How to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn

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There are many reasons you could be moving from Bethesda to Ashburn. You could have gotten your dream job, or you are simply looking for a change in scenery. No matter the reason you might be relocating, the packing and relocation process will pretty much be the same. Many people take the opportunity of moving to do some decluttering and downsizing. Still, if this is your first time moving, you might not know where to start and what to do. That is why we at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have created this useful guide on how to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn.

Moving from Bethesda

If you are moving from Bethesda, you will need to leave behind your familiar surroundings. Bethesda is a family-friendly place, and its proximity to Washington DC makes it a desirable place to live. It offers many activities suitable for families with children, and it also has a lively arts and culture scene that adults can enjoy. In addition, Bethesda has a unique small-town feel, but it is very close to one of the most urban cities in the US. So, it is the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and proximity to all necessary amenities. What is more, the city is extremely walkable, and you can easily get to any place without a car.

Washington Monument, Washington DC
Bethesda is very close to Washington DC

How to declutter before moving from Bethesda

The decluttering process starts in your old home. First off, make a decluttering schedule that fits in with your day-to-day life. Start the decluttering process as soon as possible because it will take a lot of time. When you make a decluttering plan, you can go room by room as it will be the easiest to do. When we focus on just one room, we can avoid getting overwhelmed and we can focus all of our attention on just one task at a time. you should also remember to procure some packing and storage supplies before you start the decluttering process. If you do not have the necessary supplies, you will prolong the process and waste a lot of time.

Some packing supplies that you will need are cardboard boxes, packing peanuts for fragile items, and bubble wrap. It would also be a good idea to get a storage unit for the duration of the relocation process. You will be able to clear your home as you go and make room for the cleanup before you move out. Also, it will make the moving out process much faster since you will have already cleared a significant portion of things. You can choose one of the many storage units Bethesda has to offer to keep your things secure during moving.

Moving to Ashburn

If your new home is in Ashburn, then you have a lot to look forward to. Ashburn, VA is a great place for families and young professionals alike. And, if you work in Washington DC, you will not have to quit your job. Ashburn is only about an hour away from the capital by car. So, your commute could be only slightly longer compared to Bethesda. What is more, Ashburn offers many interesting leisure activities, both outdoors and indoors. It boasts a huge outdoor country club where you can eat lunch or play a game of golf. Also, it is surrounded by amazing nature and open places for you and your family to explore. And, it is a very safe area with a close-knit community.

Suburbs surrounded by nature
Ashburn is a cozy suburban area with lots of nature

What is more, the area offers many job opportunities thanks to its proximity to Washington. The education system is also excellent, and the public schools are rated very high. Depending on your needs, you can choose from many different neighborhoods in Ashburn. Each neighborhood has a different feel and offers different perks to its residents. Broadlands is a very inviting place to live, as it is a planned community that aims to bring nature closer to people. In fact, it is a Certified Wildlife Habitat Community, as named by The National Wildlife Federation. On the other hand, One Loudon is a more lively place with lots of small eateries and shops. No matter where you move, you will definitely enjoy it.

How to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn

As we have said, the decluttering process should have started in your old home. However, moving is time-consuming, and we may not have had enough time to complete the process before arriving in Ashburn. Or, we may have overestimated the size of our new home and we have to get rid of some more things once we have relocated. No matter the reason, you may end up with more things than you can physically fit inside your new home. If that is the case, consider renting a storage unit until you have time to decide what to do. There are different sizes of storage units Ashburn VA has to offer, and you will surely find one that fits your needs.

Once you have settled in and have enough time to get to the extra items, you should again start by making a downsizing plan. When you declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn, start by taking everything out of storage and into your new home. Once you start decluttering, check for duplicate items or items you no longer use. If you are downsizing on-site, you may want to get a portable storage unit delivered to your property. By hiring portable storage Northern Virginia has, you can stay organized and you can place the things temporarily in the portable storage unit until you can take them away.

Packing boxes to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn
Make a downsizing plan and get packing supplies to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn

Moving from Bethesda to Ashburn will surely be an adventure. And, moving to a new place is a good opportunity to organize your things. Hopefully, you will be able to declutter your new home after moving from Bethesda to Ashburn more easily after reading our useful guide.

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