Guide for storing couches and armchairs during relocation

Moving day tipsMarch 15, 2021

Regardless if you are opting for help from professional moving companies or doing it by yourself, storing couches and armchairs will require good preparation. More importantly, these items will need adequate protection and handling if you want them to preserve their condition. Especially when talking about items that are sensitive to certain factors or require special care when moving. Luckily, today we will talk about ways you can protect your furniture before storing it in a storage unit. Storing big and bulky furniture in a storage unit is the best way to ensure that they survive the relocation process. After you finish moving everything, you can slowly transport all of the items from the storage unit.

Storing couches and armchairs – what’s to know?

Storage units are a great way for you to gain extra space when moving your household. They also help you put away certain items for a short or long period of time. Furthermore, this allows you to focus on other things after moving and not worry about the state of the items in a unit. However, just because you place items in a unit does not mean that you do not have to ensure their safety.

a picture of a living room with an orange couch and a gray armchair in the middle of it
Couches and armchairs are heavy and will often require special care in order to preserve their condition

So, before moving companies Sterling VA come to move your items for you, you should take care of the protection for those items. This means taking all the precautionary measure to help your items arrive in once piece and without any damage. If you have little to no experience in such areas, we advise consulting with a team of experts from the moving company to help you.

First and foremost – Clean the furniture before packing it

The first thing you want to do, when packing whatever furniture you have, is to clean the surface of it. Now, depending on what the furniture is made out of you should clean it with appropriate products and fabrics. In this case, when we are talking about armchairs you want to clean the wood with a rag or a towel and some product for wood. Note that wood does not go well with water and moisture, so make sure you avoid that. Next, you should use wax on the surface of the armchair to ensure its safety. When it comes to a couch you can vacuum it and use brushes and water with detergent to clean the surface. This will ensure nothing damages the furniture while it is in a storage unit.

Gather packing supplies

Moving items, especially heavy and bulky, will require packing supplies. A lot of packing supplies. That is why you should strive to obtain as much as possible to ensure that the items arrive safely. To ensure the safety of your items you will require:

a woman putting bubble wrap before storing couches and armchairs
Bubble wrap and stretch plastic wrap are the two things that will help your items preserve their condition the most

All of these supplies will serve the purpose of helping you transport your items safely to the desired location. As you never know what might happen on the road, having adequate protection for your items is the best way to ensure their safety. The protection these supplies will provide to your items will help you not worry about them.

Before storing couches and armchairs make sure you disassemble them

The whole premise of disassembling big items is to make them more accessible and create more room for other items. When it comes to moving couches, it is always advisable you disassemble them as much as you can. Moreover, as we mentioned ou will need zip-lock bags in the paragraph above, this is where they will come to use. Namely, as you disassemble each part of the furniture, you want to place bolts, screws and other small components in those bags. As soon as you finish with certain parts – seal the bag and label it. This will help you recognize the items when you arrive and will help you assemble the item much quicker. If you are, by any chance, a senior who is unable to this by himself, consider hiring senior moving services to properly pack everything.

Now it is time to wrap the items properly

The next thing you want to do before storing couches and armchairs into the storage unit is to apply adequate protection to them. Bubble wrap and plastic wrap are two of the best tools you can have for this.

a woman sitting on the floor while packing items in bubble wrap
Wrap each individual items accordingly in order to prevent potential damage you can easily avoid

Firstly, you should wrap each individual component of the item in bubble wrap. This will prevent items from damaging each other or themselves in general. More importantly, bubble wrap will easily protect sensitive parts of the wood. Secondly, use plastic wrap foil to make sure that the surface of the couch suffers no damage in transport. If you want to add another layer of protection – use corrugated cardboard sheets in-between each component of the item.

Finally, create a plan of how to store the items in the moving truck

As you finish wrapping your items you should think about how you want to place them in a moving truck. You should do that so they do not move around when on the road and potentially deal damage to themselves or other items. Moreover, you should consider a way to fixate the items so they do not move around. The less the items have space to move the better the condition they will arrive in.

Before storing couches and armchairs make sure the unit is clean

At last, you should visit the storage unit with the items you want to store. Make sure that the items arrive in a clean environment which will not impact their condition. Keeping your storage clean, especially when moving new items to it, is very important for their state. Especially if you are moving items that are made out of wood or have fabric surfaces that are very susceptible to pests and moisture.

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