How to compare DMV cities when moving

Top places in DMV areaJanuary 2, 2023

Many people decide to move in order to make their life better. Be it social life, work life, or family life. So in search of the perfect place, many people come to the DMV area. We can’t be the ones to tell you exactly where to move and why. But we can help you decide by providing you with all the information and pointers you need to explore and compare DMV cities when moving. By choosing us as your moving company, we will also be able to help you in many different ways and make your relocation a smooth and enjoyable experience.

What is the DMV area?

Do you want to live in one of our nation’s biggest and most vibrant metropolitan areas with the best education options? There is no better place than the area many call the “DMV”. It’s a place where the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia meet. Known by many names, this district is not cheap to live in like all the other places surrounding the US capital. Many local movers Northern Virginia has to offer will be glad to help you out with your move if you do decide this is where you want to live. One of the best ways to decide is to compare DMV cities when moving. And pick the best-suited one for yourself. Choosing a new city can be difficult, as there are many factors to consider. You should examine all of them in great detail, in order to make the best decision.

row of colorful houses
The more you know about the DMV area, the easier it will be to decide where to relocate.

When it comes to comparing DMV cities when moving, there are a lot of things to consider. What is the reason for your move? Are you looking for new job opportunities? Is the cost of living index an important factor for you? What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? These are the questions you need to answer first. That’s how you’ll begin to narrow down the best places in the DMV area for you and your family. Relocating to a new city can be a daunting task. You certainly don’t want to regret your decision after you’ve moved! Do your research first and take it from there. We’ll try to make this decision easy for you by examining all the things that make the DMV area great and comparing them.

Consider economy and job opportunities when you compare DMV cities when moving

You will need to compare DMV cities when moving in many fields, including jobs and economy. Being near the US capital city, which is the most expensive place to live in America, will also have its toll on the surroundings. So don’t be surprised that the cost of living is higher here than in most parts of the US. Before you contact residential movers in Northern VA, you need to know what kind of jobs you will be able to find there. The US capital does not only affect the economy but jobs as well. More people means more businesses and more opportunities. And as such, this area is rich in opportunities and workspaces.

Politics, the military industry, and private contractors with ties to the government have numerous job openings. You can find internships if you are fresh out of college, or manager, consultant, lawyer, associate, and assistant roles at almost every corner. It is a competitive job market, but with enough knowledge, experience, and luck, you’ll be able to land your dream job. Other very frequent employers in the area are from the education and healthcare industries, both private and public. Obviously, you’ll have to explore available job opportunities in different cities as what you find may vary. It’s important to compare DMV cities when moving there so you don’t miss an opportunity of your dreams!

Washington DC
When comparing DMV cities when moving, it’s important to first make sure you can find the right job for you in the area before making any kind of decision.

The housing and cost of living index

There is some good news regarding the housing market in the DMV area. There has been a decrease in sales during the fall, with many sellers selling homes at lower prices than they were listed. The average home selling price in the DMV area currently is $650,000, but that varies between different cities and parts of the area. This is an 11% smaller fee compared to last year. But just because the sales are slowing down, it doesn’t mean there are fewer buyers! It means they are a bit more patient when finding the right opportunity.

Rural living

You can also find lesser-known places in the DMV area offering a rural lifestyle. Frederick County in Maryland is a great example. It is famous for its farms and wineries and is a very popular destination for people who love the outdoors. But because you’d be a bit further away from the center of the DMV area, it doesn’t mean you would have to compromise with high-quality storage units or other services.

Educational opportunities

If one of the reasons for moving to the DMV area is to start a family and raise kids, then the level of education should be an important deciding factor for you. Luckily, the Washington metropolitan area has some of the best schools in the country. Make sure your kids have the best education that’s available to them. When choosing your new city, make sure to also explore and compare the best school districts in the area to make the best possible decision.

College students wondering how to compare DMV cities when moving
The DMV area has excellent education options available.


When we compare DMV cities when moving, we tend to look for cities that match us the best. No matter what type of lifestyle you have or wish to have, there are many cities to choose from. And we guarantee one of them is exactly what you need. Are you starting a family and need a quiet city, or do you look for good nightlife? Some look for job opportunities, and others wish to retire. There is a place for everyone. Since that is the case, you should definitely branch out to different places to get a taste of what life is like there.


Arlington is the home of 238,643 Virginians. The average home value there is $804,575, while the average rent is $2,460.If you find a smaller home than your current one, you can always leave all the extra stuff in some of the best-rated storage units Arlington VA offers.

When it comes to the cost of living index, it is 161.6. This means the residents of Arlington have to pay 61.6% more for food, utilities, and other amenities. It’s not the cheapest place, but it’s definitely worth it. Many people decide to move here because of how close it is to the nation’s capital city.

There are many government officials or professionals in the private sector with close ties to the government who live here. That’s exactly the reason why many people move here and choose Arlington over other DMV cities. They want to work in the industries centered here and find new connections and opportunities. If you have a chance to move to Arlington, we recommend that you take it. You would find yourself in one of the most sought-after cities in the entire country! It is a pricey move, but it would be well worth it.

Suburban home
The housing market in the DMV area has seen a steady decline in prices and purchases, so make the most out of this opportunity.

Silver Spring

Not all places in the DMV area are as expensive as Arlington. If you take a look at Silver Spring in Maryland, you’ll find a great city with just as many opportunities but at a lower cost! The cost of living index in Silver Spring is 130, while the average home value is $495,800. As you can see, the average price of homes is around 40% lower. You’d even have to pay 30% less for utilities and food. It’s a great option to explore. That’s exactly why it’s important to compare cities in the DMV area before moving.

If you can move there in order to boost your career, why not do it in a less expensive way when you can? Our storage in Silver Spring MD is equally reliable, just like anywhere else, so if budget is your main concern when moving, definitely explore this option.


This great town with almost 160,000 people is ranked as the 11th best city in the US for young professionals! Similar to Arlington, it is close to Washington, DC. A fun fact about Alexandria is that it is older than the United States itself, as it was founded in 1749! The cost of living index is 140, and the average home price is $625,865. It makes it a great alternative to Arlington while still getting the same benefits of proximity to Washington, DC.

One of the great things about Alexandria is that you will find many safe storage units. Therefore, if you need a safe space to keep your items, don’t hesitate to rent storage Alexandria VA offers. Your items will be safe and sound, no matter how long you decide to keep them there.

Falls Church

Falls Church is the smallest town on this list but nevertheless a great option to live in the DMV area. It has just under 15,000 residents. The cost of living index is 150, but not everything is that much expensive. For example, Falls Church residents pay about 10% less for electricity and groceries than the average American citizen. The average rent is about $2,000, and the median home price is $728,770.

If you wish to live in a small town but with just as many opportunities as the bigger ones, look no further than Falls Church. Once you are ready to move, make the most out of our storage units Falls Church VA residents proudly recommend and leave your non-essential items there while you unpack the important ones.

traffic is one of the things to consider when you compare DMV cities when moving
It’s important to consider all the essential lifestyle factors you desire when comparing DMV cities when moving.

Tysons Corner

Yet another great city in the DMV area, Tysons Corner, is a Virginia city with 25.230 residents. It’s on the smaller side of the scale compared to Arlington or Silver Spring. The cost of living index is 141.9, while the average home value is $589,500. That is still far below the DMV area’s median house price. Bigger isn’t always better. That principle applies to the size of the city you’re interested in and prices and costs. It also applies to storage units. You should lease a storage Tysons Corner offers that best fits your belongings. Don’t rent a unit that will end up being too big and spacious! You would then have to pay more when you could’ve put all your things in a smaller container.


The DC metropolitan area is a place where you can find a lot of densely populated and vibrant cities and neighborhoods. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment, places like Gaithersburg and similar neighborhoods are places where you should start your search. Many people want to have everything they need within walking distance, including amenities, bars, restaurants, cultural attractions, reliable storage Gaithersburg offers, and such. Gaithersburg is a prime example of an urban town in the DMV area. With almost 70,000 people living there and a median home price of $413,500, it’s a great city to move to and thrive in this kind of environment. Living in an urban city like this one also means you are well-connected to all major highways.


The DMV area is also filled with many amazing suburbs. If you wish to have a more laid-back lifestyle with a large home and backyard, enjoying a good barbeque every weekend with your friends and family, then that’s where you should start your search. A great example of a suburban town in the DMV area is Frederick. This town has 71,843 residents, a dense suburban environment, and an average home price of $277,300.

It’s quite an affordable place in the DMV area and offers a classical suburban lifestyle many people desire. If you have a need for storage, you don’t have to drive to the nearest town! We can drive up our storage units Frederick MD residents highly recommend, directly to your house, and return them to you as soon as you need your possessions back.

orange and white row houses
You need to compare DMV cities when moving in order to find the best fit for yourself.

Which city would you move to?

There are many places with different types of charm to them. And as such, we don’t doubt that soon you will find exactly what you are looking for. Take a pen and write down what you are looking for and what’s important for you. Use that as a starting point to effectively compare DMV cities when moving. Once you’ve pinpointed your perfect city and found a home, go to our website and get a free moving quote. If you have any questions regarding that or any other aspect of your move, please call us! We’ll gladly provide you with all the answers you need and help you move and settle into your new home.



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