How to declutter your Northern VA home

Moving day tipsSeptember 7, 2021

Be it that you’re moving or just want to downsize, it’s important to declutter from time to time. Depending on how clean and tidy your home is, you can expect your process to be more or less difficult. However, with moving and storage Sterling VA you can be sure that when you declutter your Northern VA home everything will be done more efficiently. Here are just some of the things that you want to keep in mind when you start with the process.

Remove the items you know are trash

There are many instances where people almost act like hoarders. They just have too many items and from a small pile, you get to a room full of items that you objectively don’t use anymore. Above all, you know you have a problem when you need military storage in Northern Virginia to help you put all those items away. For that reason, it’s better to make a list of things that are not working or are just damaged beyond repair. By getting rid of items that are completely broken you’ll make a great first step in decluttering your home. Above all, this is the easiest step and can help you the most.

A broken chair
When you declutter your Northern VA home know what’s not useful anymore

Use the space around your home for storage

When people want to downsize they usually forget about the space they have at their home. Be it a big closet or anything else, you can use it to your advantage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can replace storage units Falls Church VA with your closet. But it can be a helpful tool when it’s time to declutter your Northern VA home. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how much space they have available to put their things. Obviously, you need to have a good plan to optimally use your space around your home.  

Or use professional storage to help you declutter your Northern VA home

If you just can’t find more space in your home, it’s time to use professional help. Thankfully there are many reputable companies that will offer you all that you need in order to perfectly help you with downsizing and decluttering. With top-notch residential storage, you can be sure that your items are in a safe place. Especially when you want to downsize, storage is a perfect place for items you’re not sure what to do with. On the other hand, it’s not bad also for items that you need to keep, but just don’t have space at the moment. However, don’t worry. There are short and long-term storage options that will do the job for you in that case.

Use vertical spaces to your advantage

A great way to help you with storage and opening more space is to use vertical spaces. On top of everything, it can be a useful and a nice way to decorate your home too. However, it can really stir away looks from the floor and lower levels and actually make your home look cleaner and tidier. It’s really something that will help you declutter a lot and open up some space that you may have lost before to groups of items that you really didn’t have space for. For example, figurines and pictures can be the perfect match to put on vertical spaces. 

Schedule the time when to declutter your Northern VA home

Time is money and you don’t want to waste it. For that reason, it’s a good time to declutter your Northern VA home with a good plan and organization. Taking up to a week can really help you get everything in motion. From making lists, finding out what you can do with the space you have, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare. For that reason, the more time you leave for yourself the better it will be. There’s no need to hurry, but doing everything with dedication and a plan will help you get it over within a short amount of time.

Old clocks
Know how to schedule your time when decluttering

Find a place for every item in your Northern VA home

After you finally get the idea of what you want, need, or can get rid of, it’s time to find the right places for them. Of course, you need to be methodical and find the optimal places as you don’t want to clutter everything up again. For that reason, your clothes need to go to the best places for them. So if you have hangers put them into the closet as that’s the place they will take the least amount of space and you can find them easily. Go room by room and take a day for just doing that with all your items around your home.

Group your items into categories when you declutter your Northern VA home

In the end, the most important thing with decluttering your Northern VA home is that you know what to do. For that reason, make sure that you make a list of items that you have. From important tools and equipment that you will keep, furniture to donate or clothes to throw away, you want to know what goes where in those three categories. Take your time, as we know that there are items that don’t fit in any of these categories. However, it’s important to decide in the end. Of course with decluttering comes the option of potentially selling some of your items. And why not earn some money while decluttering?

A woman making an inventory
Group your items up before decluttering

Making sure that you open up some space in your home can be crucial. On top of everything, getting your home spruced up can make you feel better and give it a better look. So why not use this opportunity and do it from time to time? You can expect only positive things from the decision to declutter your Northern VA home. Of course, by having everything we told you in mind it will be much easier to do. Enjoy your Northern VA home and all the newfound space in it.

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