Arlington vs. Sterling: which place to move to as a parent?

Are you and your family moving soon, but your mind is constantly debating the Arlington vs Sterling pros and cons? Northern Virginia Movers will help you make an educated decision! As a parent, there are certain features that we want the place of residence to have. That way, we can provide a comfortable life for children. To find out more about the Arlington and Sterling, as well as their features, keep on reading!

kids hand holding an adult
If your kids are relocating with you, think about their future: education and job opportunities!

What to look for in a new town as a parent?

When you’re relocating as a parent, there are few things that you’ll be thinking about:

  • How will I relocate there? Do I need help from one of the interstate movers Northern Virginia offers, or will I relocate by myself?
  • What features should the new place have? If you have kids that are moving with you, there should definitely be opportunities for their education. Moreover, the place has to offer safety, and if you plan on staying there for the good, then it’s important to look at the job prospects. 
  • Should I look at other places, and not think about Arlington vs Sterling debate?

Arlington vs Sterling: Pros

Arlington is well known for its sports attractions. Both places offer opportunities for high-school and college education. There are more people attending Sterling college, but tuition on Arlington college is significantly lower. The grant aid is bigger for Sterling, but even with the Grant, it doesn’t become much cheaper than Arlington tuition. Even living costs at Arlington for on-campus living are significantly lower, but the graduation rate is higher. The weather at both places is normal –  It rarely snows in Arlington, in fact, expect 1 inch of snow per year. Sterling has more snow, around 21 inch per year.

Arlington vs Sterling: Cons

Arlington isn’t very safe to live in. According to statistics, there’s a 1 in 30 chance that you’d become a victim of a crime. If you decide to hire some of the local movers northern Virginia has, and move to Arlington, keep in mind that West Arlington is the safest part of Arlington to live in. If you decide to live in Sterling, you’ll feel very safe as there isn’t much crime. Living in Arlington is 3% higher than the average, but the costs of living are heavily dependant on many factors. The median home cost in Arlington is $204.600, which is higher than the average as well. The minimum wage is $7.25 in Arlington, similar to Sterling.

Arlington vs Sterling
Do a very thorough research to decide on the Arlington vs Sterling debate!

Get help with relocation!

In the end, all that’s left for you to do is to relocate! Arlington vs Sterling debate can go either way – it only depends on what you’re looking for. What’s definite is that Arlington college is better, and that Sterling offers way safer surroundings. Wherever you choose to move, we’re at your disposal. You can have efficient and safe relocation. Are you ready to start your new life chapter on the right foot? If so, give us a call and book a dreamy moving experience!

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