How to decide what to do with sentimental items

Storage preparationDecember 17, 2021

De-cluttering a home is no easy task. When you are packing your belongings, you come across a lot of excess items- things that you saved because you were emotionally attached to the person who gave them to you, for example. But, when you decided to de-clutter you found yourself wondering what to do with those things. Renting a storage unit from a reliable company is just the first step, but there is only so much room in a storage unit. Deciding what to do with sentimental items might be the hardest part of de-cluttering a home. But it has to be done. Here are some tips to ease the process.

clutter is created when you don't know what to do with sentimental items
It is easy to accumulate things when you don’t know what to do with sentimental items.

How to decide what to do with sentimental items

When it comes to items with sentimental value, it is always hard to decide to simply throw them away. Even when it is quite clear that you need more space in your home in Alexandria, and you have a lot of clutter, you will probably decide to get rid of something else rather than a gift. But, it is important to be honest with yourself and figure out why you are keeping those gifts. Are they useful or are you just keeping them because you feel obliged to? Storage units Alexandria VA are handy for tidying your home and putting away a lot of stuff you don’t use often, but if you have items you never use, storage units are not the place for them.

If you are unsure what do to with those items, here are some things that might help you decide:

  • see if there is anything among those items that someone less fortunate could use
  • try to re-gift some of your sentimental items

See if there is anything you can donate

If you work in the US forces, you may have to move more often than an average person. This means you can potentially spend less time with your loved ones and acquire more sentimental items over time. Military storage in Northern Virginia is a good solution, but what if you accumulated too many items with an emotional value that you have no use for? A good idea would be to consider donating them. Maybe you got some clothes as a gift which don’t fit you anymore. Why not donate it to Goodwill? Someone less fortunate will get some new clothes, and you will have done a good deed and lessened your pile of unused gifts.

Re-gift some sentimental items to your friends or family

Another useful thing you can do is re-gift items with sentimental value. If you got a lot of office supplies when you started your business,  now is the time to pass them on. Commercial storage in Northern Virginia is also a good option. But, if you have a friend who just got a new job why not re-gift some of the office material you got? the same goes for other sentimental items you have.

a person re-gifting a sentimental item to a friend
Re-gifting an item with emotional value is a good solution.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to give you some ideas about what to do with sentimental items. It may not be easy to part with them, but donating to Goodwill or re-gifting items with emotional value is the best solution. Especially if you have no room left in your home or storage unit.

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