How to declutter before moving to Sterling

How toMarch 18, 2021

You do not necessarily need to declutter before moving to Sterling, of course, however, you’re looking at a great opportunity here. Also, you don’t have to get your act together to go through all your belongings, you have to get everything ready to move anyway. That’s why moving is also great for decluttering. It’s best to start decluttering a few months in advance, on the things you don’t need on a daily basis. Zippy Shell residential movers will give you tips so you can declutter your home in no time.

Sell instead of disposing

Many things may no longer be needed, but are basically still good to use. In these cases, it may be worthwhile to sell them before the move. If you want to move cheaply, you can recoup some of the costs in advance. How you get rid of things depends on the individual case. Basically, the more you sell before moving day, the fewer boxes you will have to carry later. If, for example, there are quite a few well-preserved books, toys, or clothes, it may be worth setting up a stand at a local flea market. Individual items can also be sold quite practically on online auction platforms – for example on eBay.

Declutter before moving to Sterling
Sell everything you do not need before moving.

Organized flea market

There are sure to be flea markets in your area every weekend.  There are many advantages to selling your stuff at a flea market. You save time by photographing each item and writing a description. You just take all the things you want to sell, pack a wallpaper table or a beer table in the car, and off you go. Before that, you should contact the organizer and rent a place.  The visitors of a flea market can see and touch the things directly compared to online markets and save the postage costs. Also, the price is negotiated directly on the spot. Remember to bring some bags for the sold things. Post-tenants and moving companies in Nova are also potential buyers of their belongings. Often, they will even buy entire packages if you ask for an attractive price.

To declutter before moving to Sterling set a deadline

Instead of spending hours thinking about whether you might not fit into your favorite pair of jeans from 10 years ago, make quick, rational decisions. Doesn’t fit? Get rid of them! This is easier when the clock is ticking. Set a timer in your cell phone for when you want to be done with the closet. By the way, the same applies to things you want to sell. Movers Sterling VA advise you to set yourself a deadline by which the things must be sold. After that, they will be given away or disposed of.

Alarm clock lying on multicolored surface
The worst thing you can do when you want to declutter before moving to Sterling is procrastinating.

We hope our advice will help you to declutter more easily and effectively. Contact us if you need any help with decluttering and moving. Don’t forget that good planning in advance helps with moving and decluttering!


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