How to declutter your Alexandria home

Storage preparationJune 22, 2021

There is no feeling better than living in a well-organized home that looks good. It will also make your life easier when you know where everytisolateur cloture electrique ruban shampoo isdin lambdapil Mexico brandon aiyuk shirt veste femme pied de poule marron játék hajszárító árukeresö jayden daniels jersey logitech c270 microphone not working billige matratzen táskafül bőr zara long jumpsuit in green táskafül bőr shampoo isdin lambdapil Mexico brandon aiyuk shirt checkerboard vans ochre puma suede classic velvet sneakers in cordovan leather calfskin velvet tongue and toe cap hing is and that it is easily accessible. When everything is neatly displayed and properly placed instead of being cluttered all over your home. Decluttering will make a big difference in your home. What is decluttering? It’s going through all your stuff and getting rid of things you no longer need or want. We all have many of those things and they accumulate over time. Decluttering your home can feel overwhelming. But it’s not. We at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV are here to help. Here is how you can declutter your Alexandria home.

Do it room by room

This is the easiest way to declutter without being overwhelmed. Take your time to go through everything in each room and decide what you don’t need or don’t want anymore. Start with the bathroom, which will undoubtedly have many things which you will want to throw away. From medicine to makeup and skincare products. Check all the cabinets too. Then go through your bedroom and check all the dressers, chests, nightstands. You will be surprised how many things you will end up wanting to throw away. Then go through your living room and kitchen and do the same. In the end, you can tackle the closet and clothes. If there are some things that you don’t want to throw away. You can find affordable storage units in Alexandria VA, and leave your things there too. And the things you want to get rid of. There are many ways to do that.

  • Recycle
  • Donate
  • Throw away
Woman packing a box of things to declutter her Alexandria home
Make sure to pack and label every box of the things you are getting rid of

Using storage units is a good way to declutter your Alexandria home for many reasons

If your home is very cluttered with things that you can’t throw away and might need or want sometime soon. Then a storage unit can be a good solution for you. As you will have your things in a safe space that is easily accessible should you want to take them or just need quick access to them. Because storage units are usually very conveniently located so you can easily find one near your home. There are many situations where using storage can help declutter your home.

If you are in the military storage is a great way to declutter your home in Alexandria

With constant relocation people in the military often accumulate a lot of personal possessions. And need military storage in Northern Virginia for that among many other reasons. So using storage for some of those things can be a good way to free up space in your home.

If your small business is overtaking your home

That is what often happens with small businesses as they grow. There is simply more of everything and the house is not big enough for it. In that case, finding good commercial storage in Northern Virginia can be a great solution for you to declutter your Alexandria home.

Woman carrying boxes
A good way to declutter your home is to move the inventory of your small business to the storage

If you have many items that are seasonal storage is a solution to put them away

When you look around you will realize that there are many seasonal things that clutter your home. From skis, snowboards, pools, leaf blowers, snowblowers, lawnmowers. And don’t forget to prepare some of the things for winter, like for example make sure that you winterize your lawnmower. If you put them all in storage during the seasons you won’t be needing them you will free up a lot of space in your home. This is one of the best and easiest ways to declutter your Alexandria home.


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