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Storage preparationJuly 18, 2020

When the artwork is in question, you probably already know that you should be very careful. Since these pieces have great value, not only financial but also emotional, they need greater care. So, if you are thinking about storing oil paintings, there are several things you should pay special attention to. As a matter of fact, we are going to let you know what to do and how to do it. Should you follow these pieces of advice, you will have nothing to worry about.

You should be very careful when packing paintings

The most important thing you should always bear in mind is that you should minimize contact. This means that you should create a barrier between you and the painting during the packing process. In addition to this, it is preferable that you use plastic to wrap your paintings. By doing this, the plastic will keep your paintings clean and will also protect them.

Paintings in a hallway
Storing oil paintings, you should be very careful in order to avoid damaging them

Once you wrap them, you should put them in styrofoam boxes. These boxes should be custom-sized in order for your paintings to be additionally protected. When you come to the part where you should put the paintings in a box, make sure there is no empty space. Fill any space with bubble pack or with packing paper in order to avoid bouncing or jarring in transit.

Use packing material of premium quality

When storing oil paintings, you should pay close attention to what kind of packing material you are going to use. First of all, you should use new cardboard boxes, not used. In this way, you will know their true condition and there will be no reason for stressing yourself. Also, make sure you get enough bubble pack and packing paper. These will provide you with some extra security and you will know that you have left your paintings in perfect condition. If it happens that you are renting storage units Arlington VA, feel free to ask them if they can provide you with packing supplies. This will be the easiest way to get them, plus, you will know that the company you are getting them from is reliable.

Transporting paintings is also very important

Either if you are transporting your paintings to your new home or to the storage unit, you should do it carefully. When putting paintings in your vehicle, you should not let them move around. If this happens, either the frame will be damaged, the painting itself or it can damage other paintings.

Open trunk
If you are transporting your paintings to a storage unit, pay attention to several important things

In a situation like this, the best thing you can do is protect them with other objects. Basically, you should put something solid by your paintings which will stop them from moving in case you have to stop quickly. Another thing you should do is to put a blanket for extra cushioning. This will also minimize the opportunity for sudden impact and your paintings will remain undamaged.

Choose a reliable partner to help you

In case you are relocating, you should choose your moving company wisely. Even though this is a process that may take some time, it is going to be worth it. Not only will they complete several tasks on your behalf, but they can also help you with storing oil paintings. Namely, a reliable mover can provide you with proper packing supplies and also give you a helping hand when packing them. Another thing you can count on them to help you with is providing you with a safe storage unit. Should you rent one, you will be sure that your belongings are in a safe place.

Do not forget about your paintings

It often happens that some items are forgotten because they are in a storage unit for a long period of time. Make sure this does not happen to you because there are potential hazards to your paintings. Instead, go check them every few months. You should take a closer look and check whether there are any signs of rodents or moisture. If there are no signs at all, you can come back in a few months. But if there are, you should make some corrections.

What kind of storage unit you should rent?

When storing oil paintings, you should pay attention to several things. First of all, it is not a good idea to keep them in your attic or in your basement. These places can be damp or dry which can damage your paintings. Instead, choose a place with consistent temperature and moderate humidity.

Storage units, representing storing oil paintings
Choosing the right storage unit for your paintings can be time-consuming but it is worth it

For example, the ideal solution would be to rent one of the storage units Alexandria, VA has to offer. This also means that you should not expose your paintings to direct sunlight. Should you do this, the colors will surely fade. Keep them covered but pay special attention to what kind of cloth you are going to use. You can either use an acid-free cloth or simply leave the artwork in its travel packaging.

Storing oil paintings is certainly far from being easy. However, it can be much less complicated if you go through these steps and lessen the possibility of getting them damaged. Feel free to put into practice all of these pieces of advice and you will have nothing to worry about. Once you come to get them back, you will see that everything remained the same. They are not going to lose their value, quite the contrary- you will get to enjoy their beauty even after several months or a year.

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