Best DMV cities for real estate investment

Top places in DMV areaDecember 19, 2022

Investing in real estate is a smart choice in life. Whether you want to buy property for rent, invest in REIT or other real estate stock, or buy a vacation rental, you will certainly not make a mistake. But when investing in real estate, you need to pay attention to several factors. The main reason why people invest in real estate is profit. That’s why you want to be sure that your investment is going to pay off. You need to be smart and careful when investing. Nobody wants to lose money. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV created a list of the best DMV cities for real estate investment for you. Once you choose the right city, make sure to contact local movers if you need any help with relocating your belongings or storage space.

Is the DMV area a good place for real estate investment?

The DMV area is a metropolitan place that includes D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. There are many reasons why people decide to invest in this large area. Virginia, also known as the Mother of States, has deep roots in American culture. It was one of the original 13 colonies and has long been significant in the American economy. Virginia has a population of over 8.5 million people and has been steadily growing for decades. It has a surprising amount of cultural and geographical diversity for a medium-sized state.

Washington, D.C., has recently emerged as one of the most distinctive and exciting cities in the United States. As a result, the market is stable and consistent. And finally, the value of Maryland’s real estate has been increasing for the better part of a decade. There are numerous opportunities available throughout the state. You simply need to know where to look and how to find the best DMV cities for your upcoming real estate investment. Let’s analyze each state first and learn about possible investment options.

A man at the beach thinking about the best DMV cities for real estate investment
If you are looking for an excellent location to buy or sell property, the nation’s capital is undoubtedly a good choice!

The Washington D.C. area

It is not surprising that Washington, D.C. is the winner when it comes to the real estate market. Washington, D.C., has proven to be a consistent and rising market, with homes selling at or above the asking price. Another significant benefit of investing in real estate in the D.C. area is the abundance of diverse neighborhoods within the capital’s borders. There are approximately 24 distinct areas within Washington D.C., each with its own vibrancy and character. This allows homeowners and prospective buyers to select communities that best suit their lifestyles and expectations.

What makes Maryland great for real estate investment

Maryland is one of the richest states in America, and it seems that its development will not cease. It attracts plenty of investors and prospective buyers who come to expand their business or relocate to a new location. The Free State is home to more than 60 federal agencies and has the country’s fourth-highest percentage of federal workers. This collaboration of government agencies, academic institutions, and bio-health and life science research firms is spurring job growth in higher-paying positions. As a result, there is an increase in demand for both rental and residential properties, and some areas cannot even keep up with the rising number of new residents.

A person signing a contract with an agent
Your agent will help you decide which real estate option is the best for you.

Virginia’s thriving economy makes it perfect for investing

Virginia fared remarkably well during the 2007 housing crisis and now has a thriving economy with plenty of room for expansion. The state is an excellent place to live, retire or invest due to its long and storied history, beautiful scenery, excellent universities, and proximity to Washington, D.C. You can live near the beach or the mountains and enjoy the beautiful changes in scenery throughout the year. There are many cities with great potential for investment in Virginia, such as Alexandria, Frederick, Rockville, and Arlington. The standard of living may be a bit higher than the national average. However, the increased demand for houses will certainly make up for this. Don’t forget to rent some of the best storage Alexandria VA suggests, and protect your belongings during the period of relocation.

Welcome to Virginia sign
Some of the best DMV cities for real estate investment are located in Virginia!

Washington D.C

One of the best DMV cities for real estate investment is definitely Washington D.C. One area you should consider in this city is the Trinidad neighborhood. This part of Washington, D.C., is currently booming. The neighborhood was dangerous before, but now the situation has changed. Moreover, because it is close to the Metro Red Line, it has good connections to every part of the city. The second neighborhood you need to look into is Brookland, also known as Little Rome. This neighborhood has become attractive for real estate investments. Many older buildings have been renovated, which certainly attracts plenty of investors. If you decide to move here and buy a property, you should consider renting storage Washington DC. This way, you can keep your items clean and safe until you find the perfect place!

Washington D.C is one of the best DMV cities for real estate investment
Washington, D.C. is a city worth your attention if you are looking for a good place to invest in real estate!

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is the right place for you if you have a larger capital. It is located in Virginia, only 10 miles from Washington, the State capital. In 2018, according to Forbes, Alexandria was among the best 20 places for investments. Moreover, where Alexandria is situated, Fairfax County is the second richest county in the state. This means that there is a steady stream of renters and investors who can afford to buy real estate in Alexandria. If you decide to invest here, you don’t have to worry about renting. In Alexandria, a house stays on the market on average for a month and a half. So if you want to move your belongings in this part of Virginia, feel free to contact one of the moving and storage Sterling VA companies. Having professionals by your side will make the entire process easier.

Frederick, MD

Maryland is among the ten best-ranked states in terms of wealth. The unemployment rate here is lower than the national average. The country’s economy is driven by various industries, including bio-health, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Given that it is the second-largest city in size, Fredrick has a growing economy and a rich labor market. Therefore, it is a very favorable area if you want to buy real estate here. Moreover, there are plenty of moving companies that provide one of the most advanced storage Frederick MD. This way, you can store your decorative pieces in there until you find the perfect home you can invest in.

People talking with their agent about the best DMV cities for real estate investment
Frederick is a place worth considering.

Arlington, VA

The northernmost reaches of Arlington allow you to walk to DC by crossing one of the many bridges that connect the two. Arlington is easily accessible by various interstates and major roadways. In addition, its proximity to Washington, D.C. is a plus. While living in Arlington is not cheap, it is still preferable to living in the city. Houses with off-street parking are readily available, which is nearly impossible to find in the city. Many small restaurants offer low-cost dining options, and there are numerous public parks to enjoy for free.

Arlington rental properties are a good choice if you are looking for a long-term investment in a stable economy. Though it may take some time to start making money, Arlington is a great place to buy and rent properties if you are flexible enough to accommodate multiple tenants. You don’t have to have a big space. Tenants can always rent storage Arlington VA offers to store their extra items there. So don’t worry about the size too much. As long as you make the place look appealing, you will be able to rent it out successfully.

Ashburn, VA

The rental market in Ashburn is currently strong. Ashburn is a city in Northern Virginia, about an hour’s drive from Washington D.C. Because of its proximity to the nation’s capital, Ashburn is a great place for buying or renting out property. The suburban setting provides investors access to a wide range of properties, from single-family homes to townhouses and condos. Northern Virginia’s economic conditions are favorable, and there is no reason to believe that growth will slow down in the near future. Because there has been a lot of real estate growth in the area, investors now have great opportunities in several established and emerging neighborhoods. If you decide to renovate your property once you purchase it, you can use storage units Ashburn VA to keep all the furniture and decorative items safe.

Bethesda, MD

Bethesda, Maryland, is a fantastic place to look into rental home property investments, whether you are planning an early retirement or simply building your rental portfolio. Small, sturdy starter homes, which were common in Bethesda construction a few decades ago, are by far the most profitable type of home. Newer homes are more spacious and modern, but they are also more expensive to purchase and maintain. However, smaller homes are not only more affordable for you, but they are also more appealing. Practical professionals, politicians, and staff especially use them when they are planning to stay in the city for a limited number of years. Since there are many smaller homes, people often rent storage units Bethesda offers. This way, their homes stay clutter-free, and their items are safe.

A large house with a yard
Maryland is a good option if you want a beautiful property with a large garden.

Gaithersburg, MD

Gaithersburg’s population is growing, thanks partly to recent infrastructure improvements, many of which involve reducing traffic congestion by adding or expanding highways. As the population grows, so will the demand for housing. If you want to live in an upscale neighborhood, Gaithersburg is the place to invest in real estate. Given its proximity to neighboring cities, Gaithersburg is expected to see continued population growth. Property values in Maryland are expected to rise further following the completion of a new highway, the Inter-County Connector.

Another reason to invest in real estate here is that property owners can take advantage of various tax breaks. Professional services, contractors, and most materials used in operating, repairing, or surveying properties can be deducted. Finally, your tenants will pay down your mortgage while increasing the equity in your portfolio. Another great thing about this place is that it has many reliable storage facilities. So if you ever need a safe space for your items, you should consider renting a storage Gaithersburg has to offer.

Sterling, VA

There are several reasons to invest in property in Sterling, Virginia. Sterling may be small, but this doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable for investing. Around 30 000 people are currently residing in this charismatic town. The first reason for this is that the place is constantly expanding. Thus, investing in a future environment is always a good opportunity. Next, there are good options on the market. This means you can find many real estate types to rent, buy or sell. The prices in this area are affordable, and there are budget-friendly options for everyone.

Finally, if you decide to invest in Sterling, you will be able to find new homes that are suitable and comfortable for living. However, don’t forget that buying property and moving to a new location requires professional assistance. Storage Sterling VA, residents recommend may come in handy when you decide to move here. This is a great place to keep your belongings safe and sound.

A couple holding "our first home" sign
Choose one of the best DMV cities for your future real estate investment!

Falls Church, VA

This small town is worth your attention if you plan to invest in real estate in this area. You would be surprised to know how many investors this tiny bit of land attracts each year. The neighborhood is known for its beautiful homes and being a safe, family-friendly community with plenty of modern conveniences. Even though urban development appears to be moving slower in Falls Church, residents are not short on entertainment and amenities.

If you consider relocating to Falls Church and buying a property there, you will find many housing options, including apartments, townhouses, condos, and single-family homes. Because of the city’s proximity to Washington, D.C., home values remain high. Falls Church homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes, from historic colonial-style homes to contemporary new-construction models in the city’s heart. You can find large craftsman homes and numerous apartments and condo complexes near the major metro station. If you are ready to buy real estate in Falls Church, don’t forget to get the storage units Falls Church offers. You never know if you might need some extra space!

What do you need to know before investing in real estate?

Before investing, you need to be well-informed about a few things. It takes time to find the most suitable real estate in which to invest your money. Ask about the mortgage and which type is best for you. When investing in real estate, you also need to assess the risk. Whether or not the investment will pay off is always the question that will bother you. Profits will depend on the location of the property, taxes, as well as your current financial situation. Therefore, before you actually start your investment process, you should carefully consider the most suitable location. Also, don’t be afraid to speak with people around you. They can give you valuable advice. You can even seek professional help. A professional can help you determine whether or not you are making the right move.

Brown and white wooden house
The quality of real estate is a very important factor that will affect profits.

Which of the best DMV cities for real estate investment would you choose?

To sum up, the right location is the key to successful real estate investing. Call moving and storage Washington DC, after you have found your perfect property. We can help you with everything you need involving your relocation. Moreover, finding the right type of real estate and the perfect location may be the trickiest part of all. Are you looking for the best DMV cities for real estate investment? There are many great places, such as Alexandria, Frederick, Ashburn, Washington D.C., and many more. Whichever place you choose for your future investment, you will face a big change and many difficulties. However, with proper professional assistance and advice, you don’t have to worry about anything. Finally, the DMV area is the most popular place for real estate investment, and you will be happy to become a part of it.


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