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Moving from Rockville to Bethesda can be very easy with the right approach. Relocation, in general, is a very overwhelming and stressful process. However, hiring a professional moving company can help you pack and relocate easily. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience and knowledge that will benefit the whole process. In this article, we will discuss all the important aspects of moving that you should consider. It is important that the move goes smoothly so that you can settle in quickly into your new home. With the right amount of preparation and help from your local moving company, you are one step closer to achieving this goal.

What do you need to know about Bethesda?

Bethesda is a beautiful urban center filled with history that has about 63.000 residents living in it. With education being the top priority, this center is rich in cuisine, arts, music, and different talents. Moreover, it is considered a hub of medicine in the United States. If you are a person working in the healthcare industry, Bethesda is the perfect place for you. Whether you are looking to start a family, pursue a career, or want to invest in your education, Bethesda has whatever you need to make it happen.

a picture of a national insitute of health in Bethesda
The National Institute of Health is the pride of Bethesda.

An area once a small crossroad village with many blacksmiths, a church, a school, and a couple of houses is one of the country’s biggest centers of healthcare science. Although the area was never incorporated and has no official boundaries, it is a census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland. Now, if you are considering moving from Rockville to Bethesda, you should also consider opting for storage units Bethesda offers, as it is the easiest way to store items that take up too much space.

About Rockville

It would be unfair to just mention the benefits of Bethesda, as Rockville is also a great place to live! The city of Rockville has 68,155 residents. The median home value is reportedly $583,100, and the average monthly rent is $1,883. It provides the ideal blend of the great outdoors and a suburban family living a lifestyle that will surely keep you happy and energized. It’s no wonder why it’s rated as Maryland’s 5th best suburb to live in! Excellent public and private schools are at your disposal, and the crime rate is very low. When you have the need to spend time in nature, Lake Needwood, Rock Creek Regional Park, Meadowside Nature Center, Earth Treks Climbing Center, and many other great places will all be within walking or driving distance.

There are many interesting things about this Maryland city. It’s one of the oldest towns in the state, as it was founded in 1717. It is also the county seat of Montgomery County, which is the most populous county in Maryland. It’s also the home of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the largest civilian department in the US federal government. It also has a vibrant arts and culture scene and is the place where Strathmore is located. It’s a world-class performing arts center that hosts concerts, theatre performances, and other events.

House with lights turned on
The housing market of both Rockville and Bethesda is severely influenced by how close they are to Washington.

Many people decide to leave the city and move to Bethesda regardless of how great Rockville is. In the process of moving, many of them decide to rent one of the storage units in Rockville MD, and leave one part of their items there until they decide what to do with them. 

How do Rockville and Bethesda compare in terms of housing, job market, and other factors?

Let’s take a closer look at these two cities and how do they compare. Many people really first research a place before moving there, we’ll try and present those main reasons here as to why people are moving from Rockville to Bethesda. We’ll compare the housing market, the cost of living index, the job market, and similar factors.

The housing market

The housing market in Rockville is generally considered to be strong and stable. Like many other cities in the Washington DC, area, Rockville has seen steady growth in home prices over the past several years. In 2022, the median home price in Rockville was $599,869, while the average rent was $2,192. The median home price is significantly higher than the national median of around $300,000. However, it’s worth noting that Rockville is a relatively high-cost area compared to other parts of the country, so the local housing market may not be representative of other markets, even the ones nearby.

Bethesda has a more expensive housing market

Like Rockville, the Bethesda housing market is competitive, as homes in popular neighbourhoods tend to sell quickly. It’s pretty frequent for homes to receive multiple offers and sell above the asking price. The average home price in Bethesda is $1,184,483, while the average rent is $2,647. As you can see, Bethesda’s homes are much more expensive. High home prices are not stopping people from hiring residential movers in Northern VA in order to move from Rockville to Bethesda. On the contrary, many choose Bethesda as their future home.

Washington DC
Rockville and Bethesda are attractive cities to many people due to their proximity to the nation’s capital.

The job market is one of the main reasons why people are moving from Rockville to Bethesda

The job market in Rockville is generally considered to be strong and diverse. It offers a wide range of employment opportunities in various industries as it’s close to Washington DC just like Bethesda. Apart from HHS, which employs many people from Rockville, you’ll also find many jobs in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. It’s the home of the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research. Its main focus is innovations in the fields of medicine and biology. Overall, there are many working opportunities there, but Bethesda edges it out in this department.

Bethesda’s job market has more opportunities

The number of available jobs in Bethesda is one of the main reasons why people are moving from Rockville to Bethesda. While it’s also close to the nation’s capital, like Rockville, it has more job opportunities in the government sector and private companies with close ties to the government. Many federal agencies and companies in the military, biotechnology, aerospace, and similar industries, have offices in Bethesda. It’s no wonder why the prices of homes are much higher than in Rockville. The additional money you’d have to spend is definitely worth it, given all the opportunities and connections you can make here. It’s also no surprise why so many people from different states decide to hire interstate movers in Northern Virginia and relocate here.

Cost of living index

The cost of living index in Rockville is 139.6, while in Bethesda, it’s 187. That’s no small difference because the people of Bethesda have to pay 87% more for groceries, amenities, utilities, and similar things. We’ve already seen how much the homes differ in prices between these cities, so it’s no surprise the overall cost of living index is higher in Bethesda. But the alluring potential of making it in a place like Bethesda is something that makes so many people and businesses decide to hire long distance moving companies in Northern VA and relocate here.

Create a checklist of all the items you are moving

Creating a checklist is an important part of the relocation. A moving checklist gives you a better insight into what steps are left to be taken and how to approach them. Moreover, they will help you find your way through the mess of packing items and help you maintain your focus. Checklists are a great way to always know where you are and what you should do next.

A checklist for moving from Rockville to Bethesda
Make sure to use a checklist when moving from Rockville to Bethesda to avoid forgetting something or missing a step.

De-clutter before you move from Rockville to Bethesda

Decluttering is an important factor in the moving experience. Having to deal with clutter while you relocate is only going to make a move even more difficult. Because of that, you want to either sell, donate or throw away all the items you do not need or have no purpose. Keep in mind relocation is usually something people view as a fresh start, so make sure you do it right. Selling your belongings will infuse more finances into your moving budget. Donating items you cannot or do not want to sell is a humane thing to do. Throwing away is the least favourable option, but sometimes it has to be done. However, make sure you do it in a responsible and adequate manner.

Scout for a job, or apply to a university

Before moving from Rockville to Bethesda, ensure you secure your future before arriving. Whether you are looking to start a family, find a job, or pursue your education, make sure you know what to expect. The area provides many different opportunities for people who live there, and you will soon be one of them. See what jobs you can pursue and what qualifications are required for a university. This will save you a lot of time and stress, which you can use to enjoy your first days in the area.

two men shaking hands before moving from Rockville to Bethesda
With all the possibilities you will find in this city, securing a job will only benefit your stay.

Get to know the city and the neighbourhood

Before you move in, see if you can visit the area you are moving to. Firstly, this will bring you closer to the area, and you will be familiar with everything there is to see. Secondly, your neighbours and residents will be your best guide in the city. They can show you all the things you should see, the places you should visit and even share advice or two about how to prepare for living in the city. Of course, another way to prepare yourself for the move is to go online and search for all the local attractions you can enjoy.

Rent storage for your extra items

Nothing is more stressful than having to hire another truck for the move or go back for the items you could not pack. Because of this, your safest bet is to opt for residential onsite storage containers. Storage is a great way to remove all the items you do not need or have no purpose. Moreover, the design of storage units helps items inside maintain their condition and prolong their longevity. This is something you can check with your moving company, as they often offer to store services to clients who are in need of one.

a home in a green pasture with two historical cannons in front of it
Get to know your future neighbourhood before you move.

Bethesda is waiting for you!

Now that you know what to expect from life in Bethesda, you can start packing your bags. To make moving from Rockville to Bethesda simple, make sure to contact professional movers and let the organize the move for you. While movers are taking care of all the tasks, you can start planning your new life in Bethesda.

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