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Storage preparationAugust 29, 2020

Do you find yourself in excess of things? Are you having trouble storing items in your own home? Do you feel like your Silver Spring home is a cramped place that’s slowly suffocating you? Then it seems to us like you are in need of some good storage solutions. However, finding storage solutions in Silver Spring can sometimes be a hassle. There is a lot to look into and think about. If you have no experience, then you might not even know where to start. Luckily, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV are here to help you. In this article, we look at the necessary steps you will need to take to start storing your things in a safe and secure environment.

Take an inventory before finding storage solutions in Silver Spring

It goes without saying but taking an inventory of all the items you want to store needs to come first. Sadly, too often do we see people rushing to find the good storage Silver Spring MD, and only then trying to stuff as much as they can inside of it. This is wrong for many reasons. First, you might get a unit bigger than you need, and thus waste money on it. Conversely, your unit might be too small for your needs, so your home will still end up cluttered. What’s more, you can compromise the safety of your items, and you can complicate the process even further by needing to use the unit often. You will want to take all of this into account – and for that, you need an inventory list.

inventory checklist
Create an inventory checklist of all your items to keep track of them with ease.

So, before you start your search, go through your items. Make a decision on what you will want to store, and measure up these items. There are many different storage units, so make sure you know the size and weight of the items you are storing. You might be able to stack some boxes on top of one another, which means you might be able to get a smaller unit. Conversely, you might need to visit your storage unit often and take things out. In this case, stacking boxes makes it complicated to get the bottom ones. These things factor into your decision – so think about them carefully.

What’s more, jot down the condition in which you find your items before finding storage solutions in Silver Spring. This way, you will be able to get some insurance for them, as well as follow through on it if something goes awry.

Figure out for how long you will need the storage unit

The next thing you want to decide is whether the storage you are trying to find is long-term or short-term one. This can influence the types of storage units you are looking for. For example, you might need to find a unit with ventilation or easy access if you are planning on a long-term unit which you will visit often.

a clock
Time is an important factor in finding storage solutions in Silver Spring.

Similarly, this will also influence the size of your storage unit. If you are storing them for a short time, it will be okay to pack your items closely together. However, if you want to store them for a while, the unit will need to be bigger for the same amount of items. Otherwise, mold can appear, or the items can damage one another due to the weight of the whole stack. The location will also matter, too. If your items are to stay a bit longer, but you will not visit them, then you can expand your score further than Silver Spring. For example, you might turn to storage Tysons Corner for units.

For all of these reasons, it is highly important that you make the decision early in the process. Of course, sometimes, you just don’t know for how long you will need the unit – and this is perfectly fine. You might be going through some renovations and need to put those until these are done, but then the ending just isn’t in the sight. Or, you might be moving for a time from Silver Spring, and you need your items safe for your short stay away. In these cases, you will want to talk to the storage company. They might be able to offer you help.

Choose the appropriate size for your storage unit

The final step to finding storage solutions in Silver Spring is to pick the size of the unit. After you have gone through your inventory and came up with your time frame, you should answer this important question as well. Only then will you truly make your storage unit work for you. Traditionally, these are the types of units you will find:

  • 5’x5′ storage unit – perfect for your clothes, toys, smaller furniture and small collections of items;
  • 5’x10′ storage unit – great for your smaller furniture like sofas and chairs, or drawer chests. You can even use it to store mattresses as well as business supplies for your office;
  • 7.5’x10′ storage unit – the same as a 5’x10′, just a bit bigger;
  • 10’x10′ storage unit – this is the unit for the whole one-bedroom apartment. It can fit all your major appliances and furniture, as well as boxes of smaller items;
  • 10’x15′ storage unit – perfect for a two-bedroom apartment which includes all the appliances, furniture and items;
  • 10’x20′ storage unit – you can hold a three-bedroom apartment inside, as well as a smaller home. Many businesses also use these for commercial inventory or storage racks;
  • 10’x30′ storage unit – the biggest storage units hold a four- or five-bedroom homes. You can also store your heavier equipment inside as well.
commercial storage
Many businesses use storage units too!

As you can see, there is quite a lot to pick from. But if finding storage solutions in Silver Spring tires or scares you, then do not be afraid to contact us. Zippy Shell offers amazing moving and storage services, and we will find the right unit for you with ease.

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