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Top places in DMV areaSeptember 15, 2022

North Virginia is a beautiful state, no doubt about it! It has everything you need to move with your family there. It’s a state with a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. So how to pick the right city to move to? It boils down to what YOU want. What are you after with this move? Do you want to live in a more crowded city, or do you want to kick back and relax in a suburban setting? All in all, if you are considering a relocation to North Virginia with your partner, you should choose your destination wisely. That is where moving and storage Northern Virginia step in to make this decision easier for you. Before listing some of the best cities in NV to start a family, consider a few things first.

Is Northern Virginia affordable for your lifestyle?

When choosing the best place to raise a family in Virginia, you should know your financial situation. Many cities in Northern Virginia are affordable and on the national average when it comes to the cost of living. However, some are more expensive than others. You certainly don’t want to live in a town where you will be barely making ends meet. That can be avoided by simply knowing what’s the average cost of living in your potential new cities. Be sure to check online before relocating to a specific city. That is a useful tip when finding a good moving company, portable storage, or anything moving-related.

A city in Virginia
NV has many great cities to move to and raise a family, Choose the best one for you.

Does the city have a good public education system? 

If you plan to raise children in Northern Virginia, this is an important factor to consider. North Virginia as a state has many excellent schools at all levels of education, but not all cities have them. Depending on the age of your children, find online the best schools in the cities you are interested in. You should probably cross those cities from your list that don’t have the right schools. That’s something you shouldn’t compromise on.

What type of housing are you looking for in NV? 

Think carefully before choosing the type of home. There are some things you have to ask yourself:

  1. Are you considering expanding your family and adding more kids?
  2. How long will your children live with you before they move away for college?
  3. Do you want a place that is easy to maintain like an apartment or something bigger but with more obligations?
  4. Is having a garden or a pool a must-have?
  5. What is the minimum number of rooms and bathrooms you need to have?

These are all important questions you should ask yourself. Once you consider the size of your new home, you can plan which belongings to relocate. For all those extra items, you can always consider renting onsite storage containers for your additional belongings.

Does the city have everything you’re looking for? 

Before choosing one of the best cities in NV to start a family, make sure to do your research. You should only choose a city that has everything your family needs. Great schools, outdoor activities, urban lifestyle if that’s what you need, etc. Maybe you need a quiet place that is suburban and without noise and too many distractions. Don’t just pick a random place, but carefully do your research. It will make a big difference in how you adapt to and love your new home. Not just you but your kids as well!

A street in Virginia
Some people prefer to rent an apartment, but that means having a lot less space for you and your kids.

Are you moving to Northern Virginia from another state?

If you are moving to Northern Virginia from another state, you have to take care of several essential things first. Be sure to have a new job already lined up for you. That’s maybe the most important thing here. You don’t want to move to your new home and already feel the stress of unemployment. Plan wisely and explore job opportunities while looking for a new home. Also, to avoid spending too much money on moving things. It would be smart to sell or donate things you don’t need. Finally, carefully plan the moving day. If you don’t have time to prepare for it, you can always look for interstate movers Northern Virginia has to offer. A professional moving company can be your ticket to a stress-free move.

Arlington is one of the best cities in NV to start a family

One of the best cities to live in the DMV area is Arlington. It’s located on the border of two states – Washington and Virginia, making it convenient for weekend travels. This city is safe, has a low crime rate, and has a great education system. Besides, it has a rich cultural life and many interesting activities for families. It’s the home of 236,842 people living in urban areas. The median home price is $759,000 and the average cost of rent in Arlington is $1,993. Finally, the median per capita income is $74,537. So, what’s the cost of living there? The cost of living index in Arlington is 177.9. Remember that the average cost of living index in the US is 100, so Arlington’s is higher.

Regarding education, it’s the home of the highest-rated elementary school in Virginia. Arlington Traditional Elementary School is the place you want to enroll your kids! They can get the best education there that will for sure get them ready for college. Virginia has many excellent universities, so that would be a great advantage for them.

Downtown Arlington
Arlington is one of the best cities in NV to start a family.

The city of Alexandria

Alexandria is a city with a population of 150,575 residents. The average cost of houses there is $572,500, which is above Virginia’s average of $288,800. It’s one of the most visited cities in the state, so no wonder why the home value is higher. If you are planning to rent a place, the median rent price is $1,781. The estimated per capita income there is $68,439. Finally, the cost of living in Alexandria is 174. The upside of living here is that the city has some of the best schools in the state! Their education system has an overall grade of A, so it’s the right place for your kids!

If you are looking for a charming city where you can raise a family, work, and enjoy free time, then this town is right for you. The Old Town of Alexandria is mostly popular as a tourist site. However, it is also one of the best cities in NV to start a family. If you want to enjoy romantic surroundings with your family on a sunny day, consider moving here. Get free estimates of your move and storage Alexandria VA, and plan accordingly.

Centreville- a great city in NV to start a family

Centreville is smaller than the previous two cities, with 66,457 residents living there. The average home value in Centreville is $126,859. Also, the median rent there is $1,982. It’s a cheaper city, so that might be a critical factor in your decision. The estimated per capita income is $51,498. Now, it’s a bit more quiet town compared to Arlington and Alexandria. However, it still offers everything you need to start a family in NV. Great schools and very good road connection to other major towns, colleges, etc.

Interested in living here, but don’t know if it’s the right fit for you? Centreville has it all! Great bars, local wine, craft beers, you name it. You can find restaurants with cuisines from all over the world, so you wouldn’t have to leave the city to try and eat something new. To top it all off, if you want to spend quality time with your family surrounded by nature, you should go to Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. It has great bike trails, a lake, and many places to sit back and enjoy a picnic. If you want to move here, using moving and storage in Centreville VA can be of great help!

Dale City

Dale City is a census-designated place in Virginia, 25 miles southwest of Washington DC. It’s the home of 71,302 residents. The median house prices are $470,200. Renting a place there would cost you around $1,982 per month. Many people choose to live here due to its proximity to the nation’s capital. A lot of residents are government employees or work in the private sector with ties to the federal government. The estimated per capita income is $51,498. Many good schools are in the area, and the top state colleges are also within reach.

The crime rate in this city is low, so it’s a safe place to be. That’s a crucial factor when choosing a city in NV to start a family. This town is a bit quieter and doesn’t have as many attractions as the previous ones. However, that is a good thing if you are looking for getting away from the noise cities can make. Many residents come here to find peace, so if you are also one of those people, make sure to hire one of the best long distance moving companies Northern VA you can find to safely relocate your household.

Boys staring at the window after moving to a NV city
Dale City is a safe city, has a low crime rate, and has a great education system.

Fairfax City- a beautiful city in Virginia

Fairfax City is the home of 24,019 Virginians. It’s definitely on the smaller side but still provides great value! It is known to be one of the best suburban areas in the state of Virginia. Many young professionals and families decide to move here and call this city their home. It’s the perfect location to get away from the noise and pace of a busy city, and raise kids. You would be surrounded by peace, along with plenty of green scenery and wonderful nature. It has a friendly community and many interesting activities for children and families. So, what’s the cost of living in this great town? 

The estimated median house or condo value is $592,616. Renting monthly would cost you about $1,863. The average per capita income there is $51,757. The cost of the living index there is 169. Since it’s close to Washington DC, it attracts many people of all ages to come and make it their home. This is easily one of the best places in Northern Virginia to start a family, and we can’t recommend it enough! If you are serious about moving here, you should be contacting residential movers Northern VA right away and start getting ready!

The city of McLean

McLean is the home of 48,115 residents. It is in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, Many of the residents there are diplomats and government officials due to its proximity to Washington DC. It is also the home of the Pentagon, CIA, and many other government bodies which attract many newcomers. A lot of people would love the opportunity to work in that kind of environment! Thanks to all that, crime rates in McLean are low and crime is not something its residents are accustomed to. Moreover, McLean is perfect if you would like to live in the suburbs or more close to the center as it has it all. It is a great place to relocate with your family, where you and your children will enjoy and thrive.

The average home or condo value in McLean is $1,061,500, whereas the median gross rent is $3,176. Also, the estimated median household income in McLean is over $200,000. The cost of living index in McLean is 176.5, so it’s a bit more expensive, but that is no wonder due to how close it is to the nation’s capital. All in all, McLean is one of the best cities in the entire state of Virginia to move and start a family. 

Falls Church is one of the best cities in NV to start a family

Falls Church is a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where 14,658 people are living. It is a part of the Washington DC, metropolitan area. It’s a town on the smaller side, but it still offers a variety of activities and a safe place for your family as the crime rates are low. If you ever desire to spend some time in a big city setting, the commute to Washington DC is short, so you have the perfect mix of the urban and suburban feel. There is no shortage of potential homes for you and your family, so what do they cost?

The average price of houses in Falls Church is $834,675. Renting a place would cost you about $1,897. The median per capita income is $74,824. Finally, the cost of living index is 174. There are many opportunities in the job market here, even though the town itself is small. As we said, it’s close to Washington DC, so there are plenty of jobs related to the government, both in the public and private sectors. It has everything you need, and it’s one of the best cities in NV to start a family. Make sure you hire the best movers you can find and find adequate storage units Falls Church VA has to offer, as that can make a difference in how many unnecessary things you will keep in your new house. 

Family that moved to NV
The wishes of all members of your family should be fulfilled when choosing a new home.

Are you planning an interstate move?

If you are moving by yourself or trying to find a new home in another part of the state of Northern Virginia, planning the move should be your first step. After choosing one of the best cities in NV to start a family, you should organize your moving day. And what better way to do it than to hire a professional moving company? After you pack all your moving boxes, make sure to look for the best movers Northern Virginia has to offer. Handling your moving day will be much easier with some help from professional moving assistance.

Best cities in NV to start a family- conclusion

So there you have it! We’ve gone over the best cities in NV to start a family, and we hope you are closer to your decision. You should consider all the mentioned factors before really committing to a place. Once you’ve pinpointed the city that suits your needs best, it’s time to go house hunting. The whole process will be exciting, so make the most of it and enjoy it. As you can tell, Northern Virginia is a state that has everything for everyone, so we are sure you will make the right call!

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