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Hiring moversJune 23, 2020

Are you trying to find the perfect storage unit in the DMV area? Now sure what your storage service include? Do you need to get moving boxes Northern Virginia or will the company give them to you? There are many questions that might be popping around your head when you are looking into affordable storage. Sadly, there aren’t many places where you can find your answers. But we are here to change this! Today, we take a look at the bonus storage features you can ask about when getting your storage company. Knowing these, you will also be able to cut down on some expenses and score yourself a cheap storage unit! Keep reading to find out more!

What are the most common bonus storage features?

These days, you might be confused by the variety that’s on offer when you are trying to find the perfect storage unit. From different services to some bonus storage features you might have never seen – there is a lot to explore! However, this comes with a downside, too. Sometimes, it can be quite tough to make a decision with so much that’s on the offer! Do you go for onsite storage containers or do you look for a storage facility? Should you get a temperature-controlled unit or will the regular one work?

a woman with questions
You might have a lot of questions about the common bonus storage features – and we are here to answer them all!

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that it is okay not to know all the answers. After all – you are not the storage expert – we are! The second thing that’s important is for you to feel comfortable choosing your perfect storage unit. We might have the perfect units for you, but this is the reason why we encourage you to ask questions! Anything that you find confusing – we can help clear out! We have the services – and the experience – that you need! Thus, do not be afraid to ask. So, what are the storage options that we offer?

Climate controlled storage is perfect for your temperature-sensitive items

One of the most amazing bonus storage features that we offer is climate-controlled storage. These units are the perfect choice if you are dealing with items that need very special care. Things that need to be stored in the perfect temperature will go here.

Heat and the changes in temperature can do a lot of damage to your items. They can cause things to bend or spots to appear on certain surfaces. Leather furniture, musical instruments, electronics – all of these items require proper care and the right unit temperature in order for them to be functional after you pull them out of the storage. Even artwork and art supplies are prone to this!

Control the temperature of your unit with ease and keep the items inside fresh and cool!

With our climate-control bonus storage feature, you will be able to control the thermometer of the unit. This way, you can prolong the life of your items for a long time. No more worrying about the environmental effects destroying your possessions! In our storage units, they will be in pristine condition when they get in, as well as when they come out!

On-site storage is one of the best bonus storage features that we can offer

There is something that makes Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV very special! It is our on-site storage units! These mobile containers are the perfect pick for people who do not have easy access to the car or cannot arrange the transport of their items to our storage facility. How does it work?

Well, all it takes for you is to call us. We will arrange for the date when we will come over and drop our mobile unit right at your doorstep! These come with a set of wheels, so you can place them in your driveway, your yard – wherever it is convenient for you. Then, you will have three days to pack them up any way you want. Afterward, we will come to pick up the unit and take it to our secure storage facility.

a house
We will bring a storage unit to your driveway!

This way, you do not need to lose your time going back and forth from your home to the storage unit, carrying items and boxes. Instead, all you need to do is to make a couple of short steps and you will be able to pack it in your own home! We take care of the transportation, while your only worry remains how you will pack the unit and what materials you will use. Of course, you can even ask us for some useful tips – and even amazing moving boxes! We are here to make all your storage dreams come true!

Our student storage units will make your college life easy and fun!

Life in college can be so much fun! There is a lot of new and exciting happening! You will meet new friends, new people – and live in a dreadful college dorm. The last thing can often be nightmare fuel. With not enough room and so many roommates, you might not be able to take all the things you want with you.

This is where our student storage units come to help! These are one of the most amazing bonus storage features that we can offer! You can keep all your extra books, clothes or furniture here as little or as long as you need! You can also keep your valuables here if you do not think your room is safe enough. We will provide all the safety you need! These units are specifically made with students in mind, so we will work hard to solve all your problems! Just contact us today and inquire about what we offer! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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