How to declutter your Ashburn home

How toNovember 18, 2021

We all tend to keep things far longer than we really need them. We make an emotional attachment easy, and when time goes by, we find ourselves overwhelmed with a mountain of things we don’t use. If you woke up one morning and decided to declutter your Ashburn home, we congratulate you on this. We know that it is not an easy decision to make and we are here to help you with the steps. Our very first piece of advice is to call pros, and in that area, there are no better than Zippy Shell Northern Virginia. They will know how and where to put your valuables, so they could be safe.

How to declutter your Ashburn home

The truth is that the majority of us have more than a little junk in a house that needs to get rid of. Many people find decluttering very stressful and hard to do. Decluttering can be a way of self-care because putting unneeded mess out of your life will help you breathe easier and have more space for the things that you need right now. You have many options about what to do with things you don’t use anymore. You can gift them to the people you love, or to some humanitarian organizations. On the other hand, you can make a sale and earn some money. Or, if you really want them to stay in your possession, you could use storage units Ashburn VA located.

Man in a storage room holding white box - declutter your Ashburn home
We all tend to keep junk we don’t use

Tips for start

Making a plan always helps an execution. You can even make a checklist for decluttering your home. Here are some tips on where to start:

  • Set goals and timeline;
  • Create a sorting system;
  • Now declutter your Ashburn home.

Prepare mentally for cleaning your home of junk. Keep in mind some of the things we are about to share with you.

Use  portable storage

If you decided to put away your possessions, putting them in storage really can be easy. Since the need for storing space grows exponentially, you now can rent portable storage Northern Virginia based. There are so many advantages to using portable storage. Some of them are that the company will bring it to you so you can add your items to the container at your own pace. It could be brought to you and picked up in your own timeline. You will have a chance to transfer your belonging to a container, while it is on your own property. Now you can exhale a little, as you see that decluttering your Ashburn home is not so hard.

Small steps

If you are cracking your head on where to start and this whole project seems overwhelming, we hear you. Starting is always the hardest part, and you have to know that you don’t need to do it all at once. What could help is sorting things into categories? It depends on your personality if you are about to start with the hardest and biggest group or with the smallest one. Whatever you chose there is no right and wrong, and give yourself some credit for even making some steps. The only thing is to stay consistent until you finish it. You could even put somewhere a reminder for yourself that giving up is not an option until you declutter your Ashburn home.

80/20 rule

This rule is simple and it says that 80% of the time we only wear 20% of close we have. And it’s not just about being close, we tend to behave the same with all our things. Your plan should be to get rid of the thing you don’t use 80% of the time. If this is still elusive for you, take time and think did you use the item in the last year. If the answer is yes, you just keep that. But if the answer is negative, you know what you should do.

Sleep on it

We don’t want to rush you into getting rid of something and regretting it after. So make a decision and then sleep on in. If you will regret putting it away, you will know by morning. It is not said in vain that the morning is wiser than the evening. By the night time you will gain a much-needed perspective, so when you declutter your Ashburn home is will be free of regrets.

Similar things belong together

Making a category will help easier decluttering your home. If you keep together similar things, organizing your house will be a piece of cake. If you store each item close to the area where you use it, it will become obvious if you have too many of the same things or which one you have, but don’t actually use.

set of skin care products in bathroom
Put together similar things to know what you don’t need anymore when you declutter your Ashburn home

Clean all your flat surfaces

Flat surfaces are clutter magnets. They are the places that tend to keep junk that we just don’t need. Under the pretext that these things give charm to our home, we tend to put all kinds of stuff on our shelves. But having a few things is not the same as having too many. Help your space to breathe again by putting away all that you just don’t use or don’t like anymore. One other space also has the same reputation. And these are our drawers. Putting small things in boxes or bins will help everything look organized.

Office materials organized in small boxes
Put small things in boxes to keep them organized

Decluttering regularly

Have in mind that if you do it regularly it will become your habit and also part of your personality. You can build that as a part of your character. And yes, we know it is not easy in the beginning. But when you start decluttering your Ashburn home, do not let again fill it with junk. You can decide to do it annually or even better seasonal. That way you will have much more to do and your home will always feel fresh. Also, have in mind that balance is everything and that you really don’t want to stray into compulsive decluttering. Also, try to find some fun while getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. That will make it just more joyful.

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