Creative uses of Zippy portable storage units – how to improve your home or office using storage

Storage preparationMarch 28, 2022

Storage facilities are highly popular these days. Not only for personal use but for supporting countless businesses across the globe. And all storage units, portable units, and indoor facilities are proven to be extremely successful at their role. So, today we will provide tips and tricks and explain many creative uses of Zippy portable storage units. Also, we will help you to find a reputable moving and storage Sterling VA company where you can rent the unit you like the most. Let’s take a look.

Using portable storage when moving is a fine choice

One of the most common uses for a portable storage unit is to support your relocation. When moving home, you’ll have many tasks to cover. You must search for movers, work on legalities, set aside an appropriate budget, and find one of the storage facilities Northern Virginia. Not to mention the boring and time-consuming packing process you must cover as well. And in such a chaotic environment if you have limited space, you will slow down your progress significantly. Therefore, you can opt to rent a storage unit to speed things up. Or to rent a portable storage unit to be delivered to your home. You can use it to store your items and relocate as well. Simply because portable storage containers are movable and you can unload some of your belongings at your new address and leave the rest inside until you find a more permanent solution.

mover standing next to a white van
People commonly use portable storage when relocating.

Keep in mind that portable storage units come in three sizes. Large, medium, and small. Depending on your needs, you will choose the right one. Small is there to hold boxes and a few pieces of furniture and comes as an 8-foot container. Medium 12 foot one is there to store your entire home. Of course, for larger homes, you will choose a large container which is 16 feet. It is about the size of a regular parking lot and you can easily store whatever you have with you. Although, for larger items or items that need special handling, you should consult with your moving team. Even though portable units are mostly designed to be user-friendly, your movers can help a lot and pack all items inside instead of you. This is a great option if you do not have previous moving experience.

Supporting a hobby is one of the creative uses of Zippy portable storage units

Another among the creative uses of Zippy portable storage units is to support your hobby. As you know, you can rent portable storage in the same fashion as you would a regular storage unit. It costs a bit more but the fact that the unit is a few meters away in your backyard is priceless. If you have it so close to you, you can use it for the following:

  • As an extension to your garage.
  • Create an art studio.
  • Home gym.
  • Personal space for various occasions.
  • Workshop for various crafts and activities.

Even if it sounds silly, people do this all the time. You can create a personal space inside the unit where you can paint and store your delicate artwork. Some people came out with a promising business in this way. So, if you have an idea but you do not have space, you can rent one of the portable units. It will be delivered and you can either use it as a short-term solution or decide to have it there indefinitely. It depends on your budget and the way you want to use it. And one more thing, portable units do not have to be in your backyard at all. You can rent them and keep them wherever you like as long as it is permitted. Most people bring them to their homes but there is an option to keep them at the storage unit provider as well.

Storing while renovating

Another lucrative way of using portable storage is when renovating your household. This makes it so much easier than cluttering other rooms in your home just to renovate your kitchen for example. So, all you must do is search online for residential onsite storage containers and call your company. Figure out which one is the best for you and let your provider deliver one to your home. Then simply relocate all your belongings into the storage and lock them up. Everything you place inside will stay safe and in perfect condition until you are done with renovating. As we all know, renovations can last for months depending on how many rooms you are renovating.

woman and a child renovating together
Using portable storage when renovating is one of the best options out there.

This solution is especially good when renovating the entire house and repainting the walls afterward. Just imagine having an empty house and never having to worry about ruining your furniture. But again, even if you are only renovating one room, portable storage can still help a lot. Why would you live without a kitchen or a bathroom for two weeks when you can speed it up and do it much quicker. Hence, this is another among the creative uses of Zippy portable storage units. So, save money while renovating a home with onsite storage support and you’ll be most satisfied with the outcome.

If your home is under construction, you can use portable storage to solve all your problems

The same goes for the situation where your home is not yet ready for moving in. You must wait for a week or two for the construction and adaptation to be over before you can settle in. But what to do with all your stuff in the meantime? You have already scheduled your movers and your lease is running out. You simply must move out and relocate when promised. And this can happen to anyone. Due to shortage of materials, unfortunate events, or any unforeseen circumstances. Your construction can be delayed and you must adapt to the situation. And the amazing solution is to relocate all your belongings inside a portable unit. Let it sit near your home until it is ready for moving in.

Meanwhile, you can rent a room in a hotel, spend time with your relatives, or find some other temporary solution. The most important thing is that you are not hurting your budget much and your items will be safe. Keep this in mind in case you ever need this service or if someone you know needs one.

Military personnel will find portable storage quite useful

We all know military personnel move home a lot. And while being deployed, it can be a huge problem to find a place to store all your belongings safely. You never know if you will be home in a year or within 5 years. Therefore, canceling your lease and moving out is always a great solution for your budget. But you can’t throw away all your belongings, valuables, and memorabilia. Sure, if you have a family that can hold onto it, fine. But if you are moving alone, then you must sort this one out. And the easiest solution is to rent military storage in Northern Virginia and keep your items there until you are back.

US soldier sitting on the porch
Military personnel will find portable storage quite useful while being deployed.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry for a second about your items. Military storage facilities are highly secured with a 24/7 guard on-site and a complete surveillance system. And all portable storage units within the facility are secured as well. Also, military personnel always get special offers, discounts, and the highest-quality service. It is at least what storage companies can do to repay them for the service to the country.

Even students use portable storage solutions

Even students have found many creative uses of Zippy portable storage units. As you may know, there is an option to live inside the campus or rent an apartment or a family home nearby. Of course, there will be several roommates included just to cut costs and have someone to share space with. And that is the moment where your portable storage comes in. Due to a shortage of apartments or if they are expensive, some students join forces and rent one unit to split among each other. This means they can park it next to their home and use it for various things. Some students create a gym inside the unit while others simply keep all their seasonal items there. It is a good place to store bicycles, surfing boards, sports equipment, and even furniture.

One of the creative uses of Zippy portable storage units is to adapt it to serve as a workshop
A portable storage unit can be adapted to serve in many ways. Even college students use one.

So, you can check online for student storage in Northern Virginia and have one located 30 minutes away by car. Or rent a portable storage unit and have it just a couple of minutes away from your residence. Think about it and split the budget evenly. If you do your math right, your budget won’t feel a thing.

You can support your business in many ways

There are hundreds of creative uses of Zippy portable storage units if you want to support your business. One thing that is giving a cutting edge is the fact you can move around with your unit. Some people even created small retail stores or food trucks to sell their products. This means you can move across the country and follow festivals and other events. Or you can choose a spot and anchor until you build a steady clientele. Whatever you think is best for your business. Just know this, if you are working with food or other perishables, you must rent climate controlled storage Northern Virginia. You do not want to have your merchandise ruined by the high temperatures that can heat up the metal container pretty fast. So, call your unit provider and browse through the climate-controlled units they offer and find the best one for you.

On the other hand, you can use your portable storage to support your business in a regular way. You can only store stuff inside and take whatever you need when you need it. This solution is good for stores, suppliers, construction companies, and more. Also, you can use several portable units while some companies own hundreds. As you know, portable storage units can be even shipped across the sea which makes it highly lucrative for many businesses out there. All in all, your business will thrive if you invest in a portable unit. You can even use it as a support to your home office or even adapt it to work from one. To be honest, possibilities are endless which makes portable storage highly valuable to any business on the market.

Did you know you can purchase a portable storage container?

Lastly, we must tell you that you can purchase your portable storage container. Yes, you can own one and then everything we mentioned above becomes much easier and cheaper. Although it is a bigger investment at first, it will repay itself shortly after. Of course, you must have a good business plan for it if you want to get your money back. But you will surely get your money’s worth no matter what you use it for. For example, some people purchase the unit and adapt it for various uses. You can add windows and create a garden inside. Portable units are an amazing place to grow vegetables, potted plants, and flowers. Then, in some countries and communities people adapted portable storage to serve them as small classrooms.

Why not? If there is no school or a way to educate, this is a great solution. People from charity organizations are usually using this method. And in the same fashion, they build temporary healthcare facilities or first-aid tents. Portable units were greatly utilized at the latest Coronavirus outbreak and it helped a lot. So just imagine what you can do with one if you purchase it. Think about it and if there is a space and enough money for it, do it. Especially if you are building a business as we mentioned earlier when we talked about food trucks.

That is it. Now you know all about the creative uses of Zippy portable storage units. We are sure you will get some amazing ideas for your unit. Just remember, keep your unit clean and safe and the content inside will remain the same. Good luck!

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