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So, you have found your new dream home in your dream city. Now, the only things left is to move there. Moving is one of the most challenging tasks a person undertakes. It is stressful enough on its own, and it is impossible to do it by yourself. In order to get the best moving experience, you will need some professional help. But choosing good movers is also no easy task. That’s why you should do your research thoroughly before you commit to one moving company. Most importantly. you need to compare moving companies before starting anything. Follow our guide and you will see how much easier it is to find moving companies Northern VA. Get started on your move today.

Things to think about before you compare moving companies

Of course, not every moving company is the same. Just like that, no single person who is moving is the same. The trick is to find something that will suit you in all aspects. But first of all, you have to know what you are looking for. Here are some criteria to take into consideration before you compare moving companies. 

a paper and pen for writing things to consider when you compare moving companies
Make a list of all the things you should consider when you compare moving companies.

Find something that is near you

Practicality is key. Also, do not forget that time saves money. If your moving company is located near you, it will save you so much time and money. The two key things that are usually missing during moving. For example, if you want to move to Sterling, Virginia, your best option is to call movers Sterling VA for the most convenience.

Research moving quotes

What is a moving quote? It is a suggestion by the moving company about how much money will it cost to move. Every moving company will tell you a different quote. First of all, you can do your own independent research on the expenditure of your move by using a moving calculator.  Type in your old home address, the address of your new home, select the size of your home and the expected moving date. You will get a moving estimate which can be a starting point.

a man pressing the buttons on a calculator
Calculate your expenses on your own first and then compare moving companies.

After that, you can contact the moving companies you want and ask them for their moving quote. However, don’t get tricked. Trust only the moving companies who actually come to your home to see the size and only then make their moving quote. Never trust a quote that you get as a text message or an email. Compare the moving companies and see where you get the most for your money.

Compare moving companies and their services

Before you choose a moving company, you first need to be aware of all the things they offer. Sometimes, a moving quote will be higher but you have to see what kind of additional services the company included. See what you need the most, and where you need the most help. That way, when you compare moving companies you will find something that suits you. What kind of additional services do moving companies offer? Moving services Northern VA offers all of these and more.

  • Packing. Usually one of the hardest and most stressful moving tasks. Time is the biggest factor here. You might not find the time to put all your stuff in moving boxes, or prepare everything tightly and safely. If you need help with packing, make sure to include it on your list when you compare moving companies.
  • Unpacking. It goes full circle. People usually think once they transport their belongings, their troubles are done. However, unpacking can be just as tricky as packing. Don’t forget that you will have a lot of disposable packing materials, so make sure it goes to the right hands.
  • Storage. Imagine that your new home is not ready yet for all your belongings and furniture. Maybe they are still renovating it, or you didn’t fully buy the property yet. Your stuff needs to be safe somewhere, and moving companies who offer storage services will be your best solution. 
  • Some extra additional services. These can include a range of things. Elevator fee for example, if your movers have to climb a lot of stairs carrying your items. Or, the long carry fee. There is also a shuttle service in case your belongings need to be transported in a larger vehicle or a higher number or smaller vehicles.

Look for moving company reviews

Word of mouth sometimes makes wonders. You might not be able to decide what suits you best by yourself. That’s where other people’s opinion comes in handy. However, seeing what others think and how they rate the moving company is a good step to follow even if you have already chosen your movers. 

The best moving companies will appreciate quality over quantity more. Their brand reputation will be important to them, so therefore, they would want to offer the best services possible. Go to the official websites of the company, or very trusted sites like MyMovingReviews or Yelp. Make sure to read what the customers had to say. Don’t just focus on the overall grade. As mentioned before, not everyone is the same, so if something fits one person, it might not fit you. Take everything with a grain of salt – these reviews are only additional help when you compare moving companies, not a deciding factor.

a person reading and writing moving company reviews from the internet
Read as many reviews as you can to get the best insight.

Compare moving companies’ credibility

Every moving company needs to have certain documentation and accreditation in order to handle business legally and professionally. Make sure your moving company has the following things:

  • Information about their licence which is issued by the US Department of Transportation
  • Certification by the ProMovers program by The American Moving and Storage Association
  • Better Business Bureau Accreditation

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