How storage containers make moving easier

Storage preparationFebruary 23, 2023

A successful relocation consists of different stages. Packing, loading, transferring, unloading, and unpacking your belongings must be done perfectly. That way, you minimize the stress and chance of damaging your stuff. Finding a reliable mover to handle your relocation is one way to ensure everything goes smoothly. But there is another way, and it is to rent portable storage containers. This can really help you with your relocation, by allowing you to do more things all at once. When it comes to time, this is one of the better and most used ways to speed up your relocation process! Using storage containers for your upcoming relocation can come in handy in more ways than one. We are here to tell you how storage containers make moving easier, and how to best utilize them.

Can storage containers make moving easier?

If you have to move shortly and are thinking about the best ways to pack all your possessions, the storage units Alexandria VA  offers are the perfect solution. Renting a storage unit is always a convenient and useful way to de-clutter, but what about moving? How exactly can storage containers make your move simpler? Apart from being able to neatly pack all your belongings in a spacious storage container, they are also good because:

  • Storage containers are a cost-effective way to move.
  • You can choose the perfect size container for your needs.
  • You can store your items for as long as you need
moving boxes are not as good as storage containers when moving
Storage containers are much more convenient than dozens of moving boxes.

Moreover, they can be a great investment if you’re moving a lot and need to book packing services in Northern VA all the time. It can save you lots of time. Moreover, you can use them in a lot of different ways. For example, once you’ve relocated, you can use your storage container to act as a storage unit in your backyard. Put all the things you don’t have enough space in the house for in there. Moreover, they’re really popular for different relocations, as well! Lots of companies use them for all kinds of commercial moves. Even the government and different branches of the military use them (for example, they can even act as temporary barracks)! Thanks to so many people loving them, and how versatile their uses are, it’s no wonder they’re quite popular in the moving industry.

They are a cost-effective way to move

You may wonder how exactly is renting a container an affordable way to move. Well, compared to the average price of moving services, renting portable storage is significantly cheaper. You can ask your friends and family to help you pack everything in a portable container which will be delivered to your door by the storage company. Once you’re done packing, the company will send someone to pick it up and transfer it to your new home. There are no hidden fees when it comes to renting a storage container, everything is transparent. You can also get packing and unpacking services at a nominal cost if you don’t have anyone to help you do it yourself.

money on the table
Storage containers make moving easier and cheaper.

This can significantly lower the costs when compared to a more traditional move. First off, buying storage is cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. However, hiring movers might still be a good idea. Why? Well, containers can allow them to easily transport your stuff. And when you combine these two, you’re in for a really cheap and fast relocation! This is particularly popular for people looking for last-minute long distance moving companies in Northern VA. That’s why, even though you can use these two things separately, it’s quite popular to use them both! However, in the end, it’s all your choice and based on your preference! After all, some people just go with only moving company, so there are no set rules as to how can you move.

Why are storage containers perfect for long-distance moves?

Storage containers are extremely durable. Whenever you’re moving, you’ll probably want to have a set of sturdy boxes ready. But even they cannot beat the level of security and comfort that storage containers can give you! That’s why they’re in particularly handy for long-distance relocations, where there’s more room for your stuff to get damaged. After you’ve moved, you can continue using your storage in Northern Virginia for a prolonged period of time. Naturally, this depends on your renting agreement, but generally, these are made for a longer period of time. That’s why these can be good investments, as you can use them both for moving and as a storage unit later on. Killing two birds with one stone is something that’s very beneficial in any kind of business!

How can storage containers make moving easier and cheaper?

As was mentioned, moving containers are usually rented for a prolonged period of time. This will allow you to carry out more relocations with the single-moving container. However, people don’t usually move several times in a short period of time. But there are still uses for how this might be beneficial! For example, if you’re doing a DIY move, you may need to go back and forth several times. That’s where containers can come in handy as you’ll get your chance to use them several times during the same period of time. Hiring interstate movers in Northern Virginia can be more expensive, and renting a moving truck for the same period can be even more expensive. That’s why these are a great alternative and a great thing for your finances!

Spending money on insurance or on good storage containers

Storage containers are extremely durable and immune to any kind of weather conditions. That’s why they can protect your items against almost all things that could go wrong. You can save a lot of money by getting a storage container over getting insurance. That being said, some people do get both at the same time. This can be really beneficial when you’re moving some antiques or really expensive items. For example, if you’re moving old paintings that you want to be protected this is going to be a good combination. This kind of portable storage Northern Virginia companies offer can ensure that whatever you’re moving, is going to arrive at its destination in one piece.

packed suitcase
Long-distance moves are quite easy when you can pack a lot of items into a secure, weather-resistant storage container.

You can choose the perfect size container for your unique needs

Whether you are moving to a new house or you’re relocating your business, storage containers come in different sizes. You can choose the ideal one for your individual needs. You will need different size storage containers if you are packing your household, or commercial storage in Northern Virginia if you are moving offices. Ask the storage company employees to help you choose an adequate storage container for your specific situation. That way, you will not get into a situation where you have to go back and forth to the store to buy more moving supplies. Rather, you will have your ideally sized storage container to pack all your precious items in.

This is particularly handy when relocating your business, as that often involves a lot of documents and stuff that needs to be carefully unpacked. Storage containers allow you to store all the important and similar things in one container. This can really help you with unpacking later on, as you can group the items as you pack them. This is a popular tactic employed by commercial movers in Northern VA, so be sure to use it! This way, storage containers can first come in handy for the relocation itself, and for the management of all your folders and binders. Moreover, if you got lots of smaller business-related items, this is a good option for these, too! Think USB flashes, WiFi routers, cartridges for your printers, and whatnot.

family getting ready for a move
You can place a large number of moving boxes into your storage container as they are quite spacious.

How can you use the flexibility of storage containers to your advantage?

Storage containers can come in all sort of sizes. This allows you to rent one that fits your needs perfectly, without the need to overspend for something you won’t use. The most common sizes are 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. The 10ft one is your smallest option. On average, they measure to be around 8ft wide, 8ft high, and 10ft long. They tend to be used by people who have to store smaller-sized items for any period of time. The middle one is slightly larger. It’s 20ft long, 8.5ft high, and around 8ft wide. You can use these for a small house relocation or you can store larger items inside. A lot of people who are in need of furniture movers end up buying these to store their furniture by themselves. That’s just one instance of keeping the costs down by using containers!

The largest one (8ft wide, 8.5ft high, and 40ft long) is usually the biggest and most spacious option on the market. Large companies use them for commercial moves, long-distance relocations, or storing a large amount of equipment or the company’s inventory. That’s not to say they can’t be useful to you, too! People with large households or lots of backyard belongings can surely find a good use for them.  In the end, the whole point of having all these options is for people to have options to choose from. If you’re unsure what kind of size you may need, go with the 20ft one. If you don’t think from a start that you neither have a lot or a few items, you can probably fit everything in a middle-sized container.

They are versatile

You can use storage for different kinds of relocations. Naturally, that includes the kinds of moves that are not normally done by your average moving company. But it’s still good to know all the options that getting one of these is going to provide for you. As they are really versatile, you can use them for different things and they’re going to still be in great shape. That’s why investing in a storage container can be a cost-saving long-term investment for your entire family.

Residential moves

Residential moves are probably the most common thing when it comes to moving with a storage container. They can be a great weather-resistant option for a secure relocation of your furniture, appliances, and other household items. Whereas a professional moving company might charge you lots of money for these, storage can be a cheap alternative. Moreover, if you buy one, instead of renting it, you can save it for your next relocation, as well! An average American moves around 11.7 times during their lifetime! If you can use the same storage container at least 3 times, you’re going to save lots of money.

A couple moving into their home after using a storage container.
Lots of people use storage containers after realizing how they make moving easier and cheaper!

Commercial moves

Businesses often find a great use for any kind of storage container. Companies use these to move furniture, inventory, equipment, or machinery for their businesses. Getting a storage container for your company can save you lots of money. For example, if your business revolves around moving things all the time, a storage container can be a great way to protect them. Moreover, when you get your container, it can be delivered to your business location, allowing you to load and unload your belongings at your own pace. Once you get to your new location, you can continue using the same container as kind of a on-site storage.

Government and military use the same technique to move stuff

Different kinds of governmental agencies and military branches also use different storage containers. They’re built to last, so they’re great for all kinds of secure relocations. Moreover, because of these reasons, military personnel often use them as temporary housing units or barracks for their soldiers. While this is not going to be useful for an average person, it goes to show you how useful these things are. You can continue using your storage container for a long time after the move if you bought one. People will usually rent them for a set period of time, but there are definitely places out there that sell these, too — and for good prices.

A man and a woman standing next to moving boxes, discussing how storage containers make moving easier
A number of different governmental and military branches use storage containers as well.

A convenient solutions for all your moving troubles

Lots of people get anxious about their moving day. Having a bunch of people from your moving company come, pack your stuff, then relocate everything can be a real energy drainer. That’s why using storage containers can be a great alternative! First off, they get delivered to your address when you get them. That means you won’t have to go out there and get them back to your house by yourself. Moreover, you can pack them whenever you want. As they’re spacious enough, packing all your belongings inside won’t be a problem. This will allow you to take your own time with packing and do it slowly. There’s no rush, no risk of being late or anything! And the storage container can just be in your backyard while all of this is happening.

When it comes to unpacking your items after a relocation, containers will also be useful. Having a bunch of moving boxes in your living room cluttering up your space can be a nightmare. But with storage containers, you can be more relaxed when it comes to unpacking. Your items aren’t going to take up a lot of space in your house, and they won’t be out there in the sun or rain all day. If you pack the most important items last into your container, this can allow you to unpack them first. As you progress toward the end of your container, you can take your time and set your pace. Even though it’s probably a good idea to unpack in a reasonable amount of time, there’s no need to rush everything. That’s just one of the reasons why storage containers make moving easier.

A man and a woman holding moving boxes.
You can easily organize your relocation, no matter the distance, quite easily with storage containers.

Make your move simple with the right storage container

These are only a few examples of how storage containers make moving easier. There are many more useful sides to having a portable storage unit when you move. If you are in the military, for example, it is useful to rent military storage in Northern Virginia. You will not have to unpack and pack again when you have to move to another place. Storage containers simplify moving significantly if you know the best way to utilize them. And there are a lot of ways to use them, so you can’t go wrong with getting one of those. Lots of people who move frequently for work recommend them. Even if you’re not moving a lot, you can still benefit from them. They can serve as a great weather-resistant and sturdy storage unit for any items you don’t want in the house.

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