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Storage preparationAugust 31, 2022

Are you moving to a smaller home and don’t know what to do with all of your stuff? If that’s the case, then chances are you will need the help of Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. And, indeed, people usually remember storage solutions when they are moving. But storing your belongings can come in handy in other situations too, especially now that there are many different ways for storing items and many companies that are specialized in that. So, we’ll talk a little about why you might need storage, what kind of storage there is and what are the benefits of onsite storage solutions. So, stay tuned!

Why you need storage for your items

The most obvious reason why you need any kind of storage solution is, of course, the lack of space. If you have too many things for your home or office this might be the only solution for you. That is if you don’t want to give away those things to The Salvation Army, for example, or sell them. So, by storing your belongings you will free up so much space in your home or office that you won’t know what to do with it. That also means that the space you live or work in will feel much more spacious. And you can use it for something that you need more. Plus, cleaning will be much easier.

And if you plan on moving again soon, storing most of your belongings will save you quite some money. Because getting a storage unit is much cheaper than having a moving company move your entire household or office a few times. And this is especially true for students who are more likely to move a few times before getting a permanent address. Plus, your belongings will surely stay safe this way. So, you’re also avoiding the damages that might occur during relocation. Additionally, storage can prove to be very useful in redecorating your home, or simply keeping your beloved home clutter-free.

A woman looking at files
Once that file room is empty, you can turn it into a playroom or other room where your employees will feel comfortable and relaxed while taking a break.

What kind of storage solutions are there?

You can move your storage unit freely or you have to go to a storage warehouse to get your belongings. Onsite storage solutions are getting more and more popular each day greatly due to their mobility. There are so many different solutions for storing something. And there are even more different groups of people that can use storage solutions the most. Some of them are:

  • Active military members
  • Students
  • Employers and companies
  • Homeowners or tenants

When choosing between the many storage solution options out there, remember to think of all the choices. Is it important that you can freely move your storage? Will you be moving soon? Is a military relocation in your near future? Ask yourself all the relative questions before making a final decision, to make sure you will not regret it. If it comes to moving last-minute and you can’t organize yourself quickly enough, remember to consider packing services Northern VA to help out before your relocation.

Military Storage

As an active member of the military, you move homes very frequently. You can never know in which part of the country duty calls! But, an on-site military storage unit can prove to make your life a lot easier. An onsite storage unit can be an affordable place to keep your furniture or clothing during a move. The onsite storage unit can move around with you, or stay at your home, waiting for you to return. These units will prove incredibly useful in moving instances during your deployment.

Storage companies, like any other big company, offer incredible military discounts. Be sure to ask around and see which reliable moving and storage companies offer the best discounts for your area! When renting a military storage unit, you can choose between a huge range of sizes. No matter if you’re planning to fit your entire home in your storage unit or just some extra stuff you have lying around. You can always find the right size for your onsite storage solutions! And if all of this wasn’t good enough, most onsite storage units have a month-to-month lease! This means you can rent out a unit just for a month, or for years on end. This perk is especially useful for military storage. You can save a lot of money if your deployment ends early!

A family hugging
Military relocation is stressful on its own. It might be wise to spare your family some of the stress by using an onsite storage unit.

Student storage

Onsite student storage units are the easiest way to keep your items from cluttering in your student home. Imagine that all of the exams are over and done with, and you’re finally free to go on that vacation you couldn’t wait to take! But, what will you do with all of your items? Well, onsite storage Rockville MD is a convenient way to quickly find a new place for your belongings. A storage unit makes sure that your belongings are safe and in pristine condition. Your possessions will be waiting for you in the same condition you left them in! You might be underestimating just how much a storage unit can make your life easier. In the middle of the hassle of a million final exams, goodbye parties, and summer celebrations, the last thing you need is to think about what you’ll do with your belongings.

Selling your belongings or asking a friend to take care of your belongings, are good ideas. But, just imagine having to buy everything anew the following year. What’s better than renting a student storage unit to help you out?Did you know that student storage can be rented for seasonal storage as well? Keeping your skis, bike, camping gear, and winter/summer clothes in a storage unit is something a lot of people do nowadays. You can even store your vehicle in an onsite storage unit while you travel or take classes abroad.

Commercial storage

If you’re running a business yourself, you know just how important it is to make good investments as a company. Onsite commercial storage units Ashburn VA might not be the first thing on mind, but you may be surprised by how convenient it is. Business storage can bring many opportunities to your business! As businesses age, they tend to get bigger and bigger. There’s a good chance that sometime soon you will need additional space in your office. And renting storage is a pretty cost-effective way of achieving more storage space. Onsite storage solutions will make your office clutter-free while providing direct access to everything you’re storing!

Without the clutter in your working space, you can optimize the space however you like. Once your offices are decluttered, your employees are more likely to enjoy their workdays. A tidy place makes for a productive place! Onsite storage units can be placed anywhere on your business’ land. You can hide it wherever you want. It can even be placed outside! It’s waterproof and prepared for any weather. Safety is a big concern for many people who decide to rent onsite commercial storage. The truth is, they might be even safer than a traditional storage unit. If someone were to rob a storage unit facility, your unit could be a target. Unless someone’s breaking into your business, you’re safe. The storage unit lease can be easily canceled and you can stop renting an onsite storage unit each month. It’s completely flexible and up to you.

A cluttered office- perfect for renting onsite storage units
A cluttered office space lowers the productivity of employees! It’s important to have a clean, tidy workspace.

Residential Storage

Your home is the number one place that accumulates the most clutter. Each new item you buy, you bring it home, and surely enough, space will slowly begin to disappear. We all know of the good old trick of decluttering when buying new items and throwing away old items. But, what will you do if your family is simply expanding? Obviously, you can move to a bigger home. But, not everyone is interested in constantly moving as their family gets bigger. An onsite residential storage unit can be the perfect long-term investment for you and your family.

Onsite storage can be highly beneficial when it comes to renovating your home. Instead of renting out a storage unit in a storage facility, you can keep your important belongings close to you. A huge home renovation usually requires that a lot of items if not all are removed from the rooms. If the areas of construction are easily accessible, the whole renovation process tends to be much quicker. And as an added plus, your items will stay safe and clean from all of the dust and paint in your onsite storage units Tyson Corner VA. A lot of renovation projects take quite a bit of time, so it’s best to keep your belongings close to you. What if you need to use something from your storage unit immediately?

What you need to know about onsite storage solutions

Before we get to all the benefits of onsite storage solutions you are probably wondering what it is. When you opt to store your items onsite you get onsite storage containers in which you put your belongings. Usually, you rent a storage container, and the company you’re renting it from delivers it to the address you want for free. If you need help, most of the time they’d send you a couple of movers if you ask them to. And if you change your mind and decide to store those items in their storage facilities they are also the ones that’ll handle it. As for the things you can store in onsite storage, the rules are typically the same as for what you can store in storage warehouses.

Now, as we’ve already mentioned, the biggest benefits of onsite storage is mobility and flexibility. You can easily store anything you want in your backyard or driveway. Or, if you don’t have enough space for a container, that’s also okay. Because these onsite storage containers have wheels and license plates. And that means that you can park them anywhere you want. This can be especially valuable to companies when they are changing the location of their headquarters. You can see why moving and storage Washington DC services are getting more popular, can’t you?

A measuring tape
Don’t forget to tell your movers what size of storage unit you want.

Onsite storage solutions – easy access and money

Another huge benefit of this type of storage is its accessibility. You won’t have to depend on the working hours of the storage warehouse. Nor will you have to pay extra for 24-hours access to your storage unit. Plus you’ll be saving money you’d use for the gas you need to go back and forth to the storage facility. If you keep your storage unit close by it can almost feel like an extra room. You won’t have to drive to the other part of the town to get to your storage unit. You can maybe even keep it in your backyard and just go a few feet to get something from your unit. And that is perfect if you need to store items that you use often. That is why storage Northern Virginia will prove to be a very useful tool in your life if you let it.

Other benefits

Some would think that all of these benefits of renting  storage units Falls Church VA must cost an arm and a leg. When in fact, onsite storage solutions are usually cheaper than renting a storage unit at the warehouse. It probably has to do with the fact that you are paying for security, personnel, and maintenance when you’re storing in a warehouse. Plus, you are not bound to rent for at least a month or a longer period.

You can rent onsite storage for as long as you please. Whether it be renting for a few weeks or even for a few days. And that’s something you wouldn’t be able to do when renting in a storage facility. Furthermore, these containers come in various sizes and you can get exactly the size you need. Whereas, sometimes you can end up overpaying storage facilities because the size of your storage unit is too big for you.

Onsite storage offers more container options

Self-storage facilities or warehouses have limited options. These buildings are, obviously, already built and all of the storage units in them are completed. So, you can run into a problem when visiting the closest self-storage facility to you and they don’t offer climate controlled storage. Some of you might think it’s not a big deal and settle for a normal storage unit. But, if you’re storing sensitive items that need to be kept at certain temperatures, we wouldn’t advise skipping out on the proper storage option.

Onsite refrigerated storage units tend to be much more affordable than climate-controlled storage units in a facility. So, be sure to ask your storage providers if they offer onsite units that can meet all of your needs. You’ll be surprised just how many storage companies have updated their options in the past few years. Onsite storage will end up being a lot more cost-effective, while also honoring all of your specific requests. Be sure to ask about storage units Alexandria VA today! The sooner you start planning with your storage company, the sooner your items will be safe and sound in their perfectly-tailored storage containers.

A person wearing slippers
You won’t even have to change out of your slippers – something you would have to do with the traditional storage solutions.

Increased security of your onsite storage solutions

No matter how secure storage facilities or warehouses are, the fact of the matter is that someone else guarantees that your items will remain safe. All of the security protocols that go on in a warehouse are out of your control, and you might not even know what exactly they are. That is to say, your items are as safe as the storage facility’s security. On the other hand, if you decide to rent onsite storage units, you are the one responsible for them. Many people, actually, dislike this responsibility. But, your items do tend to stay safer if they are in your near proximity and you can look over them. Onsite storage units Arlington VA will prove to be a life-changing tool that you can completely customize to your tastes, while also being the only one in charge of them. 

Save time when renting a storage

We’ve all heard of the age-old saying that “Time is money”. But, in the modern capitalistic society, this is more true than ever before. Your portable storage container will always be right there by your side and you can simply walk into your yard and take whatever you need from it. What online working during the pandemic has taught us all is that we waste unnecessary amounts of time commuting. Imagine that you need a dress for an event that’s placed in your storage unit.

Now, before you even wash and iron the dress, you need to drive 30 minutes to get it and then 30 minutes back. This is a whole hour of your time you can’t get back. Let’s not even talk about the whole protocol of removing items from your storage unit where a lot more time is lost. Your storage Bethesda MD will be waiting for you in your own home at any time of day when you need to remove something from it. You will save so much precious time, as well as money usually spent on gas and car maintenance.

Security cameras
Your home security cameras are more than enough to keep your storage units safe!

Waterproof and sturdy enough

People often tend to wonder if their onsite storage units can survive extreme weather such as extreme heats, floods, rain, etc. Onsite storage containers were primarily created for overseas shipping. These containers are strong, sturdy, and waterproof. Neither rain nor hail can damage them or enter them. Even if you’ve chosen the climate-controlled option, which obviously uses electricity, you won’t have to worry. Nothing will happen to them during weird weather.

These containers aren’t just made of plastic and that’s it. Through a lot of research, we’ve created containers out of the perfect, durable material. Additionally, before we or any other company rents out their containers, they are thoroughly inspected and checked for any damages or improper setup. You can rest assured that when these containers reach your home they’ve gone through multiple tests and we are 100% sure they will stay in place and one piece.

Onsite storage units
Onsite storage units are made by the same principle as overseas shipping storage units. This means they’re prepared for any weather, and water poses no issue.

Is onsite storage right for you?

The final decision is always up to you. Onsite storage solutions can benefit almost anyone in this world. Be it renovations, redecorating, downsizing, moving, or sending children to University – storage units Gaithersburg MD are always a welcome addition. Most of our satisfied customers claim they’ll never go back to life without an onsite storage unit. It’s simply so affordable and makes their lives easier. Now it is up to you to decide if it is time to contact a storage provider!


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