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Storage preparationJuly 24, 2020

Everyone has things that they value and appreciate in their life. These memorabilia are important to us – but sometimes, they clutter up our homes. And sadly, clutter can pile up with ease. But when you start getting rid of it, you do not want to throw your memorabilia away. Instead, you should consider finding the best Sterling storage containers. Before that, though, you will need to prepare them. But worry not – we are here to help you with storing memorabilia long-term! In this article, find out about the basics and must-know fact that will make parting with your memorabilia easier!

Control the temperature to keep your memorabilia safe

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when storing memorabilia long-term is in what temperature you are storing them. In order to keep the best conditions possible for your collectibles and memorabilia, you will want storage units Arlington VA with temperature control.

Control the temperature of the storage unit in order to keep your memorabilia safe and sound!

Why is this so essential? Well, if you are storing your items in a room that often changes temperature, you can damage them with ease. For example, paper can damage beyond the repair due to temperature shifts. So, if you are storing your books and comics, then you will want to make sure that this is not happening in the unit. Not only can you lose the quality of the print, but the spines can also warp thus rendering your items unusable!

So, before you store your memorabilia, consider how well it can handle warm or cold areas. This should give you a clear guidance about the unit you will need to find for your items! Similarly, it can help you with where you can place your items. If they are heat (or cold) susceptible, then you do not want to place them next to walls or heat sources. When storing items for a longer time, walls can heat up (or cool down) and then transfer this to the item as well.

Storing memorabilia long-term also means protecting it from sunlight

The next thing you should worry about is the effect the sunlight can have on some items. Yes, usually, you want to show memorabilia to people so they can admire them. However, sunlight can damage some items – and this way, lower their value. In the example above, the sunlight can make colors in your books and comics fade away! The same goes for artwork – which can often be pretty valuable!

Sunlight can destroy your wonderful artwork and render it worthless – so make sure that doesn’t happen!

Then, textiles and wood can also get damaged if you expose them to direct sunlight for a prolonged time. Because of this, storing memorabilia long-term somewhere that’s for showing means you will need to light up the room with LED bulbs. Conversely, if you are doing it in a storage unit, try to find one that will not expose your items to sunlight.

Something to keep in mind is the automatic light as well. Sometimes, even this can damage the colors of your items. And if the lights turn on every time someone passes by, then you will be in for a nasty surprise after you come to pick up your items. So, keeping them in a dark storage with a switch-controlled light will be your best choice!

The humidity can be quite dangerous for your memorabilia!

One of the worst things that can happen to your items is mold. It renders your items useless and horribly destroys them. And the main reason it appears is moisture. This is why you will want to be storing memorabilia long-term in units that have no moisture – as well as ways of protecting against it! Remember – any humidity can lead to damage – so make sure you are staying far from it as possible.

First, think carefully about the location for storing your items. Keep away from basements, attics, or garages. These are often the places where most moisture gathers up. And since you do not visit to vent them often, mold can appear. The same really can happen to any area in your home. If it is prone to temperature changes, it might not be the best place for storing memorabilia long-term.

moisture on the window
Make sure the storage unit is completely dry!

Again, to fight this, you will do no better than getting an amazing climate-controlled unit! There, you will control the heat modulation – and thus reduce the moisture in the unit! You can also look in various ways of stopping mold – through improving ventilation or some chemical compounds. Research the topic further to get a better understanding of it!

Professionals can help with storing memorabilia long-term

The best thing you can do for your memorabilia, though, is to get professionals’ help. At Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, we specialize in all kinds of storage services! We can help with all your memorabilia, books, and paintings, as well as other items that require climate-controlled storage! But that’s not all!

We offer a huge variety of storage services for you! Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, we will be there to help! We can prepare your items and pack them so that they are safe from moisture and light! You can also rest assured that we protect them from theft with constant monitoring and care. Our storage facilities are also clean from dirt and pests so that we can offer the ultimate levels of protection for all your memorabilia!

The best of all, our services are highly flexible and easy to get! All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call! Don’t be a stranger – let us help you with storing memorabilia long-term in the best way possible! Contact us now today!

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