How to Adjust to Living in a Tiny Space

Moving day tipsFebruary 18, 2022

If you are moving from a house or a big apartment to a small one, it will take some to get used to it. In addition, you need to carefully plan and organize relocation, as well as declutter your home. Finding safe and secure storage units Falls Church VA is also an important part of the moving process. Read on and find out how to adjust to living in a tiny space.

Carefully choose your colors

When living in a small space, it is important to create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. Choosing light colors for the walls and floor is the easiest way to achieve this. In addition to that, place mirrors strategically in the room. They reflect light and create a feeling of a bigger space.

Packing boxes
Use quality packing materials to protect each item

Declutter before packing if you need to adjust to living in a tiny space

There is no point in packing and moving things you don’t need or furniture that won’t fit into your new space. Remember that the size of your move determines its price. So, go through all your belongings and decide which items you want to keep. Get rid of the rest – old kids’ toys, clothes you no longer wear, furniture, etc.

Once you decide which possessions you want to bring to your new home, pack them carefully. You don’t want to risk any possible damage. Use quality moving supplies – sturdy cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, furniture blankets, etc.

If you are a member of the military, you probably need to move often. In such cases, it is best to find reliable military storage in northern Virginia. You can rest assured that your items will be safe and in good condition.

Use multifunctional furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the perfect choice for people who live in small apartments. Under-bed drawers, hideaway sofa beds, or a desk that folds up into a cabinet on the wall will free up a lot of floor space. It doesn’t mean that you can’t live in a beautiful and functional home just because you have to adjust to living in a tiny space.

Hire reliable movers

The most important part of moving is finding reliable and experienced movers to handle relocation. Find a licensed company, such as Moving and storage northern Virginia that will handle your things with care and greatly facilitate the move. Well-trained movers will enable you to focus on other, important aspects of the move.

Movers in a van
Professional movers will accelerate the moving process

In order to find the perfect moving company, you need to do some research. Visit specialized moving websites, such as Better Business Bureau. Here you can find companies’ ratings and reviews, previously submitted comments, and complaints. Request several moving estimates and choose the company that fits your budget and meets your needs. If you need some additional services, such as packing services northern Virginia make sure to inform your movers in advance.

We wish you a safe and successful move!


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