Best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals

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Are you looking for a new place to move to? As a young professional, finding the right place for yourself can sometimes be a challenge. You want to find a city with a lot of job opportunities, as well as chances for you to meet new people and make friends. What’s more, you are probably looking for a place that will fit you just right. If you are an active person, you want to move to a place with a lot of green spaces, parks, and running tracks. Imagine the life you want and find a city that can offer you that. If you are not sure where exactly to move, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help! We have prepared a list of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals!

Arlington is an obvious choice for young professionals!

Of course, to start the list just right, we need to talk about Arlington! You will find it right on the border between Virginia and Washington, D.C. Not only is Arlington one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals, but it often scores amazing reviews with websites that monitor the livability of communities across the country. What’s more, it is often in the top 10 list of the best places in the whole United States! If that doesn’t prompt you to call one of the professional moving and storage Washington DC companies and book your move here then keep reading!

Arlington, one of the best cities in Northern Virginia for young professionals
Arlington is one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals!

There is so much that makes this city amazing. There are many top-rated schools. This is a diverse city with low crime rates! And if you are a young professional who loves to party and unwind, you will adore the nightlife in Arlington! There are also plenty of outdoor activities for all those who love to be active.

Arlington has a great location!

What makes Arlington really special is the fact that it is located close to Washington, D.C. The city is known as a commuter town since many people commute to the nation’s capital daily. This means that many people living here are working for the federal government or in the private sector with close ties to the government. This allows them to live a bit affluently and you can too once you find a job here! This can be easy enough since many amazing companies have headquarters in the area! Add the short commute time to the city and you will be living a comfortable life in Arlington! Find the right home, the perfect job, and the best storage units Arlington VA has to offer, and embark on a new chapter in your professional and personal life in this great city!

Falls Church is another one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals

And while we are staying in the Washington metropolitan area, let’s take a look at Falls Church. It is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a population of around 15,000 people. The name comes from The Falls Church, an 18th-century Church of England parish. Covering only 2.11 square miles, it is the smallest incorporated municipality in the Commonwealth of Virginia – as well as one of the smallest counties in the whole country.

If you want to live nearby the D.C. metro area, this is the right place for you. It is another commute town, which a huge number of the population working in the capital, just like in Arlington! The residents also have some of the highest incomes in the state – which is quite attractive to all young professionals. If this sounds good to you just contact long distance movers in Northern VA and start preparing for your relocation.

Washington monument
Washington is only a short car ride away!

But this is not the only thing that makes Church Falls interesting! If you are a history buff, then you will love living here. The roots of the city go back to the 1600s when it started as a colonial settlement, and the place is speckled with historical attractions. These include George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate as well as the Arlington National Cemetery. Add to that the low crime rate and you have one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals! If you are in the military industry, there are plenty of storage units Falls Church VA offers to veterans or active recruits, so you’ll definitely be taken care of properly!

Chantilly is a charming city!

Moving just a bit from Arlington County, we go into Fairfax County and the city of Chantilly – yet another one of the amazing cities you will find in Northern Virginia. With only around 24,000 people, it is a perfect small town for young professionals. You will find it in the west of the county, and it traces the roots of its name to French Château de Chantilly, 25 miles north of Paris.

Even though it is a bit further away from the previous two Northern Virginia cities for young professionals, it still falls into the Washington metropolitan area – which influences its popularity. With only around 25 miles west of the county’s capital, many commuters use Interstate 66 and U.S. Route 50 to work in Washington while living in Chantilly.

Sully Plantation
The Sully Plantation is a must-visit place!

However, it is not only your job that might prompt you to call professional residential movers to help you move here. If you are in love with history, then – just like in other best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals – you will love it here! This is where the Battle of Chantilly took place, and this influenced many of the city’s attractions. After the move, discover the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, Sully Plantation, and the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, which is an extension of the National Air and Space Museum extension. What’s more, this city is more affordable than the others on our list, which can prompt you to move here faster!

Sterling offers a great quality of life

Sterling is technically a suburb of Washington, D.C. It has a population of 30,872. Sterling is in Loudoun County and is one of the best places to live in Virginia. Living in Sterling offers its residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes, but also a blend of a classic urban setting. In Sterling, you will find a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. To top it all off, the public schools in Sterling are excellent. In Sterling, the median household income is double the state’s average ($151,800 versus $76,456)! It’s definitely a town where many young professionals find their place, as they are surrounded by other accomplished and successful people.

You will adore Sterling!

This town will definitely not bore you, even though it’s on the smaller side of the scale. As we said, it has enough entertainment to keep you going for a long period of time. Great food, nightlife, outdoor activities, it has it all. Just be aware that the cost of living index in Sterling is pretty high. Its index is 165.9 which is way higher compared to the national average of 100. That’s actually quite understandable, as the town attracts people from all over the US to move and live here. Don’t let this scare you, many people have successfully moved to Sterling and made it work for them! If you consider yourself a go-getter and don’t see this as a stumbling block, get in touch with the best movers Sterling VA has to offer and embark on your journey!

If once you arrive in Sterling, you realize that you need some extra space for your stuff, make sure to rent one of the Sterling storage units. Your items will be in a safe and clean space, and they will be accessible to you at all times!

Alexandria is a city that is rich in history

Alexandria is the home of 158,309 people. It is also ranked as the 11th best city for young professionals in the US! It’s quite understandable why that’s the case. You can feel the city is rich with history everywhere you turn. As a matter of fact, Alexandria is actually older than the United States as it was founded in 1749. George Washington’s spirit is also very tangible in this great city. Before he became the first president of the US, as a young man he partook in the city’s street planning. You can’t walk more than 10 feet without hearing a new George Washington story in Alexandria. There is also the oldest continuously running farmer’s market in the US opened in 1753, where George Washington used to sell his fruits and vegetables from his Mount Vernon community.

Forbes magazine labeled Alexandria as the ice cream cone capital of the US. It’s a city that’s known and famous for its artisanal ice cream. There are many ice cream parlors all around the town, so it’s up to you to go out and explore them all. The town’s residents are also big on craft beers and brewing. There are many great breweries you should check out, and you can even go on tours held by local guides to make that whole experience smooth and enjoyable. Many young professionals love to unwind with beer, ice cream, or similar types of activities after work so Alexandria could be the right place for you. Just be sure to find the best moving and storage Alexandria VA services available to you before you start packing.

Ice cream cone
Alexandria is the perfect place in Northern Virginia for young professionals who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest after they are done with work

Leesburg, one of the most underrated cities in Northern Virginia

Leesburg is a real gem of Loudoun County, the richest county in the country. It’s the home of about 50,000 people. What makes Leesburg one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals is the Leesburg Executive Airport. It’s one of the most profitable airports in the state and even wider, it serves Loudoun County with private and corporate aircraft operations worth $78,000,000 per year. It hosts over 250 aircraft and operates over 30 jet operations per day. Apart from the airport, Leesburg is also the home of the National Conference Center, built by Xerox Corporation in the 1970s. This center hosts numerous conferences and business meetings held by the world’s largest corporations and the US government. It’s a great town for networking and making new connections!

Since the city attracts so many businessmen and professionals, it’s therefore packed with great restaurants, bars, cafes, and similar places. Eating and drinking are the first things that people want to do after a hard day at work or a business meeting, so the town definitely isn’t lacking in that department. It also has some great parks for outdoor recreation and an escape from the hectic world of business. It’s also a mostly suburban town in terms of housing.

Ashburn is a popular city for young professionals who work in tech

Ashburn is a very popular Northern Virginia city for young professionals in the tech industry. It is located 34 miles away from Washington and is the home of 43,511 people. It is widely known as the Data center capital of the world. That is thanks to the fact that over 70% of the world’s internet traffic flows through Ashburn each day. It was identified as the perfect spot for data centers back in the 1990s due to its physical location, surroundings, and the fact that electricity there is 20% cheaper than the nation’s average. Fun fact, Ashburn became the first location in the world to surpass 1 gigawatt of overall data center capacity! For comparison, London is in second place, but with only about half the capacity at 559 megawatts! Many high-tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta, and so on have offices in Ashburn too.

a woman working on her laptop
Ashburn is great for those that work in the tech industry!

Relax after a long day of work

There are plenty of places where you can relax after work and rest your brain. That’s no wonder since the types of jobs in Ashburn are pretty demanding if they are in the data or tech industry. Many companies want only the best minds to work for them, and that’s perfectly normal. After a long day in Ashburn, you can roam around in Bles Park, the biggest park in town that spreads over 124 acres of land.

There are many top-notch breweries with local craft beers, great restaurants, and golf courses and to top it all off, it has an indoor skydiving place! That will for sure get your heart pumping. All in all, Ashburn is a great Northern Virginia city for young professionals like you. Storage units Ashburn VA has at its disposal are also excellent and secure so your mind will be at ease. You can keep all your extra stuff here without worrying about their safety!

Fairfax City has many great festivals

Fairfax is one of the smallest towns on this list, with little less than 25,000 residents. It is still, however, a great place to live in. Many people have twice the income than the national average, as it is located at the center of Fairfax County. From there, they have an easy commute to nearby cities and towns where they work, like all the ones we’ve mentioned in this article. It is a dense suburban place, with most people owning their homes. It is also ranked by Niche magazine as the 10th best suburb in Northern Virginia for young professionals! Many of them prefer to live a bit further away from their jobs, so when they are home and resting, they can really rest and relax. Fairfax is the perfect setting for that.

Fairfax has many great festivals all year long. The tastiest one is definitely the annual Chocolate Lover’s Festival. It is held in the center of Old Town Fairfax during the first full weekend in February. The whole festival is obviously chocolate themed, with many fun activities including making sculptures made of chocolate, a chocolate eating contest, etc. Other notable festivals include the Fairfax Civil War day, where people re-enact some parts of the civil war, and the Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts festival. It is held with the cooperation of George Mason University and it runs for three weekends filled with dancing, theater plays, art exhibits, live music, and so on.

happy group of friends
After a long day of work, you can go to a festival and have some fun!

Richmond is definitely one of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals!

Richmond is one of those cities where you can’t go wrong with choosing it as your new home. The population of Virginia’s capital is 229,233 and it’s the perfect blend of an urban and suburban setting. Forbes Magazine chose it as the number-one city for up-and-coming entrepreneurs! It’s also near the top of many other lists, like the best cities to see Christmas lights, cities for celebrating the Fourth of July, and so on. With these credentials, it’s easy to understand why so many young professionals are flocking to Richmond. Fun facts: Edgar Allen Poe grew up in Richmond and his house is a museum you should definitely visit. Also, the cult-classic movie, My Dinner with Andre, was shot in Richmond at the iconic Jefferson hotel.

There are many great things and places to visit in Richmond and we will name some of our favorite ones. First of all, make sure you visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It has 5000 years’ worth of art and history in it and is one of the best museums in the entire country. If you love learning about plants and nature, you will definitely love and enjoy the Lewis Ginter botanical garden. For people who enjoy science, the Science Museum of Virginia is a must-visit place! And finally, for history buffs, you should check out the great Virginia Capitol building, built by Thomas Jefferson, and the White House of the Confederacy. Richmond really has it all!

Richmond, one of the best cities in Northern Virginia for young professionals
Virginia’s capital is definitely a hotspot for many young professionals from all over the US

Tysons is the smallest place for young professionals on our list

Our final entry in our list of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals is Tysons. Okay, it’s not a city or a town, it’s a census-designated place. That means it has no government, and the government of Fairfax County oversees this community of about 23,000 residents. Tysons has 23,000 people living there officially, but during the day its population can jump to 100,000! It’s really easy to understand why.

Tysons is the home of many corporate offices and headquarters, like USA Today, Hilton Worldwide, Capitol One, Primus Telecom, etc. Plus, to go along with those, it has many great upscale retail stores. It is also only 10 miles away from Washington DC and less than 50 miles away from Baltimore, so no wonder that many people are visiting it every day. Tysons is also home to the region’s largest shopping mall, Tysons Corner Center. This is a great place for those who enjoy shopping!

The way we’ve described Tysons so far, you might think this is a place that’s completely subjugated to shopping and the corporate world. It’s really not, because it has many great parks, like Raglan Road Park, and beautiful outdoors. It’s also a famous destination for photographers because Tysons skyline is simply breathtaking both during the day and night! Once you leave your stuff in the storage Tysons Corner you will have plenty of time to go around the town and see why people are so mesmerized by the beauty of this place! 

Shopping mall in one of the Best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals
Tysons Corner Center is the area’s largest shopping mall which attracts thousands of people each day

Look out for the other best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals!

We’ve come to the end of our list of the best Northern Virginia cities for young professionals. However, there are many other great places! We definitely encourage you to search for more cities – because the area is full of them! The right city is just waiting for you – it is up to you to find it! We’ve tried to narrow the list down to the cities we would strongly recommend, but there are plenty more amazing cities in this great state. Once you’ve found your new home, get in touch with the most reliable local movers Northern Virginia has to offer and embark on this exciting journey!


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