How often should you check on your DMV storage unit

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Whether you are relocating or not, a storage unit is a great solution if you have a lot of items in your possession. Storage units help you gain additional space for those items, while also providing all the necessary condition requirements to protect those items. However, just because you have items inside a unit does not mean you should forget about them. In this article, we talk about how often you have to check on your DMV storage unit. Opting for this service from a moving and storage company DMV is a great way to ensure the condition of your items and their safety.

When should you check on your DMV storage unit?

As we said above, placing items inside a storage unit does not mean you should forget about them. Moreover, just because they are safe does not mean that nothing can happen to them. There is a variety of factors that can impact the condition of your items throughout the whole year. This alone should be a good enough reason for you to head down to storage units Northern Virginia and check up on your items from time to time. Bear in mind, that items in storage units will have the conditions you signed up for. This means that, if anything unexpecting happens, no one can guarantee the condition of those items. The importance of regular check-ups is immense.

two men in a storage unit organizing some items as an activity you should do when you check on your DMV storage unit
Visiting your storage unit from time to time is a good way to keep everything in control and organized
  • Do a regular check-up every month
  • Visit your storage unit in case of a natural disaster
  • Check on your unit when seasons change
  • Grow a habit of organizing your unit from time to time
  • Every time you lack space in your home

Do a regular check-up every month

Now, this all depends on what items you have inside the storage unit. A regular check-up is always a smart idea. However, how regularly you have to visit the unit depends on what type of items you have inside and what are the conditions in the unit. For instance, if you have a lot of antique items that are sensitive, you should visit the unit more often. Moreover, the often you visit your unit, the less risk your items will bear. A monthly check-up is a good habit to have because you will always know the condition your items are in. More importantly, you will know if some items require to be taken out of the unit and when.

Visit your storage unit in case of a natural disaster

If you heard about a natural disaster that is going to happen visit your unit if you get a chance. Make sure that everything is safe and well-protected. Taking precautionary measures, in this case, is a must. However, do not risk exposing yourself to some threats to do so. If you think you cannot make it in time, hold on until the disaster ends. After that you should find the time, as soon as you can, to go and check on your, for instance, storage units Falls Church VA.

heavy rain on the streets of a city
Natural disasters, storms, heavy rains, etc. are a good reason for you to visit your storage unit as soon as they finish

Natural disasters that create a lot of water can potentially damage the items you have in storage. Moreover, if there are heavy winds there is a chance that some items might fall down and break. Worst case scenario, they might hit other items and create collateral damage.

Check on your DMV storage unit when seasons change

Visiting your storage unit every season is also a must. Namely, as seasons change so does the weather. This can impact the condition in which some of your items are. For instance, wooden items will require special care during winter and autumn. Because wood does not go well with moisture, it can easily lose its mint condition. Heavy winds and excess water will not only create a risk for your items, but they can also bring dirt, leaves, and other things from outside. So, you should visit your unit every time the seasons change and indulge in some storage cleaning activities. During summer and winter, you should check on your storage to see if it requires climate-control so you can preserve the natural condition of some items.

Grow a habit of organizing your unit from time to time

The next thing we will talk about is organizing your storage unit. This alone will make you visit your storage unit often. Namely, make sure you check on your DMV storage unit from time to time to organize the items inside. This means that you should repack some of the items, transfer them into a different container or simply move them around. Good organization comes a long way. Not only will you have a clean and sanitary unit, but you will also have an accessible unit.

a man between large shelves in a storage unit
Organizing your storage unit is a good way to ensure you will visit it from time to time and check up on everything

This will reduce the stress one might feel when entering a unit and create a habit of visiting the unit more often. Visiting a unit just to organize it does not only create a better environment. More importantly, organizing your unit will help you get rid of items you no longer need and create more space for other items.

Every time you lack space in your home and want to de-clutter

Finally, you should check on your DMV storage unit every time you lack additional space in your home. This way, you will grow a habit of de-cluttering your home more often and transferring those items into a unit. This habit will allow you to always manage the spaces you have both in your home and in your storage unit. Moreover, doing so, you will always have a clear vision of how much space you have left and when it is time to organize.

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