First week after the move to Northern Virginia

Moving day tipsApril 3, 2021

The box hauling is finally over and now it’s time to plan and organize the first week after the move. You have done the hardest part. However, there are still some things to do and everyday life has not quite returned yet. Some important tasks you should definitely do within the first week after the move to Northern Virginia. Zippy Shell Northern Virginia will help you organize the first weeks after the move. This to-do list is a kind of mental guide for you to make sure you don’t miss any important items to work on.

Check your belongings (within the first 24 h)

If you have hired military movers to move you, you should check your belongings for damage within the first 24 hours. The moving companies are liable for various damages to the belongings if they were caused by the company’s employees. However, you must make all claims within a predetermined period of time. Often this period is limited to only 24 hours. Read carefully in the contract with the company.

Books placed inside opened carton box
On the first day, make sure that all your boxes have made it to your new home and that mirrors, dishes, and furniture do not have any damage!

The first week after the move give away what you’ve sorted out, return what you’ve borrowed

Even if you have cleaned out before the move: Most of the time, when you unpack, you still find a few items that make you wonder why you took them. Separate quickly and painlessly, instead of putting the things in any cabinets, where they just gather dust again. Things that are still in good shape you can sell on eBay or give away to friends. Dispose of the rest. Don’t forget: Return borrowed tools.

Keeping family and friends up to date

Friends and family will not find out your new address despite being notified of the move. Therefore, remember to inform your loved ones of your new address. It would be a shame if the surprise visit or the housewarming gift were to come to nothing. Write a collective email to friends, family, and acquaintances. Here you can not only communicate the new address but perhaps already share first impressions of your new home.

First week after the move to Northern Virginia
The first week after the move to Northern Virginia notify the family and friends of the change of address.

The first week after the move differs from the time before the move in one very important way: the time pressure is off for most things. In the weeks leading up to the move, you’ve probably been under quite a bit of pressure to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and is ready to move on the set date. So consciously take your time now and do the rest of the things stress-free. Also, contact us if you need onsite storage containers. This can ease your first week after you have relocated. In any case, we wish you a lot of joy with your new home and hope that the first week after the move will be a very special one for you.

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