How to Create a Pet-friendly Backyard After Moving

Moving day tipsJune 13, 2022

A lot of people tend to forget that not all homes are pet-friendly. Some are, and that’s great, but most of the new houses aren’t suited for pets. So, if you have a pet, you should inform yourself in advance. However, if you find a place that you really like, but it isn’t pet-friendly, don’t give up. You can easily create a pet-friendly backyard with just a few simple tips and tricks. You will be able to opt for the house you like the most and your pet will be able to enjoy it.

A sandbox can create a pet-friendly backyard

Once your Northern Virginia movers relocate you to your new destination, you should check out the backyard. If it’s not pet friendly and you want to provide your pet with some entertainment immediately, build them a sandbox. It can be done in one working day and your pet will have plenty of fun. You can either call some professionals to do it for you or if you’re in the mood for DIY, you can just find some good sand and some wooden carts in Walmart and do it yourself.

Another reason why a sandbox can be essential is that pets love digging. Whether it’s cats or dogs or even hamsters, they just can’t resist digging. So, in order to save your lawn from disaster, it’s a pretty neat idea to make them a sandbox. Teach them to use it and your lawn will be safe while your pet will be able to enjoy their favorite activity.

A man and a dog are hiking.
Some people think they don’t need to create a pet-friendly backyard if they take their pet for a walk, but that’s not the case.

Make paths in your backyard

Dogs tend to patrol any area they deem their territory. It’s their protective instinct that’s making them like that. Some owners like to try to “cure” their dogs from patrolling by taking them on long walks. Unfortunately for them, that just doesn’t solve the problem. Even after long walks, dogs will still patrol your backyard because of their instincts. That tends to leave a mark after some time. The grass can become worn out so you will see more dirt than grass in those spots. However, there is a solution for that as well. So, instead of trying to stop your dog from doing something that’s in its nature, you should just create a pet-friendly backyard.

It might sound difficult, but it isn’t. If your backyard is of an open type, you should rent one of those onsite storage containers. You can use it to store all the materials you’ll be using to create patrol paths for your dog. Once you have all you need, pay attention to where your dog usually patrols. You will see a trail and you should just fill it with blocks or bricks. By doing so, you will create a pet-friendly backyard and it will look more approachable. Also, all the paddles and mud will be removed or covered with your project. Don’t worry, it’s no construction work so you will be able to do it all by yourself.

Introduce a paw-washing station 

If you live in a muddy or dusty area and your pet is allowed to go inside the house, this might come very convenient. Dogs and cats love mud, so once they enter the house, they will bring some dirt with them as well. So, to prevent that from happening, you should put a bowl of water and a towel in front of the back door. That way, every time your pet finishes playing, you can quickly wash their paws and make them ready to enter the house. Another useful tip is to keep the hair on your pet’s paws short.

A dog is walking on a trail.
If your dog loves to patrol around the yard, it’s time to make it easier for it.

 Get some water features

Your pet probably loves water since most animals love water. Even cats, who hate to touch it, like to be near some water surfaces. So, you definitely won’t make a mistake if you introduce a pool for your dog. Dogs love to jump in pools and around pools. So, make sure that you get a hard-sided pool and not an inflatable one. That way, you’ll prevent your pool from being pierced by your dog’s toenails. Also, water is great during hot summer days to make your dog feel relieved and relaxed. Whether it’s a fountain or a pool, they’ll know how to utilize it.

Make a warm-weather flop spot

If you have no trees in your backyard, it could create a problem for your dog. When the weather gets too hot and there’s no shade, a pet can suffer. Being exposed to direct sunlight during the hottest time of the day can even cause some serious health issues. During a hot summer day, dogs love to dig up some dirt and cool themselves in the hole they make. So, dig up an open dirt pit just for your pet. They will greatly appreciate it and it’s the easiest way to create a pet-friendly backyard after the local movers Northern Virginia relocated you to your new home.

Provide a shelter for your pet

In case your pet doesn’t come into the house and stays in the backyard during the night, a proper shelter is a must. Make some kind of house or anything of sorts that will do the job of protecting your animal. A tarp can provide some shade and good protection from the rain. However, a dog house with a small porch would be ideal for your pet. If you can’t get a dog house find something that will suit your pet well for a reasonable price.

A Korgi is walking next to a pool.
If you want to make your dog happy, give them a small pool to enjoy.

Introduce some toys and tools

No matter how much time and energy you spend to create a pet-friendly backyard after a relocation with your long distance movers, it won’t be complete without some toy for your pet. They might enjoy running and jumping, but without toys, it’s just empty. Give them some nice accessories to make their adventure in the backyard more lively. Buy a few cheaper ones, introduce them to your pet and see what type of toy your pet likes the most. That way you’ll know what to buy for your pet in the future.

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