Benefits of moving during spring break

Moving day tipsMarch 31, 2021

Are you planning on moving during spring break, but you’re not sure if that’s a good idea? Northern Virginia Movers will help you make an educated decision about the time of your move. We’ll tell you everything that’s good about it, and then you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons. Every relocation is a unique experience that depends on numerous variables. This is what makes choosing a moving date hard! Don’t be hard on yourself if you decide that you want to switch the dates or moving company. Do everything you can to make the relocation go smoothly! To make sure that moving during a spring break is the right decision for you, keep on reading! 

The most obvious benefit of moving during spring break: Enough time

First, let’s talk about the number one factor that makes people choose spring break as the time to move. The truth is that you’ll have much more time to realize your relocation than you’d have any other part of the year. During the summer people usually have travel or internship plans. That’s the time designated for family, friends, and socializing. Spring is busy with work, which means that you’ll be able to move without delay. It’s a great time for seniors to move since the weather is nice! Senior moving services aren’t fully booked at that time, which is why you should consider taking your chances with the spring move. 

clock on the wall
Time is of the utmost essence for a successful move – opt to book a date when you’ll have the most of it!

People aren’t relocating during a spring break

The most frequent reason for people not relocating during the spring is the school year. The kids are still going to school, the students are settled in the campuses or rented rooms, and spring break is usually the time that’s busy since the exams are nearing. This is what makes a spring break great time for relocation – moving services won’t be as booked as usual, and you’ll be able to choose the date that you’re happy with. This is a factor that many people struggle with, as finding the perfect moving date isn’t easy and often requires complicated logistic planning. 

It’s a long break, so you can move in the middle of the break when people are at their home

This break usually doesn’t take less than a week. This means that you can choose to move during the middle of the break when people are already at their holiday destinations or home. Make sure to call the moving company to check the available dates, as well as consult with them. They’ve been doing this job for years, and there’s no better advice than from someone who’s been in the industry for a long time.

tree with flowers
Spring break is the time that people spend either travelling or home with their families.

It’s a good time for a new start

Spring break isn’t only a very convenient time because of the smaller numbers of relocations – it’s also the time of the year that’s very suitable for new beginnings. Winter is usually the time when we travel less, which allows you to get a great head-start for the packing process. Pack all of the summer items and the ones that you won’t need, but leave a few pieces for the upcoming weather. You can also start packing books and decorations, as well as ceramics and dishes. Those are items that you won’t need, but might take you a lot of time to pack, write an inventory, and arrange. 

Weather is ideal for a comfortable relocation

When it comes to moving during spring break, one of the biggest upsides is the nice weather: 

  • When you get out of the apartment, store your extra belonging in residential storage units and start your relocation process, you want to be able to load the truck quickly. That’s not easily done when you have to take care of the mud on the floors, and take care that the furniture doesn’t get wet. 
  • The temperature is ideal as well – it’s neither too hot nor too cold. It will help the movers finish the job quicker. Moreover, it won’t become too hot for you to do heavier physical work and pack for a few hours at a time. 
  • Since the temperatures are ideal, you won’t sweat as much as you’d in the summer. 
  • It’s not the prime time for getting sick, which is usually the risk when you’re relocating during the winter.
  • You’ll be able to pack light for the relocation, and when you arrive at your new home, you won’t have to warm it up a lot. 
moving during spring break
Get rid of unnecessary items before moving during spring break.

Moving during spring break is a chance to declutter

There’s another obvious reason to move during the spring break – it’s a great opportunity to do the spring cleaning before you pack. Moving companies will bill you the most for heavy furniture pieces like fridges or wardrobes. That’s why, if you have such pieces, it would be wise to think about your options. You can sell bulky furniture pieces and use the money to buy new ones that fit the place you’ll move in perfectly. You can simply ditch some of the furniture pieces if they’re simply too old. This will get you some funds to buy new furniture while lessening the transportation costs at the same time. 

The movers aren’t booked, so the rates are lower, and choosing the dates is more flexible

In the end, there’s always that good part of the spring moves! The movers aren’t as busy as they’ll be during the summer and autumn. That’s one more reason why moving during spring break is good timing. Of course, given that the moving company you’ve hired is competent and reliable. We’re always at your disposal. Give us a call to get acquainted with our moving services, reasonable rates, and the way that we handle relocations. What are you waiting for? Book your perfect spring move

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