How to clear out your garage

How toAugust 30, 2020

Our storage areas like an attic and a garage usually hold the most clutter from our home. We just keep storing everything there, hoping that one day we will find the strength to clean it. Well, that day is today and now we must find the most efficient way to do this. Let’s see how you can clear out your garage in a day like a pro.

Make a schedule

Clearing out piles that have been there for years is not easy doing in one day. You might have been piling stuff in there for so long that years have passed since you last cleared it. Warm weather is perfect for cleaning and for you to consider to clear out your garage. Choose one day before Nova moving companies arrive to do your garage some justice.

a schedule used for planning when you have to clear out your garage
Make a schedule before you clear out your garage

Make sure you announce it toy our friends and family to gather a few more sets of hands there. Clear that day of other activities and maybe add another free day after that. This job may not be done as quickly so make sure you have time. Figure out what you would do first, the plan of action, and your breaks.

Throw everything out

For you to properly clean everything, all of your belongings must be out of your garage. Make sure you have everything outside and start working from there. You will have a clearer picture of the future layout of the garage and of everything you own. Once you throw everything out you’ll see how much dirt has pilled up over the years. All of that needs clearing out and storing in storage units Gaithersburg MD. After sorting out and storing, your garage will look ten times bigger.

Once you throw everything out, before you start sorting, wash your garage. Gather cleaning supplies like:

  1. Sponges and mops
  2. Dish soap
  3. Mold removers
  4. Window and glass cleaners
cleaning kit
Gather cleaning supplies to clean your garage

Scrub every inch of the garage from top to bottom. Make sure to keep the kids and pets away if you are using harsh chemicals. If you have a hose, wash everything away and let it air dry. If you have a fan, you can use it for faster drying. But since it is still hot outside, the best option would be to let everything air dry. We have other things to take care of until your garage is ready.

Clear out your garage with decluttering

If you manage to clean everything and put back all of your items without decluttering, that’s a job half done. We need to declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary items your garage holds. Before moving with local movers NV, you always declutter than pack first. We want to do the same here and keep everything clean as long as possible. When you start sorting out feelings may overcome you. There is a lot of stuff there, memories that we cherish. Getting reminded of old times makes us nostalgic and sometimes sad. Catch a break to reminisce and chill for a bit.

Proceed determined to throw out as much as you can. Make a donation pile donate to those in need. Throw away what is of no use to anyone anymore. And sell what you think you can in a yard sale. Set aside the things you would want to sell, and have a friend or a family member arrange sellout. You will feel a ton lighter after getting rid of all that stuff.

Buy proper packing materials

Even after decluttering there is still a lot to be stored in a garage. They are often moist and tend to draw mold. Storing things in here is not as safe in a cardboard box or bare in plain sight. Throw out your old packing boxes and opt-out for plastic containers or renting a storage unit. Plastic containers protect from outer damage and keep everything intact. They also stack one on top of the other and you can stack them up to the ceiling. This trick is great for saving on space in your garage when you store.

Make sure you have everything for your tools and machines as well. A toolbox, some nails in a wall for your hammers, and a place for your machines. What you can keep out of reach because of pets and kids, especially mowing machine. Store the rest as you please in plastic containers and ziplock bags. Pack fragile items in an air-filled wrap first to secure, and then place it in a container.

Do not forget refreshments

It is still hot outside and the sun feels like its burning. Make sure you have refreshments at all times at your disposal. Catch a break here and there and treat yourself with some homemade cocktails. Lemonade is perfect for hot sunny days and homemade lemonade is the best! Your kids can also make a lemonade stand next to your yard sale and make some money as well. It is important to keep everyone involved in the process and make it fun as well.

mineral water
Make sure to make some refreshments to make that work easy

Since it is hot, do not stuff yourself with junk food and then proceed to work. Better opt-out for some fruit and vegetables, something easy on the stomach. This will keep you going or longer and you will have more energy. Being in the sun and working all day is not an easy task. So rest when you can and stop if you are feeling unwell.  There is no need to settle everything in one day, you can prolong it for a day or two.

To clear out your garage is not an easy task for this summer. But it is something you’ve been talking about doing and now is the time. No more excuses and lazy days, today we work! Make sure you have everything you need before you start this project. Take all the time you need to do this properly. Ask for help if you need it, and enjoy the process!

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