are 33% lower than the national average, and year-over-year crime is decreasing. However, if you’re debating on Arlington vs Sterling, it’s important to note that the crime rate in Arlington is lower despite it being a much bigger city.

family in the living room choosing between Arlington vs Sterling
Do very thorough research to decide on the Arlington vs Sterling debate!

Either way, if you decide to move to Sterling with your family, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety. The city of Sterling has a low crime rate, with a relatively low rate of violent crime and property crime compared to other cities in the region and the nation.

The housing in Sterling is affordable

Housing in Sterling can be considered relatively affordable compared to other cities in the Northern Virginia region. It is definitely a bargain in comparison to the prices in Arlington. Whether your plan is to buy a small, adorable house for your family and rent Sterling storage containers for additional space, or you’re looking to buy a big family home, you’re going to like the prices. The median home value in Sterling is still 76% higher than the national average. However, the median home value in Sterling is $325,300, while in Arlington, it’s $623,300, and the high prices go hand in hand with the high value. On that note, the cost of living in Sterling is also lower than in Arlington. Although the cost of living in this city is 27% higher than the US average, it’s 42% lower than Arlington’s cost of living.

Cons of living in Sterling

While Sterling, Virginia, has many positive attributes as a place to raise a family, there are also some potential downsides to consider before moving there.

family drawing on a box
Moving to Sterling as a parent also has some disadvantages.

Some of the main disadvantages of living in Sterling are:

  • traffic jams and public transportation
  • limited entertainment and cultural activities

Traffic congestion and public transportation in Sterling are problematic

Sterling is located in Northern Virginia and can have heavy traffic during rush hour. This can make commuting time-consuming and stressful. The traffic jams are even more problematic for people who work in Washington, DC. Another downside to living here is that Sterling has limited public transportation options. Because of that, it can be difficult for residents without a car to get around. Whether you need to run errands or travel to work, if you don’t own a vehicle, you might have some trouble with Sterling public transportation.

Entertainment options and cultural activities in Sterling are sparse

While the main focus for every parent is their kids, you still need to have fun from time to time. Sterling has limited options for entertainment and nightlife, which can make it less appealing for adults. If you’re not a party animal but love exploring cities and getting to know the culture better, you won’t be thrilled with Sterling either. The city is located in the suburbs, and it may be challenging for families to access cultural activities such as museums, theater, and music programs.

Get help with your relocation whichever choice you make between Arlington vs Sterling

In the end, all that’s left for you to do is to relocate! Arlington vs Sterling debate can go either way – it only depends on what you’re looking for. What’s definite is that Arlington college is better while living in Sterling is more affordable, and both cities are safe. Wherever you choose to move, we’re at your disposal. You can contact us and have efficient and safe relocation. Are you ready to start your new life chapter on the right foot? If so, give us a call and book a dreamy moving experience!

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