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Storage preparationJuly 30, 2020

Are you in need of vehicle storage? Do you need the best moving and storage Sterling VA has to offer – but you are unsure about how to find them or what to look for? Worry not! You are not alone in this! Luckily, we are here to help you with all your questions! From figuring out what vehicle storage is to talking about the types of units you can get – in this article, you can learn exactly how vehicle storage works. Put on your seat belt and let’s dive in!

What exactly is vehicle storage?

If you are looking for a vehicle storage Alexandria VA, then you want a unit specifically designed with a car (or another vehicle) in mind. You can imagine it as your own little garage or a parking space inside our facility.

There are four different units or spaces that you can look into:

  1. uncovered parking spaces;
  2. covered parking spaces;
  3. shared indoor units;
  4. personal enclosed units.

All of these will differ in one way or another – from how much you will pay for rent to their function. Depending on what unit you choose, or what kind of benefits we negotiate, you will have some bonus storage features! For example, you can get on-site security, gates access – and even climate control for your unit! But to do it, you will need to carefully examine your needs and figure out what it is that you want. This is especially true if you have a vintage vehicle since they require a special environment. Each type will have different pros and cons to it.

How uncovered vehicle storage works

This type of storage is not a unit. It closely resembles a parking space that you will rent for a certain time. You can find them either as part of a larger parking lot in the storage facility or as specially designated spaces – usually by pavement, grass, gravel, or dirt.

parking space
These are quite similar to parking spaces – only with better security!

When you compare this storage option to others, you will be happy to know that this will cost you less. This is because your car will have to be without protection from the elements like rain, wind, or snow. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your car will not be secure. You will get all the options you would with a unit within the facility! What you can do to help your car is to cover it and create a barrier in that way.

Covered parking spaces are not too different

This type of storage does not differ too much from the previous one. As the name suggests, storing your vehicle here will give you the cover from sun, rain or snow. How does this vehicle storage work? Well, they are usually large carports where you can find many vehicles. Most of the time, the walls will be open, but there is always a roof overhead. As you can see, it does not offer the full protection of an enclosed unit – but it’s better than the uncovered one. This is why this is a more expensive option.

covered parking space
Covered parking space will offer protection from the elements.

Shared indoor unit

This is a very self-descriptive type of vehicle storage. These “units” are usually the size of a warehouse, and you will put your car together with others in an enclosure. This means that you get full protection against the elements. It also means that the cost rises slightly – albite not as much as your own unit.

The downside to this type of storage is that your car will not be as easy to access. You need to contact your storage company and schedule a pick-up prior to visiting. However, since this is not a difficult task, shared indoor units are worth considering.

How personal vehicle storage works

Finally, there is a thing you have probably thought about when mentioning vehicle storage – the personal enclosed unit. This is basically a garage that you will get for your vehicle. It is completely yours – you do not need to share the space with anyone! You can drive your car to the unit and drive it out at any time you want. Many companies will also offer climate controlled storage or live CCTV to monitor your vehicle while it is in the unit.

a car in front of a storage unit
Personal storage is a bit more expensive – so use it for very special vehicles.

How to get your car ready for vehicle storage

Once that you know exactly what your car needs, and what type of storage you will get, it’s important to prepare your car for storage. You cannot simply drive it to the facility and drop it – at least not if you want it in optimal condition. If you follow through these steps, then your car will be good to go once you come to pick it up – especially if you are using a long-term unit.

Check and clean your car

First, you will want to get a basic maintenance check on your car. Make sure your mechanic looks at the coolant levels and change your oil and filter if there is a need for it. Since tires can be really sensitive due to temperature changes, you should also check your tire pressure. It should not be too high nor too low!

After that, you will want to clean your car. The exterior really depends on where you are storing it – but make sure to give the interior a good scrub. Take away everything that you do not want in a storage unit – like your insurance documents or a drivers’ license. It’s also extremely important to remove perishables like food out of your car. These can go bad and rodents can gather up around your car – which is not good! Finally, crack the windows if you are in an enclosed unit. This way, the air can circulate and the interior will not get musty.

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