Best Cities in VA for Military Retirees

Are you wondering what are the best cities in VA for Military Retirees? Well, we are here to help. Military Retirees are people who served their country devotedly for years. And of course, those people that lived a long time away from their homes deserve only the best after they retire. 

Cities to retire to in VA

There are quite a number of cities in VA for Military Retirees. Here we made a list of our top three cities in hopes of helping you find a new home. While moving and exploring the cities, don’t worry and leave your things in military storage in Northern Virginia until you find the city for you. Here are our top three cities for Military Retirees in VA.

  1. Martinsville
  2. Petersburg
  3. Bristol
A small city on the lakeside
If you like the outdoors and are picking a city to retire to in VA there is a good choice of cities with beautiful landscape


First on our list of cities in VA for Military Retirees is Martinsville. Even though the city is known for NASCAR and Speedway racing many tend to overlook its sheer beauty. The city is surrounded by beautiful lakes and scenery full of mountains. It even has nice weather year-round. So when hiring military movers you don’t have to be mindful of the season. If you like the outdoors or need to go on walks for your health, then the first on our list of cities in VA for Military Retirees, Martinsville is the place for you. The Blue Ridge Mountains are visible from the city providing great views for relaxation. In the 25miles of the city, there are two hospitals, and the crime rate is very low. Also, the average home value is $87,700.


When thinking about cities in VA for Military Retirees Petersburg is the second that comes to mind. With an average home value of $108,100, it comes as one of the more affordable options. Petersburg has many attractions, Pamplin Historical Park, Centre Hill Mansion, and Historic Cameron Field are only some of them. It has a long and beautiful history for people to uncover. Also if you like the outdoors it provides you with a wide range of activities such as Appomattox Riverside Park. It’s one of the cities in VA we recommend for Military Retirees as it has 17% population over 65 years and low crime rates. Senior movers are a nice option if you are interested in helping your parents or grandparents move to Petersburg for their Military Retirement.

A lake on a fall day
There are many activities and nice sceneries to see when retiring from the Military and moving to VA


The third is Bristol. Bristol is a city with 20% of the population over 65. Making it one of the best cities in VA for Military Retirees. With the average home costing around $111,700, it may not be the cheapest option but it’s not far behind. As the birthplace of country music, a nice time in Bristol is guaranteed. Located between the Tennessee-Virginia state line it’s often described as a small city that feels like a big one. While NoVa moving companies are doing their work you can rush to Bristol and sightsee. Also, Bristol has 10 hospitals within 25miles of the city. It makes it a perfect city in VA for Military Retirees because of their health checkups. When you arrive there don’t forget to go and have a check-up as moving is stressful, especially for someone in their retirement age.

We hope we helped you even a little. Sure there are many cities in VA for Military Retirees and we named only three of them. But we think these three are worthy of your attention.

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