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Packing guideSeptember 18, 2020

Packing your home is one of those essential moving tasks that everyone fears. It is tiring and it will drain you emotionally, however, it is something that you just need to do. The safety of your items during their transport depends on how you pack them. This is why so many people choose to call Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV – professionals can do this job much faster (and better) than an amateur. However, if you want to get in front of the packing chore and tackle it from a different angle, then you should try decluttering before you pack. This will help you get rid of a lot of junk or items you do not really use – and help you focus on the things you should be packing. With this checklist for decluttering your home, you will do it with ease.

Why you need our checklist for decluttering your home

In recent years, there is a lot of talk about minimalist moving. This means that you leave everything you have behind. Pack up only an essentials bag and tell your house – and your items – goodbye. There are many perks to this. First, you do not need to worry or stress about packing everything up or contacting packing services Northern Virginia for help.

minimalistic desk
A lot of people thrive on minimalism.

What’s more, the moving process can be a costly one. The companies charge based on the distance they have to travel but also based on the weight of the items they will need to carry for you. Because of this, leaving everything behind will give you a lot of breathing room for your budgeting needs. What’s more, you might not even need to call a moving company to help.

However – as you have probably noticed – minimalist moves aren’t for everyone. What’s more, they can often seem quite extreme. Not everyone is capable of just getting rid of all of their possessions and turning a new leaf. What you can learn from this practice, though, is to minimize the number of items you are moving. And this is where our checklist for decluttering your home comes in.

By decluttering your home before the move, you can gain clear insight into just how much stuff you have – and what you do not need. Go through every item and make a decision – should it stay or does it go? You can think about the last time you used it. If it was more than six months ago, then you will probably not need it again, so consider it clutter. This way, you will move only the items you regularly use and help both your moving budget and your packing process.

Declutter your kitchen first

The first thing you want to tackle is the kitchen. This is the room where families usually spend most of their time together. Because of this, they leave most of the things behind. This can be anything from magazines and newspapers to toys and other items. The clutter can pile up with ease without you even noticing it. Add to the pile food items that you get but rarely use, and you will have yourself a handful to pack.

the kitchen
The kitchen can sometimes be a mess.

What’s more, a lot of moving companies won’t even carry food items for you. This can apply both to local movers Northern Virginia as well as the long-distance moving companies. There are multiple reasons for this – the food can spoil in the truck, or it can spill out and ruin the whole shipment. Thus, it falls to you to first declutter the kitchen and then pack it.

This is why the kitchen is the first room on our checklist for decluttering your home. Here, you will want to go through all your food items and match the containers and lids. Then, discard anything that doesn’t have its match. This is important for transport – you cannot risk spilling your food around. After that, start cleaning. Pay special attention under your sink – and ensure you clean the trash bins too. Clean the oven and the microwave, and then get to the fridge and the pantry.

You will want to discard all condiments and food you do not use. Check the expiry dates and toss out everything that’s out of date. Then, start planning your meals so that you can eat the rest in time for the moving date. You will eventually want to transport cans – although they can be heavy and tough to move.

The laundry room is next on our checklist for decluttering your home

This might be a weird pick, but there is a lot that you can declutter from the laundry room. Take note – even if you do not have it, there are many things from this section of our checklist that will apply to other rooms in your house. For example, you will want to discard all trash from the laundry room. This includes broken hangers, lint, clothes tags, and similar stuff.

a laundry room
There is a lot that you can declutter in your laundry room.

Then, thoroughly clean the room. Make sure there are no spillage stains from detergents on any of the appliances, shelving, or flooring. If you need to, use the vacuum to remove any remaining lint. Then, start going through the products you use for your clothes, and discard most of them. These can be flammable, and they are on the list of things professional movers won’t move. So, it will be better to buy a replacement instead of fixing the damages they cause.

Finally, deal with the bathrooms

The bathrooms are the final thing on our checklist for decluttering your home before you call us for a free estimate. Just like in the kitchen, clean under the sink, and wash the trash bins. Then clear out the cupboards and wipe them well. Take note of all the items inside, and throw the things you will not move. Finally, clean the walls and doors for any water stains, and you are ready for the packing – and the move.

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