Clever storage solutions for downsizing your home

How toOctober 30, 2022

You are on the verge to relocate, but you have a few problems. First of all, you will have less place for storing in your new home and second, you don’t know how to organize your relocation. Therefore, you will need professional help and clever storage solutions if you want to do it properly. If you are reading this article, you’re in luck! As one of the best moving and storage Northern Virginia companies we know a lot about storage, therefore today we share with you our best tips and tricks. Read our guide until the end, and you’ll for sure feel much more confident about the upcoming move.

Why are clever storage solutions important when downsizing your home?

There are many benefits to downsizing. No one wants to live in a place that is too crowded with excess stuff, with little to no breathing room. Your home should feel like a home – comfortable and pleasant. You can only achieve that feeling with enough space to move around and go about your day. That doesn’t mean living in an empty house of course, but rather that you find the right balance between the two. Apart from that, there are several other benefits:

  • More affordable living – by downsizing your home, you can move to a more affordable neighborhood or get a cheaper home. No need to pay additional money for extra space you don’t need!
  • Home maintenance is easier – you will have less space to take care of, vacuum, get rid of dust, etc.
  • Lower bills – smaller homes have smaller bills, and that difference can definitely make a positive impact on your budget.


blue boxes with metal cuffs
If you want to use clever storage solutions find adequate boxes for storing

Now you see how downsizing is a great thing to do. Clever storage solutions are a key step in this process. They can help you find enough space for your belongings when you don’t have where to put them. If you are moving to Ashburn, rent storage units Ashburn VA, and get all-in-one service. Storing things, you don’t really need anymore or don’t know what to do with can drastically save up your space, time, and money. Equally important is that you get your hands on adequate packing materials. Things like boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc. But that only comes after you’ve completed all the crucial tasks we’ve listed below.

Arrange clever storage solutions

Reliable storage services are something you need to arrange if you don’t want to have problems with space. Professional movers have developed their skills and services according to their client’s needs. Let’s say that you are moving to Sterling VA. Therefore, hire movers Sterling VA who will listen to your demands and offer you the best storage solutions. You won’t have problems with finding extra space because they will give you their storage to use as long as you need.

Professional moving companies have ways to store long-term or short-term. You don’t have enough space in your new home for storing tools, a winter wardrobe, a ski, or a snowboard. That is why it is important to have clean and dry storage that will keep your belongings safe. But before you start searching for safe storage and reliable movers you should first start your downsizing process.

two girls standing next to a pile of moving boxes
Ask your movers if they offer storage solutions

Downsize before you opt for one of the clever storage solutions

Start by making an inventory list of all your possessions. When you write them down in black on white, you will almost immediately see just how much stuff you own and what you don’t really need. When you are done with that list, make a new one, essential vs non-essential. Think hard before you put something on the essentials list! You don’t want to cling to things that serve no purpose anymore. Once you are done with that second list, it’s time to think about what you should do with the non-essential things.

There are several things you can do with the things you no longer need. Some of them will not only save you space but money as well! First of all, you should sell items that have some sort of value. That way, you can add money to your relocation, home, or storage budget. Organize a yard sale or post those things online. Both ways are great! Next up, you can donate those things as there are always people in need, so why not do a good deed? Similarly to that, you can recycle those unwanted items, depending on what they are made of. Finally, you can give them to your friends and family members as gifts. Everyone loves a gift, and they are especially dear to us when they come from our loved ones.

a box
Make sure to get rid of unnecessary items before you rent a storage unit

How to know if something is essential to keep?

We often find ourselves stuck at the very beginning of the downsizing process. We try to make a good list of things to keep but often ruminate too much on certain things. It doesn’t even matter if we are emotionally attached to them or not. We think of scenarios in our minds where we imagine we will for sure need some of those things we think of keeping. But don’t think about it too much. If you are putting those things in a storage unit somewhere, they will always be available to you. So, how can you make this task easier for yourself before you even think about reaching out to residential movers in Northern VA? Let’s take a look!

Go room by room

A good way to start downsizing is by going room by room. Start with your bedrooms first. They will be the easiest ones because in most cases they contain the least number of unnecessary items. People usually want to have peaceful bedrooms without too much stuff inside. When you are done with your bedroom and gain confidence in yourself in terms of this process, it’s time to move on to other rooms. If you have kids, go there next. The nursery or children’s rooms are the most important rooms of any household. If your kids are old enough, make sure you include them in the process. That way they will learn that they don’t need to keep everything they own, as it is important to learn to let things go in life.

The most difficult rooms for downsizing are usually the attic and basement. Pay good attention in these places to the items you put on the essentials list. In a lot of cases, you need to think twice before saving instead of storing them. We tend to put things in our attic or basement because we don’t know where else to put them, If that’s the case, it’s usually a sign we don’t need them! We can help you with that as we provide some of the safest and most secure storage Gaithersburg and many other Maryland cities use ever since we started our company way back in 2007!

Focus on bulkier items first

Furniture is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about bulky items. They all have a very practical and important purpose, but it’s the size that’s the problem. If you are moving to a smaller home, chances are you will need smaller furniture. There is no point in keeping something around if it will take up the space of your entire room or living space. You need room to breathe and move around! Measure the size of your furniture items and see if they will fit in your new home and rooms. If yes, then you have nothing to worry about. But if they will take up too much space, it’s time to get rid of them. If you don’t want to sell them, there are a few clever storage solutions when it comes to furniture.

Movers moving a couch and thinking about the clever storage solutions
Once you choose one of the clever storage solutions make sure to disassemble all the bulky items to maximize your space

Disassemble your furniture items before you place them in residential onsite storage containers. This will drastically change how much space they will take up in your storage unit. If you cannot take them apart, then we recommend that you place them up against the wall, or in other words vertically if possible. You’ll often have more space vertically than on the ground, so it’s important to save up as much ground space as you can. If you can’t do that either, place that piece of furniture near a wall and use it as a place where you will put some other boxes on. Couches and sofas can hold a lot of weight, so make sure you use them to your advantage. Distribute the weight evenly and make sure you put the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

Get rid of things you don’t remember when you last used them

It doesn’t matter what type of item we are talking about here. Simply put, if you don’t remember when you last used something if ever, get rid of it. Chances are very high that you won’t use them in the future either. They will just take up your precious space and serve no other purpose. If you have a lot of clothes, that’s a great place to start. You’d be surprised to see how much space can scaling down your wardrobe save you. If you are moving to a different state with a different climate, get rid of seasonal stuff you know you won’t wear again. Clothes are the easiest thing to sell or donate, so we recommend going down that route with them. The same principle applies to all other rooms and types of items!

Go digital where you can

A very clever solution when downsizing your home is to go digital! By that, we mean making digital copies of important documents, photos, and papers. These things can often take up some space and tend to stay inside their boxes for a very long time. To avoid that and to save up space in your home or storage unit, scan them and save their digital copies on your computer. Some papers you need in their physical form, but most of them you don’t.

Choose a storage solution according to your needs

Different types of storage units offer different types of benefits. You don’t want to rent just any storage unit and find out later after you’ve paid that you could and should have done much better! Let’s see what the most common storage unit types are and what are they good for.

Climate-controlled storage is the most clever storage solution for sensitive items

This is by far the best type of storage unit you can get! You can set the temperature to any value you like. It is a great and clever storage solution for many things. If you have a collection of any type (dolls, stamps, artwork, etc.) or other sensitive items that can get damaged by mold, moths, or mildew, this is the storage unit you want. When you put those items inside these units, you will preserve their freshness for a long time. If you are unsure whether to keep or sell those things, by leaving them in climate-controlled storage Northern Virginia you will ensure they remain intact.

Indoor storage unit
Indoor storage units are the most frequently used types of storage

Indoor storage units

These are the most common storage unit types out of all. Not all indoor units are climate-controlled, so it’s not wise to choose them for just about everything. However, most things can be held here if they don’t require specific conditions. They are located inside storage facilities, which means they are very safe and secure. It’s a clever storage solution if security is your biggest concern. Not everyone can just stroll inside and start opening the units. They come in multiple sizes, from small and narrow ones to large room-sized ones. Make sure to explore all options so you can make a smart decision and optimally use the space you decide to rent.

Outdoor storage units

These units are great if you plan to store vehicles. Cars, RVs, boats, you name it. They are located outdoors, and you can drive up to the unit and put all of your items there easily. Outdoor storage units are very convenient because of this. They can be great for storing big and bulky items.

Portable and onsite storage

There are many reasons why these are clever storage solutions. First and foremost, they are practical. Professionals will deliver onsite storage containers to your address, and if you need them there for a few days, they can stay in your backyard or front porch. If you want to downsize your home but still keep your possessions safe and nearby this is the right choice for you!

When it comes to portable storage Northern Virginia, movers will bring you a container and once you are done with packing, they will transport it to their storage facility. You will have access to the items you stored at all times. This type of storage is also climate-controlled.

Locker storage units

These are very clever storage solutions if you have some very small items you need to store away but you don’t want to sell or give away. Things like documents, photos, books, etc. This type of storage is not expensive therefore you will save a lot of money. Make sure to consider this option when deciding which storage solution to go for.

Locker storage, a clever storage solution
Lockers are very clever storage solutions for small and compact items!

Choose what’s best for you!

To sum it all up, make sure you assess your situation before committing to a storage unit. It’s important to be aware of all the things you need to store away and what are the storing requirements of those items. Once you get that down to a T, you can then plan on renting an adequate storage unit for those items. Ideas for smart storing can be endless if you have imagination. Therefore, stay open-minded and let those ideas and good energy flow. If you need any additional help or advice about clever storage solutions, be sure to get in touch with the local movers Northern Virginia has to offer. They will gladly assist you in any way they can and make sure you have an enjoyable experience with them.


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