Best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics

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The competition of choosing the best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics is fierce. Wherever you go you can meet nice and most polite people. You can find some of the finest restaurants and clubs to have fun. The affordability of these places is pretty much the same. So, what are the things that will help you decide where you should move? Making a list of your needs is something you can start with. Choose the neighborhood that suits you the most. With this list of the nicest and the best Maryland neighborhood, it might be a little easier for you to make the final choice. Lucky for you, there are even options to store your items while relocating in some of the finest storage units in DC Metro area.

List of the best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics

As we said before, there are tons of places which can offer you a lot. But, according to some statistics that were made in 2022, we have created a list of the most popular and most affordable ones. The neighborhoods you should really check are the following:

  1. Rockville,
  2. Gaithersburg,
  3. Frederick,
  4. Silver Spring,
  5. Mount Airy,
  6.  Bowie,
  7. Poolesville,
  8. Thurmont,
  9. Glenarden, and
  10. Cheverly.

These are just some of them that you should consider. We are certain that you will find the most suitable one. And if you have made your choice and you want to prepare for the relocation, make sure you call and ask around for someone who had a great experience with using residential onsite storage containers. You will be needing one if you want your items to be safe and protected during the relocation.

person writing statistics
Choose the best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics

We start with the neighborhood called Rockville

This neighborhood has a population of 68,000. Home value is the second-best valued at $540,000. Although there are a few more places more affordable, there is something that Rockville has and the others do not. That is a great amount of software and biotechnology companies. Along with them, there are also a lot of federal government institutions. This will give you a chance to find a better job opportunity. The salaries are high and you will be able to live a perfectly normal life. With all of these job opportunities, Rockville is the place that is considered to be the fastest-growing place in Maryland. Based on that fact, you should hurry and get your own home here. Do not worry about where will you place all of your items once you are relocated. You can always think about using the storage units Rockville MD has and place your stuff there. Just until you figure out what will you do with them.


This neighborhood in Maryland is one that has a young population. The average age of people living here is 30 years old. That is why other young people with families choose to live here. The population is 65,000. This will give you a chance to meet new people every day. Although the place seems small, there are tons of opportunities here. Being one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Maryland according to statistics, you will be able to earn some savings easily. Gaithersburg is also a place known where people usually use their own ride. Not that public transportation is bad. But here are over 50 percent of households that have two cars. This might affect the air pollution, but knowing that you can come across one side of the neighborhood to another one in less than 30 minutes is something to consider. Having your own transportation will I’ve you a chance to go to storage units Gaithersburg MD you have rented any time you like and get your stuff or place another one.

people walking in one of the best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics
Choose the place that suits you the most.

Frederick is also one of the best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics

If you are searching for a place where numerous activities and festivals are happing throughout the whole year, you will be lucky to hear that Frederick is the place for you. there are little over 70 thousand residents who enjoy their life. Not only that they organize and plan almost every happening by themselves, but they are also donating a lot of money to their community. The costs of living are affordable. But the best thing about Frederick is that people here will consider you as their family. You will not have to pay for the maintenance because the neighbor next door will be delighted to help you out without charging. Another great thing is that services you want to hire here, such as renting storage Frederick MD has, are one of the best and most affordable. So, if you have just relocated and you cannot wait to start having fun visiting some festival, place your valuables in this storage and have fun not thinking about them.

Silver Spring

We might call this place Golden Spring because it is a pure treasure. The nature in this Maryland neighborhood is speechless. So, if you were thinking of moving here to get a touch with nature all over again, you brought the right choice. With some of the greatest parks and trails, you will be able to enjoy the nice weather every day. being outside has its advantages. But being in the fresh air is something that you cannot put a place ta on. According to statistics, this is the place that is the less polluted place in the whole of Maryland. So spending time enjoying n activities will be much easier and better knowing that you are breathing fresh air. So, do not wait for all the stuff to be unpacked. Hire moving services to deliver your items straight to the storage Silver Spring MD has and get ready for action.

family spending time together
Pick the best place to raise your kids

Mount Airy

With a population of only 9,300, this place is maybe the best Maryland neighborhood to move to according to statistics. The unemployment rate is only 2.4 percent. Which is something that should be taken under consideration. The home price is the 6th highest in the state. It is at $371,000. But one of the best things about his place is that there is minimum or zero crime. The crime rate cannot even be measured. So if you are thinking about moving someplace to raise your kids, Mount Airy is the perfect place for you. You can rest knowing that your children are safe, paying around the neighborhood. If you have ever dreamed about being able to provide your kids with everything, you will get that chance here. And start with hiring some of the best residential movers.

The next one on the list of best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics is Bowie

Bowie is one of the richest places in Maryland. And if you ask people around here, you will realize that they do not want it to change. People have a unique motto which is “Growth, Unity, and Progress”. When you see the unemployment rate and the cost of living you will see that residents of Bowie want to live on a high note. But costs of living are not the only thing that is unlimited. The educational system is also one of the things people here put a lot of work in. Over 30 percents of residents have a Master’s degree. Along with these, comes the fact that Bowie is perfectly located in Maryland. This means that all the other big cities, like Washinting or Annapolis, are near.

Maryland from far
There are neighborhoods in Maryland that are close to the Washington DC


Maybe the fact that this place really has everything to offer, or the fact that according to statistics, it is ranked 4th on the list though many years, Poolesville is the one you can choose. There are little above 5 thousand residents and they like to call their community “little America“. This is because there are great schools, a great sense of community, a really low crime rate, and the most important thing for a place small like this, it has some of the best job opportunities. If you have ever wondered how is this possible, there is an explanation. people here really look after each other. And the job position will get the resident before the people who have come here just to work.

According to statistics, you should think about moving to Thurmont

Are you into some of the finest restaurants and wineries? This is the perfect place for you. There is one of the most famous vineyards here, Boordy Vineyards Dry Red Blend. You will be able to enjoy your free time tasting some of the finest wines and cuisine. Like a strawberry on the top of the cake comes the index of costs of living. It is 0.9 times lower than the state’s index which is 121. The crime rate is also lower than in the states. For example, in the past year, there were only 60 committed, and most of them are related to the bulgur.


Glenarden is a synonym for the perfect community. This is marked to be the best Maryland neighborhood to move to with families. If you have thought about choosing the place to raise your kids, think about moving here. The neighborhood is surrounded by overflow trees that are located in Old National Pike District Park. You can see so many mothers and fathers walking down the street with their kids and having a lot of fun. Almost every restaurant and shop is family-friendly so you will not have to worry if you want to have a cup of coffee. Kids can play in numerous playgrounds that are surrounded by restaurants and bars. Costs of living are really low, so if you want to move somewhere more affordable, this is a place for you.

The last one on our list of best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to statistics is a neighborhood called Cheverly

Being last on this type of list does not mean that this place is the worst. As we have written before, there are numerous places in Maryland that might be suitable for you, but Cheverly is in the top 10 of them. that is why being tenth on the list does not represent the least suitable place for you. And here is why you should consider moving here.

Cheverly has one of the best commuter access to Washington DC. And being able to ey enter in the center of the city means next. You will not have to travel too long to go to some events or to your office. If you have a job in Washington, traveling back home in Cheverly will not be a long ride. If there is no traffic at all, you will be at your home in 20 minutes. Located here, Cheverly is a perfect place for young people to put their roots. Starting a new chapter of your life by living here will give you a ton of opportunities. With low costs of living and some of the lowest crime rates in this part of Maryland, Cheverly really has it all. It is an urban area, with some of the most famous museums, like Smithsonian Museum.

building with clear sky behind
visit some of the most famous museums

Feeling stressed about moving is normal

If this move will be your first one, do not worry. Feeling sad and blue is something that comes with the moving process. No matter in which of the Maryland neighborhoods you move to, you will feel the same. That is why finding some routines and planning your day the way you like might be crucial. You should also talk about your feelings. The more you let them out, the faster you will heel.

Whichever of these best Maryland neighborhoods to move to according to the statistics you choose, you will not make a mistake. Leaving for a better life or a fresh start is never a mistake. That is why you should make your choice and pick the place that suits you the most. If anything, you will meet new people who might become your new family. So do not st anymore and change what you feel is wrong in your life. And start by moving to some of the best Maryland neighborhoods.

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