How onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays

Moving day tipsDecember 12, 2022

Onsite storage is probably the last thing on your mind when you think about holidays. This is when you should spend pleasant moments with family and create beautiful memories. However, some people are forced to move during the holidays. Usually, you can get overwhelmed and excited about it. As a result, you are left with boxes in your home, guests in your dining room, and many other tasks to complete. If you are one of these people, don’t worry! Zippy Shell Northern Virginia is all you need to spend holidays as you have always dreamed. Don’t let moving to a new place turn the happiest moment into the most frustrating one. Do you know how onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays? If not, read more to get some ideas and learn how storage units are helpful during holiday relocation.

What is an onsite storage unit?

Onsite storage is gaining a lot of attention in recent years. Many moving companies provide storage units to help you relocate smoothly, but not all can provide onsite storage. Onsite units come in various sizes. If you have unnecessary items in your home or are moving long-distance, onsite storage is the perfect solution. Why would you waste time packing every single thing when you can simply place everything you don’t need in a storage unit? Each unit is clean, dry, and safe.

Moreover, you can choose whether you want to keep your items for a longer or shorter period. The best thing is that you can put onsite containers anywhere you want since they have wheels and license plates. Downsizing and moving have never been easier than before!

a couple packing
You will have easy access to your onsite storage

Onsite storage can help you cope with unexpected situations

Holidays should be the happiest moments in one’s life. However, life is not always about good things. There are many ups and downs that can put us in unpleasant situations. This is why you should not take anything for granted because things can change in an instant. As a result, this is when you should consider using an onsite storage unit during your holiday relocation. Of course, we never know what might happen, but we can at least try to prepare adequately and learn how to respond once it occurs.

One of the best things about onsite storage is that it can help you with at least one of the 4 D’s of life. Whether you are coping with the death of a loved one, divorce, downsizing, or displacement, an onsite storage unit can help you. Your holiday will not be the happiest if some of these happen, but you will at least not have to deal with clutter in your home.

Onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays because they are affordable!

Celebrations are great, but they can get pricey as well. You probably have a lot of things on your mind, including preparing a feast and going holiday shopping. Moreover, when moving intervenes, you cannot but have a headache about all the mess you are experiencing. Many people choose PODS or portable on-demand storage units in these situations. However, soon they realize that this was not such a great idea. PODS are containers your mover will simply drive up to your place and leave it there. The last thing you need is more clutter, so you look for other options. Moreover, pods don’t have wheels, so you cannot move them if they get in your way.

Onsite storage is a much better idea, and it is more affordable. Moreover, it is climate-controlled, and it comes in different sizes. You don’t have to spend money on driving your items to the storage, as Zippy Shell movers will come to place a container in your backyard or garden. If you are still wondering which one is better, zippy vs PODS, read this article again, and decide for yourself. Zippy onsite storage will not compromise your space because you can always move if it does.

A person counting money
Onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays for an affordable price!

Onsite storage is perfect for your holiday decorations

Moving to a new place during holidays means packing and moving all your decorations. And not only that! There are plenty of gifts that need to be relocated too. Sometimes, moving to a new home will take multiple drives to the place. Why would you risk the safety of your valuable decorations when you can put them in a container near your home? Onsite storage units are a good solution for keeping your fragile items during the move. Large Christmas trees, lanterns, dishes, wreaths, and other sensitive things will not stay in good condition if moved many times. Onsite storage is suitable for all items and provides maximum protection for everything you put in it. Moving around holidays is already hard enough, so you should look for practical ways to make it easier.

Onsite storage is excellent for military moves

People move for many reasons, including a job, family, school, or long-distance relationships. However, some types of moves are especially difficult to carry out during the holidays. If you are a student or work in the military, then you know that this is true. We know that military workers are committed to many ordeals and tasks daily. Therefore, hiring military movers might be a good idea if you plan to move during the holidays. They know precisely how to do the job carefully and provide a stress-free relocation.

Moreover, your military mover will offer an onsite storage unit that will keep all the equipment safe and clean. They mainly come in handy if you are moving long distances. Your military items will be stored safely while you relocate other things to your new home.

A military worker thinking about how onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays
Onsite storage is perfect for keeping military equipment.

Turn your onsite storage into a hidden place for keeping gifts

Have you already completed shopping for this holiday season? Maybe you want to buy gifts for your children and family, so you don’t forget to do it when you start moving. However, now you have another problem. You surely don’t want your kids to see the gifts. They get too impatient to open them, and your surprise will fail. If you have tried every possible hiding spot and come up empty-handed, you might consider renting climate controlled storage Northern Virginia recommends. You can drop gifts for different people in your hiding spot on your way home from the store.

Renting a 24-hour unit can be good if you get your gifts on a moving day. You can sneak back to the unit after the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve. However, if moving takes more time to complete, you can rent your storage unit for a longer period. Even if you buy gifts much before the holidays, they will be perfectly safe in your onsite storage.

Onsite storage will help you pack during the holiday move

Moving is always a good opportunity to declutter your home thoroughly. When you move around holidays, packing all the items might be more complicated than moving off-season. Search through your home and inspect all the corners. Finally, you can remove that old rocking chair and an unnecessary bookshelf. Hire interstate movers Northern Virginia that can provide an onsite storage unit before you start moving. This can be very useful for keeping all the items you don’t need while you move to another place. After you remove all the broken, old, and unnecessary things, you can focus on packing only the items you will transport to your new home. Moreover, decluttering your home will mean a lot for packing your holiday decorations, gifts, and clothing. You will have more time to pack, and you will certainly use fewer moving boxes.

A woman and a girl packing a Christmas gift
Onsite storage is handy when you have a lot of decorations to pack.

Onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays because they can save you time

Relocating to a new place during the holidays is certainly not easy. Firstly, you are put under a lot of stress, and secondly, you lack time to complete all the tasks. You need to squeeze in moving among organizing dinners, receiving guests, and going shopping. However, it’s easier to decide what goes where if you store your belongings and then gradually move them into your new space.

Maybe you know exactly where the couch will go, which lamp will go in which corner, and where the perfect spot for your vintage coffee table is. However, when you visit your new home, it’s difficult to picture everything on your own. Another great thing about onsite storage is that you will avoid being overwhelmed by a pile of belongings dumped in the middle of the room by your movers. Placing your items in storage will give you more time to plan ahead. Moreover, your movers will provide loading and unloading services along with the storage unit, which saves even more time.

Elderly people holding their grandsons
Spending time with family is priceless, and using onsite storage will make this come true!

Students will appreciate the use of onsite storage units

College life is great, but moving all the stuff you will use for the next four years is not! This is even harder if you need to change your apartment or move into a dorm during the holidays. You are torn between moving and spending some quality time with your family. However, many students rent student storage in Northern Virginia to make the process easier. Putting some items in storage will help you spend holidays the way you want. After the holiday season, you can gradually move your items from the onsite storage to your new place.

Moreover, many students choose to keep the onsite storage after the relocation. Putting many items in a small dorm room is not always possible. Furthermore, sharing a room with a roommate means you cannot relocate every single item you have. Onsite storage units are an excellent option for students.

Who needs an onsite storage unit?

Everyone wants to have more space to accomplish many goals. Sometimes our rooms and garages are cluttered with many things we don’t need. Things can worsen during the holiday season when we invite guests, buy presents, and move to a new place. Are you a homeowner, and you want to add more space to your property? Or maybe you own an office but never have enough space to run your business effectively. Onsite storage units come in handy in these situations and many others too. Moving around holidays is another event when you need an onsite storage unit. Therefore, the answer to our question is- everyone needs onsite storage! Instead of driving to your new place or a moving facility often, why don’t you bring your storage to your place? Use all the benefits you can get, and you will have a smooth move during the holiday season.

A student thinking about how onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays
Everyone can benefit from onsite storage.

Simplify your move by renting onsite storage

Holidays bring a lot of joy and excitement. However, when moving day is scheduled during holidays, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is when you should think about renting onsite storage. This is an excellent way of keeping your items safe and clean while relocating to a new place. Onsite storage is great for various reasons. It helps students and military workers move safely during holidays. Moreover, it will help you declutter your home, pack quickly, save time, and keep your holiday decorations, among other things. Now that you know how onsite storage units help you have a smooth move during holidays don’t hesitate to contact us to rent yours! 



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