Common things you forget when preparing items for storage

Moving takes a lot of time and planning. Also, it is a stressful time, so it is no wonder we forget things sometimes. When you are moving to a new place, you will probably need to place some items into storage for a certain period of time. However, there are some things people often forget when they get their things ready for storage. To help you with this, we at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have prepared this useful list of common things you forget when preparing items for storage.

Remember to choose the right storage unit when preparing things for storage

The first thing to remember when preparing to put your items into storage is to choose the storage unit carefully. There are many kinds and sizes of storage units, so do some research before selecting one. Remember to take into account the volume of all the boxes you will be putting into storage. It is always a good idea to select a slightly bigger unit than to try to cram everything into a small storage space. Also, there are some items that require special care. Certain things are sensitive to temperature changes and require climate-controlled units. Before choosing a storage unit, make sure you are aware of what kind of unit you need for each one of your belongings. You may need to rent several different units for all your items.

Storage units in a row
Remember to choose the right storage unit for all items

Checking what items can be stored is one of the things you forget when preparing items for storage

Most companies that rent out storage space have certain restrictions on what can be stored in their units. So, make sure you confirm with them that you can safely and legally store all your belongings. There are a few things that most companies do not allow to be stored, such as:

  • Perishable items – We cannot store things such as food because they spoil easily and quickly. So, make sure you do not store any food items.
  • Hazardous or flammable materials – Also, we cannot store dangerous chemicals and compounds in commercial storage in Northern Virginia. Make sure to confirm with the company what you can and can’t store.
  • Living and dead things – This goes without saying, but we feel like we should mention it. We cannot put pets (living or otherwise) and other living things in storage.
  • Firearms – Most, if not all, companies offering storage services forbid the storage of firearms.

These are just some things you cannot keep in a storage unit. When you are preparing your items for storage, remember to double-check with the company regarding the rules and regulations of storage units.

Checking the size of the storage unit is another thing you usually forget

As we have mentioned, it is a good idea to get a slightly bigger unit than a small one. The advantage of a bigger unit is that you will have easier access to your things should you need to take some out of storage. When we try to place lots of boxes in a small space, it usually means that we have to place the boxes on top of one another. Also, it means you will not be seeing the things that are in the back of the unit any time soon. If an item is way in the back and under several heavy boxes, you will probably not be bothering to reach it. So, make sure you have selected the right size of storage units. There are many storage units Alexandria VA has to offer. Do your research and select the one that works for you.

Checking the size of storage units is one of the things you forget when preparing items for storage
Not making sure you have selected the right size of storage unit is one of the things you forget when preparing items for storage

Make sure to label all the boxes and create inventory lists

When you move for the first time, labeling the boxes is one of the things you forget when preparing items for storage. Labeling all the boxes clearly and creating inventory lists is very useful in the long run. Even though it may seem time-consuming at the time, you should label all your boxes. This will be very helpful once you choose to get your things out of storage. You may keep the things in storage for a long time, and this may cause you to forget where everything is. However, by following this piece of advice, you will know exactly what each box contains.

On the other hand, you may be a moving veteran and you may already be doing all of this every time you move. Families that move a lot, such as military families, have to learn to pack quickly and efficiently. If this is you, then you can use the services of military storage in Northern Virginia when you move next time.

Remember to wrap all fragile items carefully

Are you placing fragile or valuable items in storage? Then you should remember to wrap them very carefully. We are often in a rush when we pack, and we do not take the time to pack everything carefully. However, you should take the time to pack the fragile items with special care and attention. You should wrap every single item in bubble wrap or old newspapers individually. Then, you can put them in sturdy boxes. Also, fill all the gaps and empty spaces in the boxes with newspapers or packing peanuts. In addition, do not place these boxes at the bottom of the storage unit. If you place heavier items on top of the fragile ones, you risk damaging or even breaking them. By doing all this, you will ensure that all your valuable items come out of storage intact.

Woman wrapping fragile items with bubble wrap
Make sure you wrap all fragile items carefully

As we have said, moving is stressful. There are so many things to consider when preparing items for storage. You have to choose the right storage unit. Also, you should know how to use bubble wrap. Hopefully, your packing experience will run more smoothly by following our list of things you forget when preparing items for storage.

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