How Self Storage Helps Home Stagers

Storage preparationDecember 27, 2021

Home staging is a great business opportunity. It is a great thing to make some changes to the place and gain some profit. But, it can be overwhelming. It is all due to the big number of things that you have to do. You may need to relocate some stuff. But, where you should do it? Finding a good storage Frederick MD is a great thing because it will help you will find a place where you can store old items until you decide on what to do with them. Self storage helps home stagers a lot and we are going to elaborate on this statement even more. See why you should do it in the rest of this article.

Is home staging a good business nowadays?

Even though this sounds like a piece of cake, it is far from it. If this was the case, everybody would be home stagers. The problem nowadays is the cost of real estate. Your goal is to make a profit. But, since the prices of real estate are high, you may have a problem selling the particular unit. Of course, everything depends on the place where you work. If you work in NYC, there will be fewer people that you can find. On the other hand, if you are working in a smaller place, things should be much simpler, especially if you are dealing with houses.

Depersonalize the place before selling

The best way to home stage a place is to depersonalize it. That means getting rid of anything that would connect you to that place. People do not like seeing that and that will reduce your chances to sell the place for the price that you want. What are the crucial areas you should focus on when depersonalizing?

  • photographs – This is where you should start. Yes, we all have them but they will not mean anything to someone that does not know you. As we have mentioned, it will reduce your chances to sell the unit. Make sure that you move these things to another place before you do anything else.
  • books and other collections – Not all people like to read. This is something that you should know. Those people will not be impressed by your big collection. Even though it should not do you damage, it is still important to move them to a safe storage Silver Spring MD before you move other things. It is all because this is a tough process and you may need time. The biggest work needs to be done in the beginning, not in the end.
  • Closet – When buying a new home, most people think of space. They want as much space for the lowest price. This is something that you need to have in your mind. You should make your closet as big as possible because it will leave a psychological effect.
woman looking at photos - Self Storage Helps Home Stagers
Get rid of personalized things in the place

A storage unit is the best way to get rid of extra items when home staging

Now comes the answer to how self storage helps home stagers. As you already know, you will have to move a lot of things out of that unit. Even though you can find other solutions, contacting a company for a storage unit is the best one. The great thing about this matter is that storages are much cheaper than they were a few years ago. You will not have to spend a lot of money to get the best quality unit for your stuff. Also, you are the one that decides how long you want to rent.

But, this is one side of the same coin. The other one is actually finding a suitable unit. It can be a long process and you should not expect to handle it in no time. It will require some thorough thinking and you should never rush this decision!

a storage facility
Finding a suitable storage unit is crucial

What to think about when looking for a suitable storage unit when home staging

Now that we have established that renting a storage unit is the best choice if you want to home stage your home, we have to see how to find that unit. As we have said, this can be a long process and you should not leave it for the last minute. Everything that you leave to the last minute can turn into a disaster with ease. So, make time and start the search.

When it comes to what you should look for, we need to say that you need a reliable company. Everything depends on them and if you have people that do not know what they are doing, you will feel it too. You want reliable people, like Zippy Shell Northern Virginia, that will try and do everything they can to make you happy. They need to have the right approach and answer all your questions with patience. The final thing you should know is that companies have reputations. Since we live in the Internet era, you should use this opportunity and check every single company you approach.

people at the office meeting
Look for reliable people to help you with finding a suitable storage unit

Self storage helps home stagers and you can be one of them!

Home staging is easy for most people but you will have to do a lot of changes in order to make a place more appealing. You will lose most of the items so that you could be able to make changes. People think that they can save money on the storage units and avoid using them but that is a mistake. Even if you are renting a storage unit for the first time, you will see that this is not the big deal and you should be able to find a suitable storage space. Just have time, do not stress too much and you will do it!


As we have said, storage units have become cheaper than ever before. It is not something that will save you a ton of money if you avoid renting. Self storage helps home stagers a lot and that is an opportunity that you should not miss. Use the storage unit well, do a makeover of the place and sell it for a higher price!

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