DIY moving for seniors: is it a good idea?

Storage preparationJanuary 8, 2022

You retired recently and are ready for finding a perfect place to spend your golden days. Or maybe you are considering a downsize to a that’s closer to the kids? No matter your reasons for relocation, this kind of change can involve major life shifts for seniors. You’ll be leaving a home you’ve been in for years along with a lot of memories. To ease the transition, research professional movers who are experienced in this kind of relocation. However, you may want to handle some of the tasks by yourself. Read on to find out if DIY moving for seniors is a good idea.

 The money-factor on DIY moving for seniors

The money-saving DIY moving for seniors option often sounds better. However, recent surveys discovered that moving companies may be cheaper than one might think. Regardless of whether you require long-distance moving and storage Washington DC services or just a simple move across town.

The materials, proper moving truck hire, and labor barely scratch the surface of the overall expenses of a successful senior DIY move. There are a lot of other things that can pile up unexpectedly. These are the expanses like:

  • Moving tools necessary for a senior DIY move.
  • Packaging and protective supplies.
  • Accommodation and food for long-distance moving.
  • The fuel required for your moving truck and transportation.

Finally, the risks of damage and unexpected costs can very quickly exceed your budget. When comparing all these things with a full moving quote, the difference may be less than expected.

Preparations for a relocation

One more factor to consider for a DIY senior move is the time spent moving.

An elder gentleman writting a list consider if a DIY senior move is a good idea.
When pulling a senior DIY move it is important to prepare properly.

Gathering packing supplies, organizing, running errands, packing and loading all of the boxes, unpacking, cleaning, and organizing again… Yes, this is a big-time investment. Self-packing can drag on for days or even weeks. There will come the point when you start to think you’ll never see the end of your to-do list. That’s the moment when senior DIY moving will begin to appear like not such a good idea after all.

With a professional moving company in your corner, you won’t fall behind schedule. They’ll arrive on time with the proper supplies and equipment, box up your belongings in a few hours, and get them on and off the moving truck safely. You’ll be completely settled in your new home in no time. Also, make sure you check storage Washington DC in case you require to store some of your belongings.

DIY moves are physically demanding for seniors

Healthy or not, relocating home by yourself is a serious physical challenge. The risk of injury is quite high, especially when you are a senior. There will be lifting and maneuvering heavy and bulky items and through doorways and down a flight of stairs. Moving injuries happen more than you may think. Heavy boxes might eventually result in toe smashing or muscle straining. And, with a limited vision, it can result in slipping, tripping, and falling while carrying your stuff. It’s something that makes you think is pulling a DYI senior move worth it. Check out senior moving services before making your decision.

Close-Up Photo of a Man Having a Neck Pain
You can avoid injuries if you opt to hire a professional senior moving service.

And to cap it all, a senior DIY move can be very exhausting. Even a local move can put serious physical stress on your body, leaving you aching for the next few days. Therefore, it might be a better idea to hire movers and leave it to experienced professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. However, if you are fit and up to a challenge, then make sure you check out these tips for DYI moves to do it safely and properly.

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