Cables and Cords Storage Tips

Moving day tipsSeptember 1, 2021

These days when everybody has electronic devices, all of us have a lot of cables and cords. They can easily get tangled and damaged so it’s important to store them properly to avoid having any issues. As they are an important accessory of the modern-day world, we need to take care of them accordingly. This guide will provide you with cables and cords storage tips you can use to properly store them. There’s various storage Alexandria VA has so if you don’t have enough space at your home, you can find one that suits you best!

Declutter cables and cords before storing

Tangled cables and cords
Make sure you untangle all cables and cords gently so that they don’t get damaged.

A lot of us still have cables and cords from our old mobiles, computers, and other electronic devices. Organize everything, and throw out any unnecessary pieces. First of all, untangle them all gently. If they are pulled hard, there can be possible damage. Examine them and check if any are broken or shattered and throw those out straight away! Decide which ones you really need and which ones you don’t. Keep only the ones you use for your current devices. You can also keep a few different ones, just in case you change your phone, computer, etc… If there’s no room for them in your home, you can find storage Tysons Corner provides to keep them there. These cables and cords storage tips will ease the whole storing process.

Cables and cords storage tips- how to get rid of cables and cords you don’t need anymore?

You need to think smart when thinking about how to declutter cables and cords. They cannot be just thrown in the trash because they contain materials that can harm the environment. We will provide you with creative ways you can get rid of them:

  • Recycle- a better way than throwing them in the trash would be to recycle them. That way you will save the environment and do something good. Northern Virginia has a lot of recycling centers so you won’t have an issue with finding a good place for recycling!
  • Give them to friends and family- if there’s anyone that could you use the cables you don’t need or cannot use anymore, you can give them to your friends or family members. That will help you declutter and it will make someone happy as well!

There are a lot of commercial storage in Northern Virginia that you can contact to find storage if you decide to keep all your cables and cords.

Make labels for everything- cables and cords storage tips

Charger cables
Label your cables and cords, that way you will always know which one belongs to a certain device!

When it comes to organization, most of us have our cables and cords tangled and all over the place. A lot of us cant keep up with remembering which cable is for which device. Labeling them is a good option. That way you will always know your cables and what’s each one for! This is a really good tip if you ever decide to move. You’ll never have to think about which device they belong to. If you’re planning the move you can hire commercial movers in Northern VA to help with the relocation. They also provide storage for your cables and cords!


Take care of your cables and cords. We hope this guide with cables and cords storage tips was useful for you and that it will help you with preparing for storing them. There are plenty of storage units in DC metro area, so you won’t have any difficulties finding the perfect storage for your cords and cables.

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