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How toOctober 28, 2021

When you are making a big change in your life, such as moving to a different place of residence, you need all support available. Usually, people ask friends, neighbors, or family members to help them with packing and transportation. But no matter how helpful they are, hiring a professional moving company brings unparalleled results to your moving process. However, there are some things that are out of movers’ control and where they need your assistance. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, the top moving services Northern VA, will show you how to help your movers.

The best ways to help your movers

Getting things ready before the movers arrive will facilitate your move to a great extent. There are numerous perks of helping your movers:

  • you will save time and money – the sooner they finish the less they charge
  • by making sure they have easy access to your flat the moving process will go faster
  • you will have a chance to get all your belongings in order

Your local movers Northern Virginia suggest a few ways how to facilitate the relocation on your end.

Getting everything ready for the move

Before starting to dismantle your furniture, make sure to empty the drawers. When the movers arrive, the furniture will be much lighter for them to carry if the drawers and closets are empty. Also, take all photos, paintings, and clocks off the walls. Put them all in one place, or pack them as fragile items. It would be good to unplug all electrical devices and appliances and clean the dusty cords along the way. And remember to carry documents, money, jewelry, and phone with you on moving day, since you need your personal items close to you.

a living room with things scattered around
Empty the drawers, closets, and cupboards to make the furniture lighter for carrying

It is very important to label all boxes, so the movers are aware of what they are carrying, and to handle it with care. In case you wish not to bother with packing at all, packing services Northern Virginia will complete this tedious job for you.

Secure access and parking space for the movers

Make sure to let the movers know where they can park the truck. Check if there is an option of reserving a parking spot for your movers. It would be bad if the movers ended up with a parking ticket because of your poor planning. Take time to research your neighborhood, especially the new one, and find the best parking spot for the movers. Your residential movers in Northern VA will appreciate the effort you invested in facilitating the relocation process.

a street with cars parked on both sides
Find a parking spot for your mover’s truck with easy access to your flat

Hire a trusted moving company

Since moving is a tiresome and stressful activity, hiring a reliable moving company would absolve you of the hassle. Choose a company that offers a variety of moving-related services such as packing, or senior moving services. Do anything you can to help your movers, because ultimately it will bring you many benefits.


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