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Gaithersburg residents enjoy many perks of living in a smaller community next to the national capital. Moreover, that’s one of the more significant advantages of living in Gaithersburg over other places. But what are some of the fun things to do in Gaithersburg? With so many people relocating to the city, it’s no wonder why so many are wondering what they can do by themselves or with their families. Many people are relocating to Gaithersburg annually with reliable Northern Virginia moving and storage companies. Population growth also has a positive effect on the economy, and on the further development of the city. All this creates even more great things to do in Gaithersburg. But living in Gaithersburg is so much more than just experiencing only the city itself, as you will see.

There are plenty of things to enjoy in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas

As you can imagine, there are many things you can do in Gaithersburg after moving with interstate movers in Northern Virginia. That’s why it can be intimidating to just look at a long list of things. Deciding what kind of fun are you expecting in Gaithersburg is an important step. It will help you think of your own fun things you can do in Gaithersburg. In turn, this can make the whole experience more enjoyable for you and your family. This is only natural, as different people find different things to be fun for them. So, what are some fun things you’re looking for? If you’ve just relocated to Gaithersburg as a family, perhaps you’re looking for good picnic areas, or interesting museums to visit! Gaithersburg has plenty of both!

Two friends talking about the fun things to do in Gaithersburg
Always explore all the options when looking for fun things to do.

Moreover, another great aspect of Gaithersburg is its location. Thanks to the fact it’s located so close to Washington DC, many people are using this to their advantage. For example, a quick family visit to the capital after leaving your items in military storage in Northern Virginia can mean showing your kids some of the most important American monuments. Think about the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, or even some of the memorials for wars or veterans. The US has a long and rich military history, and a lot of it can be seen in DC’s memorials, museums, and otherwise cultural institutions.

Start by exploring the history of Gaithersburg

Speaking of Gaithersburg, you don’t have to go all the way to DC to experience it. Gaithersburg has had its fair share of interesting moments in history. Once you leave your items in the storage Gaithersburg offers make sure to visit the Gaithersburg Community Museum. They have both indoor and outdoor setups, guaranteeing you’re going to have an interesting visit! Moreover, they offer plenty of educational programs and interactive exhibits. This can be interesting to adults and children alike, so make sure you bring your whole family. The city has been active ever since 1765. Later on, it even saw some action during the US Civil War. But it won’t until the late 20th century that it became the city it is today. It had become one of the most economically and ethnically diverse areas in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area by the late 1990s and early 2000s.

A group of peple looking at some paper
There are plenty of different ways to explore the local history!

As you can see, it has a pretty interesting history. From a smaller rural area to a full-blown city with great future potential. But that didn’t come off easy! It took both population growth and investments for the city to develop. One such example is the International Latitude Observatory located within the city. The observatory is one of six built in the nineteenth century to precisely measure the wobble of the earth’s axis as we rotate around it. It’s the only building in Gaithersburg to be named to be a National Historic Landmark. That alone speaks volumes about its importance, and why you should definitely go check it out once you settle down in Gaithersburg.

Explore different sports activities

Gaithersburg has plenty of sports and outdoor opportunities you can choose from. Many families who like doing sports together find it pretty interesting here. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons residential movers in Northern VA are seeing a spike in interest in the area. Setting that aside, Gaithersburg can give you plenty of good options. For example, if you’re a fan of golf, there are courses at the nearby Maryland Sportsplex and Monster Mini Golf. Moreover, if you’d rather do some mini golf, you can find some options at Bohrer Park. Bohrer Park is in itself a pretty interesting area! As you can see, there are plenty of options. Moreover, you’ll also find good sports terrains in the city, for other kinds of sport you may want to do for fun.

Seneca Creek State Park, with its 6,300 acres and 14 picturesque miles along Seneca Creek, features more than 50 miles of hiking, horseback riding, and biking paths, as well as picnic sites and shelters. Visitors can boat and fish at Clopper Lake, which is part of the Clopper Day-Use Area. There are so many fun possibilities to do here it’s hard to list them all! It can be a great way to spend the whole day outside. Moreover, your entire family can try out different things! It can also be a fun thing to do in Gaithersburg just after moving in! You’re also probably going to meet so many interesting people there.

A family walking on a golf course
Due to the fact that Gaithersburg offers so many sports opportunities, it’s a perfect place to try new things!

Check out the RIO Washingtonian Center

The best location for excitement and pleasure is the RIO Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The center has something to offer everyone, whether you’re visiting alone or with family and friends. You won’t run out of things to do, from dining and shopping to entertainment and outdoor activities. It’s pretty big, and you’ll find plenty of different things to try out. Moreover, there are plenty of cultural happenings in there, so you may want to check on and confirm their schedule. This is another great thing on the list of fun things to do in Gaithersburg you won’t regret trying out!

As you go along the lakeside promenade, feed the fish. Jump, climb, and slide at the outside playground. Rent a paddle boat in the shape of a swan, duck, or dragon, or ride the vintage carousel with an Americana motif. As you can see, even though this might seem like a shopping place, it’s really not! That’s because it has so many different things for you to try out. This is one of the most visited and popular places in all of Gaithersburg, and for a good reason! Many people who have moved to Gaithersburg with the local movers Northern Virginia offers say they like spending their time here the most. Once you’ve settled down, definitely make plans to visit the RIO Washingtonian Center and experience all of this for yourself. It’s definitely going to be an experience you remember.

A happy family planning what fun things to do in Gaithersburg
The RIO Washingtonian Center is a fun place for the entire family.

City parades and Oktoberfest are always some of the most fun things to do in Gaithersburg

Another great thing about Gaithersburg is that there’s something always happening in the city! That offers a unique opportunity to really see the true beauty of the city. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade has Celtic dancers, bagpipe bands, student groups, clowns, fire vehicles, equestrian units, service organizations, and more. It begins close to the RIO Washingtonian Center. The Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade kicks off in Olde Town Plaza and features a variety of community organizations, equestrian units, clowns, high school marching bands, dancing groups, vintage cars and fire trucks, and many other things. As you can see, both of these can be fun family things to do in Gaithersburg. You only have to inform yourself well in advance and make sure you have enough time to attend.

Gaithersburg’s Oktoberfest is another thing you must absolutely attend. It offers great shuttles, and parking, as well as numerous stages of live entertainment with local, regional, and national artists performing traditional Bavarian music and dancing. There are also family-friendly fall-themed activities, a business expo, craftsmen, beer, mead, and cider, as well as delectable food options. This is perhaps going to be even better for all German-speaking people moving to Gaithersburg with the help of the long distance moving companies in Northern VA. It’s a copy of a similar event that happens in Germany annually, so it can also be a good way to expose your kids to some international experience. However, do be aware that Oktoberfests are known for alcohol usage. Even if you don’t want to bring your kids, it can be a great way to spend your afternoon with other family members and friends!

A group of people talking
If you love local events you will find plenty of the in Gaithersburg.

Explore the local cultural scene

As mentioned before, there are plenty of great cultural institutions in Gaithersburg you should visit. But why stop at museums? For example, the BlackRock Center for the Arts is a leading performing arts center and it offers a stunning visual arts gallery. You can expect high-quality performances and exhibits that can truly make your day once you visit. The venue hosts top talents from both the US and internationally, making for a spectacular experience. Pop, jazz, blues, rock, world, classical, and folk music, as well as dance performances, theatrical productions, and even modern circus performances, are just a few of the many genres represented in the presentations. Naturally, you don’t have to watch everything here, but it’s guaranteed you’ll find something you like.

Another great place to experience various art exhibitions is the Arts Barn. It’s a cluster of venues for the visual and performing arts, Arts on the Green includes The Arts Barn. Numerous performing arts programs are held at the center’s 99-seat theater throughout the year. They also include art studios where guests may watch resident artists at work and gallery space for changing visual art displays. Moreover, you can buy some arts-inspired jewelry, apparel, or even gifts. Even if you’re not into performative arts, you’re probably finding a lot of interesting small items. They can make for an excellent birthday gift for someone! It also offers classes, workshops, and educational events. People can use this as an opportunity to develop new skills, or just make friends!

balet dancers performing
Exploring the cultural scene can be one of the fun things to do in Gaithersburg.

Try something new

Perhaps the most interesting things to do in Gaithersburg are the ones you haven’t done before! That’s always a fun way to really connect to the city you’ve just moved to with the military movers. For example, you might want to do some of the following activities. Hunt View Riding Academy is a boarding stable and professional horse riding school. The institution owns acres of ground on which students can practice riding in a variety of settings. Private and group classes are available in a variety of styles, including English and Western, as well as trail riding. It can definitely be a great way to experience something new. That is if you haven’t ever ridden a horse in the past. If you have, this can be a great opportunity to improve your skills, meet new people and try something new.

Gaithersburg is full of surprises

As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do. The only question is: what are your interests? Based on that, you’ll probably be able to find a lot of fun things to do in Gaithersburg. And if you can’t find any in the city itself, try the nearby Germantown or even DC. This is the beauty of Gaithersburg! You have the opportunity to explore other nearby places too. Therefore, rest assured that you will have plenty of things to do once you settle in.



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