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Storage preparationApril 1, 2021

Storing is an integral part of moving. That being the case means that most people moving are looking for storage options. Unfortunately, not all storing options are equally as good, and not all storing options meet everyone’s needs. Luckily there’s a lot of variety when it comes to storing. PODS in particular have had huge success within the moving industry over the last couple of decades. However, despite their popularity, there are some downsides to renting PODS. Fortunately for those moving, there are reputable companies out there, like Zippy Shell Northern Virginia, that offer alternatives to PODS. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether the PODS are the right option for you. To help you decide here are some downsides of renting PODS that you probably weren’t aware of.

Who are the PODS even for?

No one denies that PODS were a revolutionary solution back in the day. Back then there were little to no portable options. However, nowadays many companies offer portable storage options that are arguably even better. PODS, in general, are best suited to those hoping to store on their own property. But unfortunately, that’s all that PODS offer. Everything else you have to handle on your own. Still, some people swear by PODS and use them regularly, even everyday storing. Those people’s living conditions usually dampen all of the downsides of using PODS. To use PODS properly you usually have to live in a house with a large yard or a driveway and not be a part of the HOA. Some people, though, manage to make PODS work even under different circumstances, but with much more effort than necessary for quality storing.

A woman unwrapping her couch.
Most people use PODS for on-site storing!

Many downsides of renting PODS

PODS can be useful, however, they can also be a lot of hassle. With how many convenient options for storage Silver Spring MD offers, it makes no sense to trouble yourself with PODS unless you have to. But if you’re still set on PODS, consider this before making a final decision.

I need a what to use PODS?

If you live in an apartment building it’s best to stay clear of PODS. There’s no way to get a POD into your building, but the street is not an option either. Why? Well because your area might require a parking permit to place a POD onto the street in front of your building. That’s right, a parking permit! So unless you’re ready to bother yourself with long lines and paperwork you better stay clear of PODS.

Perhaps the biggest downside of renting PODS is that it’s… Well… Not very convenient

PODS might sound like something you open, load, and close for the time being. But unfortunately, things rarely go like that in life. If it so happens that you might need something from your POD, you better get ready because you’re in for a ride. Digging out things from a POD is an absolute nightmare. That means that if you care about your inner peace and time, you’ll skip PODS and find an alternative option.

On top of that, if you’re storing for a while your POD will get messy. PODS are a lot like storage units in that regard. And just like it’s virtually impossible to keep your storage unit clean, it’s also very hard to clean a POD. That means that you’re risking your belongings getting dusty and dirty. All in all, PODS are not a very convenient option. For that reason, it’s best to go with something else.

With PODS safety is at best mediocre

One of the biggest downsides of renting PODS is that they are not very safe. And if you jump through so many hoops to make PODS work, it’s understandable that you’d want them to be safe. But unfortunately, there are many stories about PODS being broken into. Many moving guidelines talk about what not to pack inside your moving container. However, picking and choosing is sometimes impossible. If that’s the case for you, you might want the highest security out of your storage container. So before you rent a POD it might be smart to consider other options.

Another huge downside of renting a POD is that all of the work falls on you

When you rent a POD you just get a POD. Nothing more and nothing less. However, it’s easy to forget how much work goes into handling PODS. That can sometimes be impossible on your own, especially if you lack experience. Just loading a POD can take hours or even days and can be very exhausting. Because of that, it’s best to go with an option that can offer you supplementary services if you need them. Unless you plan on making a day out of picking up and loading your POD with friends, you’re much better off skipping PODS altogether.

A man laying on the floor under a load of boxes.
One of the biggest downsides of renting PODS is that you have to do all of the work on your own!

Alternatives to PODS are plenty

With all of the downsides to renting PODS, they might not seem like such a great idea anymore. But luckily for you, there are plenty of options out there. One option is definitely in-facility storage that is very safe and climate-controlled. However, this might not be for everyone since some people need storage near their property. If you’re one of those people it’s best to stick with a portable storage option, but find one that works for you.

Zippy: A portable storage option without any of the downsides renting PODS has

There has been an ongoing battle – Zippy vs PODS. And oh boy, is Zippy winning. Even though Zippy is also a portable storage option, it has fewer downsides than PODS. With Zippy you can expect:

  • Delivery of the storage unit to your door
  • No hassle of renting a truck
  • No permit requirement and allowed parking on the street
  • A mobile unit you can move whenever you feel like it
  • An option to choose between on-site and facility storage
  • Loading and unloading assistance if need be
  • Absolute security be it on-site or in-facility

All of this allows for much more convenient storing. So if you’re hoping to store safely and stress-free, you best upgrade a POD to a Zippy!

A mover holding boxes.
With Zippy, you can get help if you need it!

The verdict: Do the downsides of renting PODS render them a bad choice?

Even though the PODS are not the best option on the market currently, they’re still a viable option for some people. However, the downsides of renting PODS are undeniable unless you live in certain conditions. And even then, there are most likely better options out there for you. So what’s the verdict? Are PODS worth it? For most people, probably not. However, some people might find PODS useful despite their apparent shortcomings.

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